52 creative date ideas to shake up the usual dinner-and-movie date night routine

You know what Singaporeans like to complain about: there’s nothing to do in Singapore!

After all, being a small country, it often means that we have limited things to do.

But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative. Here’s our list of 52 date ideas, for those tired and sick of the usual dinner-movie date routine. Even if you have no significant other, you can still round up your friends for these activities!

1. Paint couple tees together!


Painting together is probably one of the best activities to bond with your date or loved one. You get to spend time and unwind after a long week together in each other’s presence. And it’s even better when you get to keep a memorable and useful souvenir after your painting session together!

Whether or not you two prefer matching or non-matching designs, head over to Streaks n Strokes’ website to purchase a Paint in Pairs – DIY Fabric Painting kit and unleash your creativity… together. With this kit, you get everything you need to paint your dream design – including a t-shirt or tote bag, paintbrushes, premium quality fabric paint, and even tracing tools for beginners in art.

Feeling intimidated because you’re not sure how or what to paint? Fret not, as the website also offers a selection of online painting classes so you and your partner can paint beautiful designs on your t-shirts/totes, for no extra charge.

Each Paint In Pairs kit retails for SGD69.90, get yours here. Contact 8587 8884 or email [email protected] for more information.

2. Try every bubble tea brand in Singapore

Are both you and your other half bubble tea fans? Here’s a fun and delicious date idea that we are sure both of you will love: try every single bubble tea brand in Singapore on every date!

If you are confused by all the bubble tea brands opening in Singapore, do check our handy guide to ALL the bubble tea options in Singapore that you need to know about.

After you have checked every single brand off your list, up the challenge by conquering different bubble tea flavours at each brand – the possibilities are endless!

Tip: be a little careful of your waistline with all that sugar you are piling on – share a drink (and the calories) with your other half, and opt for less sugar as much as possible.

3. Gaze at the stars in the night sky

Source: facebook.com

Thought star-gazing wouldn’t be possible in light-saturated Singapore? Get familiar with the cosmos and stars to enjoy a romantic stargazing session with your beau at the Singapore Science Centre Observatory.

Every Fri (except public holidays), 7.45pm – 10pm at the Science Centre Observatory. For more details, click here

4. Put your thinking caps on together and hop by some trivia bars


Sure, this might not be super romantic, but it sure will be fun! Hop by bars that hold trivia nights, enjoy a pint or two, while testing each other’s (combined) wits! Better yet – stand to win attractive prizes at the end of the night, should the two of you win!

Consider SG Tipsy Trivia, which holds its Trivia Nights in different watering holes on every last Thursday of each month, at 7.30pm. It’s SGD5 to enter, and the winner gets to take home 50% of the entire pot, and runners-up 60% of what is left.

Check out SG Tipsy Trivia’s Facebook page on details of their upcoming trivia nights.

5. Ice skating

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Relive those nerve-wrecking, clammy-palmed secondary school first dates by doing a classic – ice skating. Remember to hold hands with your beau to keep warm!

From SGD18 onwards, check out the opening hours for public skating at their website here. It is located at 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #03-01, S609731, and at 5 Stadium Walk, Level 3, Singapore, S397693.

6. Go on a food hunt

date ideas singapore food hunt

On a budget, but also wanna give your date a blast? Why not try out some of these inexpensive delicacies on the list of Michelin Bib Gourmand winners?

Enjoy hearty, tasty meals with your date and hop from place to place for a memorable date the two of you will be sure to remember!

Need a condensed list of the Michelin Bib Gourmand food places for easier short-listing? Check out our list and reviews of each of the 50 places so you’ll know where to head to with your beau.

7. Alternatively, try café hopping!

date ideas merci marcel

Hate suffering in Singapore’s blistering heat, or simply enjoy finding the best coffee on our shores? There’s no better date than one spent café hopping!

If you are worried that the expenses will pile up (since café food and drinks are not the cheapest in town), our advice is to order a few dishes to share with your beau.  This way, the two of you can try more things, consume less calories, and also spend less in total – definitely a win-win situation!

Not sure where to start? Check out our article on café hopping in Tiong Bahru.

8. Have a picnic at Botanic Gardens

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Hey, not all good dates involves forking out a ton of money – some can even be free! Go old-school for a picnic by the water body at the Botanic Gardens – prepare your own home-cooked meal, or if you can’t cook, just buy some food of your own for  a special pot-luck with your S.O.

Psst, if you’ve already visited Botanic Gardens and want to have a different location, consider these Instagram-worthy picnic spots in Singapore!

Open daily from 5AM – 12AM, at 1 Cluny Rd, S259569. Admission is free.

9. Take an evening or morning nature stroll

Although rather clichéd, Singapore does have many picturesque spots that are rather obscure and not known by many. Check out hidden finds like the Kranji Marshes, with its fairy tale-like vines that create an enclave of sorts and species of birds you never thought you would ever see in Singapore (outside of a zoo).

Other lesser-known places include the Changi Point Coastal Walk for a sea-side walk along the creek, to catch a view of a beautiful sunrise or sunset with your beloved.

Of course, it doesn’t have to strictly be these two places. You could simply take a stroll along your neighbourhood, and who knows – you may find a hidden picturesque place that the two of you hold close to your hearts.

If your date is a bit of a fitness junkie and prefers to go for a jog, consider one of these jogging trails in Singapore.

10. Bust out some old board games

date ideas board games

Wanna relive some of your old childhood memories, or just try out new games with your date? It’s time to head to a games cafe, where they have tons of board games for the two of you to play. Whether it is a game of silly trivia to heavy strategy games that’ll have you racking your brains for hours– we guarantee that the two of you will have a blast.

Some games may require more than two people, so feel free to  your couple friends for a double, or even triple date!

You may be interested in this article: We checked out an Instagram-worthy board game and tell you what you should play and order cafe

11. Bust out some console games

Not so interested in traditional, old-school board games? Either play some video games at home, or if you don’t have consoles at home, you can go to Play Nation, a video game café, to get competitive and have a blast. You can even get yourself some snacks from the snack bar or café if you get hungry after playing video games!

From SGD7 per gaming hour and person, and open from Mon – Thurs (2pm – 11pm); Fri – Sat (2pm – 3am); Sun (2pm – 11pm). Located at 58 Prinsep St, S188686 (Dhoby Ghaut) and 2 Orchard Link #03-02, S237978 (SCAPE)

12. Visit a themed café together

Does your date like cutesy stuff? Surprise him or herby going to one of those new-fangled themed cafes that have been sprouting around Singapore like crazy.

Simply ogle at the weird, and perhaps too cute looking food, or just soak in the altogether weird experience with your bae.

Plus, there’s always a merch section where you can get a themed item of your choice for yourself or your other half, as well as a photo booth area for the two of you to get a sweet couple pic.

13. Glide along the Singapore River on the River Cruise

Source: rivercruise.com

Here’s a way to go on a tour without actually going overseas: pretend to be a tourist for a day and visit tourist sites like the Singapore River, and perhaps if you’re feeling up to it, ride along the River Cruise for a romantic boat ride where it’ll pass by key tourist spots like the Merlion, the Marina Bay Sands, Boat Quay, and so on and so forth.

Tip: Consider taking it at night when you don’t have to brave the sun. The night lights also make it extra romantic.

From SGD25 per adult along Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and Marina Bay. Want a cheaper option? Try the River Taxi for a quieter ride, without any commentary at SGD5. For more information, click here

14. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is not a renowned tourist site without reason. Even if you have been here multiple times, you’ll still love how great this place is for an indoor, scenic (albeit man-made) sight of flowers, flowers, and more flowers.

Marvel at the fantastic architecture and go through the flower domes (which change seasonally and usually has events going on!) walk along the super high bridges, and have a blast.

Admission fees and opening hours vary according to the different areas, available here. It is located at 18 Marina Gardens Dr, S018953.

15. Cycle around Singapore

Cycle along with your bae to discover beaten off-the-track paths the both of you have never seen before, or along the sea coast to breathe in the sea breeze. Here are a few bike trails you can take on during your date.

Tired after that? Eat up a storm to gain back those lost calories, because you and your bae know you two darn well deserve it.

P.S. Hate the hot afternoon weather? Try night cycling for a cooler (literally and figuratively) cycling experience.

16. Bake together

Looking for a change of pace, but unwilling to break the bank? How about baking together with the S.O.? Not only is it super fun (bake whatever sweet treat your hearts desire!), but you also get something tasty to munch on  as a reward after!

Or if it isn’t tasty, at least the two of you can say that you’ve tried: A for effort, and all that.

The only con of this date idea is that it’s gonna be real messy afterwards. And yes, that means having to clean up the entire mess, but even cleaning up together can be a fun activity, so long as you are doing with it with someone you love!

17. Pipe all sorts of crazy designs on your own DIY cake @ The Icing Room

Source: sg.openrice.com

This is for the lazy people who’re too lazy to bake, or are too lazy to clean up the mess that’ll inevitably happen when baking (likely to happen after you attempt date idea #15).

Inside jokes with the S.O.? Unleash your inner-child and pipe whatever crazy, insane, or immature designs you want on the cake, and put some delicious decorations while you’re at it too. It’s not about creating the most aesthetic cake, but making one that encapsulates your relationship the most – the wackier, the better!

Prices start from SGD12.80 for a 4-inch cake and above. It is open from 10am – 10pm daily, and is located at Jurong Point, #B1-105, 63 Jurong West Central 3, S648331, and [email protected], #B2-58/59, 23 Serangoon Central, S556083

18. Netflix and chill… literally

We all know the old joke about Netflix-ing and chilling being a euphemism for… well, something that doesn’t need spelling out.

But hey, if you’re too lazy to step out of the house, how about binging on some Netflix with the bae? That way you can say you’ve spent some quality bonding time, sans the expensive cinema tickets and discomfort from squeezing in the weekend crowds. Bring on the snacks, or get some unhealthy food stuff to munch on via Deliveroo, Foodpanda, or whatever choice delivery services you want. The best date for lazy people? For sure!

To spice things up, you can prepare a customized gift or order charming gifts for your loved one. Before the movie, have your partner open the gift so he/she can watch the movie with more compassion.

19. Fishing or prawning

Source: tokyoflyfishing.com

Sure, Singapore always gets flak for being so darn small, but despite that, we still do have several places to fish or prawn.

Want a quiet, leisurely date in a tranquil place with your partner? This is the perfect activity for that. Go to popular haunts like Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond or Punggol Point Jetty, for some quality fishing, and for prawning – there’s even one located very conveniently on the top level of Bugis+!

Best yet – you (literally) get to sow the seeds of your reward as you can grill your finds afterwards! You could also opt to go the more humane route and release the  fishes and prawns back instead of having them for dinner.

20. Pump up adrenaline with escape rooms

Love a good mystery or always wanted to try solving a real-life mystery? You get to crack your minds over mind-boggling puzzles, intriguing plots, mysterious clues and a whole bundle of nerves as you feel the time ticking away in your bid to escape the room.

Popular haunts include escape rooms like Escape Hunt, Captivate, Lost SG, and Xcape Singapore and many more.

21. Visit Singapore’s only Floating Seafood Restaurant

Source: todayonline.com

Sick of the usual fine dining-movie combo? Class it up by going to Smith Marine Kelong Restaurant, an almost extinct breed of a floating restaurant, located off the coast of Singapore where they serve the freshest seafood (like clams, lobsters chili crab, mussels etc.), directly from the sea where it is situated right on top of.

Alternatively, catch your own fish and take it home for SGD15 or have them grill it up for you in their restaurant for SGD35.

If you are wondering how to get there, there is a pick-up at Changi Point Ferry Terminal where a maximum of 12 people can share a bumboat for SGD100. And yes, it is SGD100 regardless of how many people there are in the boat. Reservations have to be made three days in advance so a lot of planning has to be involved if you want to try this cool date idea. Although on the rather pricey side, we’d say perhaps this should be saved for special occasions.

It is located at Pulau Ubin Coastal Area, and is open daily from 10am – 7pm. They are contactable at 9792 7609.

22. Visit a magical, snowy wonderland @ Snow City

Source: kaki.sini.com

Indulge your inner-child(ren) by going to Singapore’s only indoor winter wonderland – Snow City – where the two of you can pretend you’ve been temporarily transported to a cold, temperate-climate country of your choice, without the hefty cost of a plane ticket.

Ride the toboggan slides, ogle at the igloo sculptures, marvel at the (fake) snowy city, build a snowman with your loved one and just indulge in all sorts of snowy, childish delights for a moment of a winter wonderland, away from the usually too sunny Singapore weather.

Don’t forget to hold hands to keep each other warm!

Admission fees start from SGD15 for one venue, and SGD25 for two per adult. It is open daily from 10am – 6pm  and is located at 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433. For more information, click here.

23. Kayak through the mangroves

Source: pinterest.co

Kayaking is always a fun activity, regardless of who you go with – your BFF, family, friends – and even your beau!

Take your other half on a kayaking adventure down at Sungei Khatib Bongsu, or the Mandai Rivers, or whichever place of your choice, and take in the sights of Singapore’s breath-taking lush green mangrove waterways.

Also, if you’ve always wanted to know how well you and your date work together – this is the perfect opportunity, as kayaks are usually limited to two a pod. Make it a personal challenge not to capsize, and if you do, whatever, right? All in good fun. We have an article to share with you the best places to kayak at – check it out if you need some recommendations for interesting kayaking locations

P.S. You’ll also get seriously toned arms after this, and you’ll only have yourself to thank for after that. We’re sure your other half will thank you for this brilliant date idea too.

For more information on Kayaking destinations, click here.

24. Ride a trishaw along heritage streets

Source: wxnmh.com

Sick of the usual tall sky-scrapers and the hustle and bustle of the city? Whisk yourself back to the nostalgic past and indulge in something touristy – riding a trishaw with the beau in tow!

Take in the sights of Singapore’s colourful heritage sites, whilst enjoying the company of your date, and when the moment’s right – lean in for a kiss!

For a more dynamic experience, you can also choose to customise your own experience – be it an engagement, or just a simple date.

Prices start from SGD63 per trishaw ride, for a 165 minute experience. Trishaw Uncle tours can be found all over Chinatown, but they begin at Albert Mall Trishaw Park, 1 North Bridge Road, 15-06, High Street Centre, S179094. Opens daily (rain or shine) from 11am – 9pm, with the last trishaw departing at 8pm. For more information, click here.

25. The Fragment Room

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Let’s be honest – we all (secretly) like to destroy things. Pent up frustration? Come in with your bae to have an absolute smashing time (literally) in The Fragment Room where you can just let your inhibitions fly. Break some stuff, go wild, and release some stress at the same time.

It is SGD38 per person, and SGD75 for two. The Fragment Room is open daily from 1pm – 10pm and is located at 3 Balestier Road, S329671. For more information, click here.

26. Go glamping in style

Literally the portmanteau of ‘glam’ and ‘camping’ – glamping is the glam form of camping, for those of you who don’t like to get all gruff and dirty, but want in on the ‘fun’ part of camping.

Gaze at the stars with your lover in the privacy of your little tent, adorned with beautiful fairy lights – truly, the very definition of romantic!

P.S. There’re proper comfy, pretty looking beds, and even a fan to keep you nice and cool!

Prices go from SGD150 for a minimum of 2 pax. The check-in time is at 3pm, and check-out is at 2pm. The Glamping Society is located at East Coast Park’s Camping Area G, and is contactable at 97897022. Check out their website here.

27. Go on a virtual adventure @ Virtual Room Singapore

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Chamber tested, chamber approved! Because we know everyone’s busy and there’s end of year work parties and kids holidays looming on the horizon we went and tried out the the brand spanking new #virtualreality experience that’s just been opened in Chinatown by New Zealander Rebecca Assice @virtualroomsg. The graphics are amazing and the #VR really natural to interact with. If you like escape rooms and have wanted to try #virtualreality head down and try it for yourself. Happy Friyay! Members can get 20% discount through Membership Advantage- link in bio ☝️☝️ #thefutureishere #livinginthefuture #beammeupscotty #escaperoom #vr #kiwisinsingapore #nzsg #nzchambersg #businesschamber #nzbusiness #nzentrepreneur #entrepreneur #chinatown #singapore #tourism #singaporetourism #friyay #tgif #activities #entertainment #teambuilding #chambertestedchamberapproved

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Hate the thought of getting out in the  sweltering sun, travelling back and forth, breaking a sweat, but really like the thought of going on a brand new adventure?

Have your very own (pseudo-)adventure through a VR experience – because thankfully, technology has marched far enough for the lazy peeps out there.  You can experience the thrills of adventuring, solving crimes, fighting baddies, and even experiencing zero-gravity scenarios, all without even having to break a sweat or be in any real danger, for that matter.

P.S. Alternatively, for a low-budget version, indulge in a nostalgic favourite and go for an arcade-date with your bae.

Prices go from SGD44 per session on weekdays (Mon – Thurs), SGD49 on weekends (Fri – Sun, including PH), and SGD54 for walk-in. Virtual Room Singapore is located at Lucky Chinatown, 211 New Bridge Road, S059432. To book, click here.

28. BBQ Party on a Donut Float

Source: sg.news.yahoo.com

Sure, there’s regular barbeque that you do with your pals down by someone’s reserved condominium,. There’s also KBBQ, which is fine and dandy and then there’s BBQ-ing on a donut float, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Float along the coasts of Sentosa, sizzle up some juicy meats, enjoy a Margherita or two, sit back, and enjoy your own little private enclave atop the sea.

P.S. Read their Facebook page for more information and updates on available bookings.

Prices go from SGD48 for a simple Snack & Cruise, and SGD228, for a Romantic Voyage for Two. The Floating Donut Company is located at Sentosa, 46 Siloso Beach Walk S099005 and is contactable at 9756 8666.

29. Go cosmic bowling @ Orchid Bowl

Bowling – a classic activity to break the ice. But hey, we don’t do ordinary here. Take it up a notch and go Cosmic Bowling, because why not?

Get competitive with the S.O. and challenge them to a game of ball. Or if you’re particularly mean, set up embarrassing dares for the loser to do if they lose (of course, you’ll hope that you’re not on the losing side!)

Prices start from SGD4.30SGD5.50 per game, and opens from 10am – 1pm. It has six outlets in total, which you can refer to here.

30. Go scuba diving in the deep deep blue at Pulau Hantu

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If you must know – then yes, you actually can dive right here, in Singapore. No need to pay some exorbitant fee to travel to some exotic country for a diving expedition!

Soak in the sights and swim alongside sea creatures like clown fish, anemone fish, and angelfish, get yourself a water camera for a water-selfie with your bae, and show off the great adventures you went on (without even having to leave the country).

But if you don’t have a diving license yet, consider going to diving school with your partner! Here are diving schools in Singapore that you can check out – we’ve also included some requirements you need to take note of, as well as the rates charged at each school!

Prices go at SGD150 for two pax, and SGD180 with a dive guide. The Dive Company is located at 761A North Bridge Road, S198729. For more information, click here.

31. Go on a roll from within the ZOVB Hamster Ball

We’re pretty sure you’ve at least spied one of these around on land, and have secretly always wanted to try being in one – yes, even those of you who are shaking your heads right now at the screen.

Rent one of these babies and bring it to a swimming pool, set your own challenges, and have a (childish) blast with your bae for a fun day out in the sun

It is priced at SGD120 per ball, per hour. ZOVB is contactable at 6779 1031, and is located at 1 Pemimpin Drive, #03-02, One Pemimpin, S576151. For more information, click here

32. Attend a theatrical dinner for a full-bodied gastronomical and artistic experience

Source: andsoforth.com

Not just an ordinary 5-course dinner, AndSoForth is a series of pop-up theatrical feast which combines the gastronomical and artistic urges into one.

Expect secrets, plot twists, and drama…you won’t even know where and what you’ll be eating until they tell you on the day itself via a series of clues they’ll give you via SMS.

Be prepared to be served by the actors themselves, who may even choose to bring you into their theatrical plot, for a truly immersive experience you and your S.O. will cherish.

At SGD88 per person, and timings are dependent on availability, which you can see on their website. Requires an online booking prior to the dinner.

33. Make your own ice cream at Udders

Who doesn’t like ice-cream? We’re willing to bet that it’s not even possible for anyone not to like ice cream; even ruthless dictators like Hitler or Stalin must’ve enjoyed a scoop or two in their free time.

But hey, we’d say there’s nothing better than indulging in the sinful pleasures of ice-cream than actually creating your own, which you can do at Udders, despite it not being a very well known fact.

Find a free day, grab your bae, and participate in Udders’ ice-cream workshop to learn to make your own ice-cream at home.  Both of you will even get to enjoy a complimentary all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet right after the workshop!

The cons? Having now the power to create ice cream at home is probably not the best thing for your gut. At all.

Prices go from SGD43 per pax, depending on the number of people in the class. Classes are open on Mon – Fri (10am – 6pm) and Sat (10am – 1pm), and is available at all Udders outlets. They are contactable at 62216436. For more information, check it out here.

34. Eat durians along the roadside in Geylang

Source: yearofthedurian.com

Durians may be loathed and hated upon by the international crowd, but so beloved by us Southeast Asians.

Indulge in a local favourite by eating durians along the roadside in Geylang, which is really how you should be eating durians – fresh out of the shell!

Get messy and dig in using your hands, savour the custardy goodness with the S.O, and be united with equally bad breaths after.

You’re guaranteed to find an entire row of durian shops all along Geylang Lorong, but for top quality durians, go to Fruits Top 1 Departmental store, at 608 Geylang Lorong 36, S389547, which is open 24/7.

35. Unleash your creative juices at Art Jam Cafes

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Looking for a total change of pace? How about booking a session or two at Singapore’s local Art Jam Cafes? Go to art jam places like Heartroom Gallery, where the world is your oyster – materials are fully provided for in unlimited supply (but don’t abuse it, of course!), take on sessions like acrylic painting, folk art painting, manga drawing and Chinese brush painting.

Plus, food, wine and music will also be provided as you paint, to really get you inspired as you paint!

Of course, that being said, there are also other art jam cafes that you may consider if Heartroom Gallery is too out of the way for you!

It is SGD38 per person for 2.5 hours, and open daily from 10am – 9.30pm. It is located at Blk 44 Owen Road, #01-311, S210044, and contactable at 9672 7849. For more information, click here

36. Start Yoga or Pilates classes together

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Sweat it out with your bae by doing a calming bout of yoga or intense Pilates where the two of you can learn something new together while also toning your body to get #bodygoals and be the #fitspocouple that everyone aspires to be

Can’t decide between yoga or Pilates? Check out our previous article on the differences between Yoga and Pilates! Also, find a studio for yourself among the top 12 Pilates studios in Singapore.

37. Scrapbook your memories together

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A rather clichéd, traditional idea, but has definitely stood the testament of time. Unleash your creative juices as you and your partner piece your fondest memories together, condensed in a cutesy book, or styled however you want.

It will definitely be hard work but the journey will be all worth it when you finish it together!

38. Volunteer together at animal shelters

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Considering getting a pet with the S.O? Soften your S.O.’s heart by bringing him or her to volunteer together at animal shelters, where they’ll be getting an endless amount of furry cuddles that’ll be sure to convince the two of you to bring at least one lucky furry friend – be it a small, fluffy Pomeranian, or a loyal Golden Retriever – to their forever home.

Consider shelters like SPCA, Causes for Animals, SOSD, Animal Lovers League and other such shelters to help out these furry friends for a good cause!

Note: That being said, please think very carefully before bringing a furry friend home!

Related: Volunteer opportunities: 26 charities and non-profit organisations you can lend your help to

39. Adventure Challenge [email protected] (Bounce Inc)

From rock-climbing courses to obstacle courses, to trampolines that’ll send you tumbling and flying all over the place, create your own Wipe-Out challenge to see which of you completes these courses the fastest.

Admission fee is SGD26 per hour and person, with an additional SGD20 for subsequent hours. It is open on Mon – Thurs (10am – 10pm); Fri (10am – 11pm); Sat (9am – 11pm); Sun (9am – 10pm), and is located at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01, S239695. For more information, click here.

40. Read at a library

Going on a date together doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot have your own me-time. For book-lovers and introverts, nothing beats being able to immerse yourself in a book or magazine that you love with your favourite person next to you.

41. Learn a new language together

If you dream of being proficient in a new language, why not get your significant other to learn and practise it with you? Pick a language that both of you are interested in, and then attend a class at a language center or even learn it by yourselves as a personal challenge.

You two may not eventually become experts in the language, but you get to learn something useful while spending quality time together – now what could be better than that?

42. Attend a cooking class

Have a dish that you always wanted to cook but could never nail it? Or simply want to pick up some cooking skills to whip up a good meal for your other half?

A cooking class is a great way to prepare delicious dishes with your S.O. without having to clean up the mess at home or risk having your kitchen burned down. You even get to eat and bring home the food that both of you painstakingly made – a win-win situation!

43. Create something together at a craft workshop

Be it leather goods, miniature clay art, or pottery, there’s definitely one type of craft that will appeal to you. It is also extra meaningful when you and your beau create handicrafts that you can gift to each other as keepsakes of the fun times you spend together.

44. Go on photowalks all over the island


Love snapping photos for the ‘gram? Here’s a challenge that both of you can take up: taking photographs in different parts of Singapore! This date idea will definitely appeal to photography enthusiasts who can take the time to hone their skills.

To spice things up, you can also compete with your other half to see who can shoot better photos – don’t forget to upload the shots online and let your friends be the judge!

45. Donate blood together

Although it does not sound like the most romantic date you can have, helping to save lives together makes for a very meaningful activity that you will certainly remember for a long time to come.

After all, you are saving three lives each with every round of donation you make – that’s not something all couples can boast of when they go on dates!

For more information on blood donation, click here.

46. Learn something new at the museum

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Mo ngajak in aku lunch date? ke museum aja ya yuk bang. 🧐🎫📚 Sejak Trip Brazil 2018, aku selalu menyempatkan diri untuk ke museum tiap negara yang aku kunjungi, minimal 1 museum, dan kalau harus memilih antara museum sejarah atau seni, aku lebih prioritasin yang sejarah dulu baru kalau ada waktu, museum seni. Aku orangnya suka traveling tapi fokusnya lebih ke city, people n culture, bukan alam. Nanti aku jelasin di feed berikutnya yhaa.. Yang ada di foto : 1. Exhibition entrance 2. Logbook kapal VOC 3. Daftar resep obat"an jamanold 4. Koper jaman old 😂 5. Maket Kapal VOC 6. Contoh lapak dagang di melaca 7. Dugong embryo dijual uga hmm 🧐 8. Potret kehidupan orang jaman old 9. Keris" jaman old salah satunya koleksi ratu Elizabeth 2 10. Deskripsi keris

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Want to gain new knowledge but don’t want to fork out money for a class or workshop? Singapore has no lack of options for you to do so, thanks to the fact that most museums in Singapore give free entry to Singaporeans and permanent residents!

Whether your interest lies in art or history, there is definitely a museum in Singapore that can satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Plus point: you get to score brownie points when you show off your impressive knowledge on obscure topics in front of your date.

47. Walk through hell and back at Har Paw Villa

Most of us will remember going on school excursions to Haw Par Villa while we were still young kids. Chances are, you may not have visited this scary park again for many years, perhaps even decades since then.

Now that you are older and wiser, why not take the chance to revisit the newly revamped Haw Par Villa? You get to learn more about Chinese folklore, legend and mythology, as well as laugh a little, or a lot, at the many iconic (but highly puzzling) dioramas scattered all over the park.

The best part? Free entry!

Haw Par Villa is located at 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118628 and opens daily from 9am to 10pm.

48. Tee off at a mini golf course

Put your golf skills to the test and challenge your beau to a game of mini golf at one of Singapore’s many mini golf centres.

Mini golf features a much shorter “course”, so you don’t have to be a professional golfer in order to enjoy this activity. It also usually features incredulous holes for players to putt their way around, which makes it extra challenging and extra fun – you’ll both be squealing in delight and laughing at each other’s failed attempts throughout the date!

49. Swing some baseball bats indoors

Source: Klook

When the weather is gloomy but both of you want to work out together outside of the gym, why not show off your powerful and well-timed swings at an indoor batting cage?

Don’t belittle this indoor sport though – it can burn 200 to 300 calories after just an hour of batting!

There are a few indoor batting cages in Singapore for you to choose from – some, such as Superpark, even offer the option to make things extra challenging for you with radar, digitalisation, and cannon!

50. Eat to your heart’s delight at a buffet

Everyone loves eating, and almost no one can say no to a delicious buffet. All you have to do is pick a restaurant of your choice from our list of the best buffet restaurants in Singapore and jio your S.O. for a date that he or she will definitely love.

Tip: This is a good chance for you to learn extensively about your other half’s food preferences, which is especially important if you are just starting out or going on your first date. Take mental notes so that you will know what to eat on future dates!

51. Go shopping for each other, with each other!

How much do you really know about your loved one? Put your knowledge to the ultimate test by doing shopping for each other! You may be pleasantly surprised by how well your beau really knows about your fashion preferences, or learn a new quirk about him or her when you are looking for a good book to gift.

52. Watch the sunset together

When was the last time you had the chance to slow down and smell the flowers? There are several spots in Singapore that are great for watching the sunset that you may not know about. Surprise your significant other with a beautiful view, and take the time to simply enjoy each other’s presence.

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