15 art workshops in Singapore for a therapeutic rest from the hustle and bustle

Respite from the busy hustle and bustle can come in many forms, one of which is making art. Giving ourselves the room to create and let imagination take flight can prove to be a pleasant, therapeutic rest – a hideway from busy activities at work or in school.

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to be an experienced artist or deft with your hands to have fun creating. Art workshops and art jamming studios in Singapore offer calming refuge for absolute beginners as well as skillful artisans alike. Here, we share 15 ones that you can enjoy together with your friends and loved ones!

Art workshops in Singapore

1. Pottery Workshop at Taoz Ceramics Art Studio

Right in town, Taoz Ceramics Art Studio is a hidden gem of a pottery studio that lets you step away from the city’s bustle for a while and get your hands dirty with clay.

art workshops in singapore - taoz ceramics studio (1)
Credit: Taoz

It’s not just about getting messy too. With the help of passionate pottery instructors, you’ll steadily sculpt an unshapely lump of clay into something special! Whether a cup, bowl, or vase, what you want to create on the potter’s wheel is up to you.

art workshops in singapore - taoz ceramics studio
Credit: Klook

After you’re done with wheel throwing, you can choose to pay an additional S$10 to glaze and fire your handmade piece. Since there’re many other pottery pieces that are also waiting to be fired, you’ll have to come back to the studio three months later to collect your finished pottery.


If you agree that there’s something just so therapeutic about moulding soft clay in your hands, then go ahead and book a 30-minute wheel-throwing pottery workshop at Taoz Cermaics Art Studio for S$29.10 on Klook!

2. Rug Tufting Workshop at Cutloop Studio

Art jamming sessions aren’t new, but tufting art workshops have emerged and grown more popular in recent years.

art workshops in singapore - tufting
Credit: Cutloop Studio

Tufting involves using a tufting gun to punch a needle through a backing fabric. The backing fabric is stretched over a wooden frame – much like a canvas – and you’ll run the tufting gun over it, weaving the yarn into the fabric as you go.

What’s interesting is, even as you witness rows of stitches appear on your side of the fabric, your design is really taking shape on the other side of the cloth. The tufts of colourful yarn on the flip side of the fabric thus gradually evolve into your final, finished art piece!

art workshops in singapore - cutloop studio
Credit: Cutloop Studio

Fret not, Cutloop Studio’s friendly instructors will guide you through the entire process, from learning to use the tufting gun to transferring your design onto the backing fabric.

After you’re done with your design, just leave it to the studio to tidy it up and apply the final backing. You’ll receive your rug at your doorstep two to four weeks later!


If you’re having a tuft time at work, why not tuft it out at Cutloop Studio’s Rug Tufting Workshop for S$188 when you purchase on Klook? It’s a four-hour session, plus you get to take your finished rug home too.

Book this art workshop here.

3. Terrazzo and Marble Tray Making Workshop at FAYY

Jesmonite trays are elegant decor pieces that can be used to hold small items like scented candles, jewellery or little potted plants to brighten up your home.

art workshops in singapore - marble tray
Credit: Klook

It’s hard to believe that such sophisticated decor items can be created during a single two-hour workshop, but really it’s not as difficult as it seems. FAYY teaches you to make your own terrazzo and marble-style Jesmonite trays, customised to the colours and patterns of your choice.

art workshops in singapore - jesomite tray workshop
Credit: Klook

From making the Jesmonite mixture, creating the patterns, to setting the mixture in the mould, you’ll be in charge of the creative process from start to finish! At the end of the workshop, you’ll bring back a beautiful tray artwork that you can display in your home.


You can choose to make either round or oblong trays at FAYY’s art workshop. For a round tray, the price is S$81.40 per pax and S$292.80 for a group of four. To make an oblong tray, FAYY charges S$122 per pax and S$440 for a group of four.

Book this art workshop in Singapore here.

4. Paper-making workshop at Print & Matters

Get crafty whilst doing something good for the earth at the Handmade Paper Workshop by Print & Matters! That’s because you’ll be using paper waste – scrap paper or papers that were meant to be thrown away – to make fresh pieces of paper, an upcycling process that reduces waste.

art workshops in singapore - print & matters
Credit: Print & Matters

The papers that you make won’t just be plain white pieces either. Instead, you can choose to beautify the papers using colours, patterns, and even pressed flowers or plants. There’s no limit to how many pieces you can create during this workshop too – you might just make enough to form a little scrapbook of your own.

art workshops in singapore - paper making
Credit: Print & Matters

Bring home your creations at the end of the art workshop, which you can gift as cards to the ones you love or display in photo frames to brighten up a space!


Enjoy the Handmade Paper Workshop at Print & Matters Studio for S$32, inclusive of a complimentary S$5 voucher that you can spend on cards, notebooks, or other paper products at the studio.

Or, sign up as a group of four for the price of three. The workshop will be priced at a total of S$96 for you and your group of three friends.

Sign up as a group of five, and you’ll enjoy a 15% discount too.

Get the deals on this paper-making art workshop exclusively on Klook.

5. Mini Pottery Workshop at Terra & Ember

Less is certainly more when it comes to creating miniature clay pieces at Terra & Ember’s mini pottery workshop!

art workshops in singapore - mini pottery
Credit: Terra & Ember

If you’ve already tried your hand at regular pottery workshops in Singapore, then why not dip your toes into a novel clay-shaping experience at this cosy studio space? You’ll be taught wheel-throwing techniques to create tiny ceramic pots, and get to colour in your miniature masterpieces too.

When you take home your three mini pottery pieces, you can even fill them up with small plants that’ll make calming decorations on your desk.

Book this art workshop for S$79.55 on Klook.

6. Leathercraft workshop at Crafune

It’s one thing to bring home beautiful leather wallets or bags that you’ve purchased at the shop, and another thing to create these rustic accessories with your own hands.

art workshops in singapore -leathercraft
Credit: Crafune

Crafune’s leathercraft workshops teach you to make everything from small accessories like key holders, coin pouches, card sleeves, to large sling bags or backpacks. The designs are elegant and sophisticated, you won’t just enjoy creating the leather pieces, you’ll also be excited to spruce up your style with these accessories.

Check out Crafune’s many leathercraft workshops here. You can also get discounted prices on several of the workshops on Klook.

7. Jelly lipstick workshop at M.Y. Time Works

Read our lips when we say that this one’s not your average art workshop in Singapore!

art workshops in singapore -lipstick making

M.Y. Time Works’ Jelly Lipstick Workshop lets you create your very own flower-infused, tinted jelly lipsticks from scratch. You’ll first pick from over 100 exquisite lipstick cases to house your jelly lipstick, then whip up the lipstick itself by mixing edible dried flowers, colouring, and gold flakes with melted beeswax.

Pour your unique blend into the mould and leave it to dry. You’ll soon get to wear your own jelly lipstick that looks good enough to eat.

Book this lipstick-making workshop for S$55 on Salon Finder.

8. Latte art workshop at Boncafé

With so many latte artists showing off their fresh-brewed creations on the ‘gram, it wouldn’t surprise us if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of latte art on social media. But more than admire from afar, you can have a shot at creating these aromatic artworks with the latte art workshop at Boncafé.

art workshops in singapore -latte art
Credit: Klook

The barista trainers at Boncafé will let you in on the fragrant secrets of coffee brewing, then impart to you expert milk frothing techniques. The best part, of course, is pouring and creating your own latte art!

The next time you have friends over, you’ll be able to impress them with café-worthy cups of fresh coffee too.

This latte art workshop is priced at S$75 per pax. Ask a couple of friends to attend the workshop with you, and you’ll be able to enjoy 13% off with the four pax deal on Klook.

9. Seascape Dish Resin art workshop at Resin Play

Gen Zs might be getting it right with their love for chunky 90s resin rings, but we would be missing out if we thought that rings are the only items that can be created with resin!

art workshops in singapore -resin art
Credit: Resin Play

Resin Play lets you create your own seascape resin dishes that are absolutely gorgeous and just about come to life. You’ll get to mix your own resin dyes, spread across a smooth acacia pebble dish, then use a butane torch to design the life-like wave patterns. Admire these beautiful resin plates and you’ll almost hear the soothing sounds of crashing waves and feel the tingle of sea breeze on your skin.

Join two sessions of Resin Play’s Seascape Resin Art Workshop for S$285 here.

10. Rubber Stamp Carving art workshop at Artefakts

Make your mark, literally, with this art workshop by Artefakts that lets you design and carve your own rubber stamps!

art workshops in singapore - rubber stamp making
Credit: Artefakts

There’s no end to the designs that you can create on paper before you transfer them to the rubber pieces. You’ll then learn deft carving techniques and put them into practice as you detail the patterns for your own rubber stamps. The best for the last, what’s more satisfying than inking and stamping your finished designs?

Book this workshop for S$80 per pax, or sign up with a friend to enjoy a S$5 discount each. Sign up for the rubber stamp carving workshop here.

Art jamming in Singapore

1. Art Jam Session at Cafe de Paris

Equipped with a blank canvas and an arsenal of paints, brushes, as well as everything else you need to let your creative juices flow, unleash your inner artist at this art jamming café that’s nestled right within 313@Somerset.

art workshops in singapore - art jamming
Credit: Cafe de Paris

Each person will receive their own canvas and set of art tools, after which you can simply settle in and start painting! Don’t worry about not knowing what to paint either, as the café provides pictures that may inspire you or that you can refer to exactly to create your masterpiece.

art workshops in singapore - art jamming cafe
Credit: Cafe de Paris

An art jam session is also not complete without light refreshments! Take a break from the canvas with the Cafe de Paris’ spread of delicious desserts that include dainty cakes, fragrant brews, and their signature Korean fruit BonBons. These are tall drinks that are decorated with a generous amount of fruit – definitely worthy of the ‘gram.


Put paintbrush to canvas and let your imagination flow – enjoy a three-hour art jam session with a complimentary drink for S$29.19 on Klook. Or, grab a friend to appreciate the couple deal that’s priced at S$47.55 for two, also inclusive of one complimentary drink each.

Book this deal here.

2. Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop at Luna Concept

Have no space at home to display your canvas artwork from an art jam session? Create designs on a tote bag instead, at a Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop at the Luna cafè!

art workshops in singapore - tote bag art jamming
Credit: Klook

Whether you’re hoping to make art whilst cutting down on the clutter at home or just itching to create your very own, one-of-a-kind tote ‘bag design, this workshop is perfect for you.

The Luna Concept café is tucked within the NTU Alumni Club at One North, but it’s a space that’s open to the public too. Here, you’ll receive a plain tote bag, beautiful fabric paint shades, and enjoy a cosy ambience to create your own bag design.

art workshops in singapore - luna concept
Credit: Luna Concept

The café serves a mouthwatering menu of Western and local dishes that you can savour as you paint, including their signature Mentaiko Salmon Bowl, Laksa, and Char Kway Teow. You also enjoy a complimentary drink where you can choose from aromatic coffee or tea brews.


The three-hour Tote Bag Art Jamming at the Luna Concept café is priced at S$30 for one person, S$58 for two people, and S$140 for five on Klook. You’ll pay less when you have more friends with you, so send out your invitations and have fun painting alongside each other.

Get this Klook deal here.

3. Graffiti Therapy at Heaven Spot

Not your typical art jamming space, Heaven Spot lets you create as bold as creative artworks on the walls within their graffiti warehouse.

art workshops in singapore
Credit: Heaven Spot

A space that encourages people to express themselves, the warehouse has walls and wooden panels for you to leave your mark using a couple of spray cans. It’s totally badass. When you arrive at the warehouse, you’ll suit up with protective gear, grab your cans and start spraying.


To have your go at graffiti art, book your slot on Heaven Spot’s website. A one-hour session is priced at S$40, inclusive of two spray cans but not inclusive of a gas mask (additional S$5). You can top up your session with an additional spray can (S$5) and a small bring-home wood panel (S$20) too.

art workshops in singapore - graffiti
Credit: Heaven Spot

Or, you can pay S$45 for a one-hour graffiti art jamming session through Klook. This is inclusive of two spray cans, one additional can of spray paint, one gas mask, and a digital photo of your session for the memories!

Don’t miss out on this cathartic, rebel experience – get this deal on Klook, here.

4. Newton’s Law of Motion Art Jamming at Motion Art Space

Ready to let loose and get messy? You don’t have to worry about paint drips and splatters during the Newton’s Law of Motion Art Jamming sessions at Motion Art Space!

art workshops in singapore - newton's law of motion painting
Credit: David Goh/Motion Art Space

Step into a paint-splashed studio at Motion Art Space and you’ll realise that you can truly make art in as wild and as messy ways as you wish. In fact, whipping paint onto your canvas is what you’re supposed to do to create your glorious masterpiece.

Your tools will be a spin table and swinging pendulum bottle. Place the canvas onto the table, fill the pendulum bottle with the colour of your choice and let gravity do the work. You can also turn on the spinner and use brushes to fill the canvas. Or, you can combine both.

art workshops in singapore - motion art space
Credit: Klook

There’s so much to get creative with, like mixing your paints, selecting your desired colour palette, and using smaller brushes to create splatters of paint on the canvas. You can also choose to swing the pendulum in different directions, or use larger bottles to create bigger splashes.

Have a splashing good time at Motion Art Space – get discounted one-hour Newton’s Law of Motion Art Jamming sessions when you purchase on Klook.

5. Splash painting at Splat Paint House

There are no rules when you’re painting at Splat Paint House’s art jamming space, which means that you can really let go and create your mess-terpiece!

art workshops in singapore - splat painting

While brushes are part of the arsenal of tools you’ll get to paint with, it’s much more fun to reach for the squirt guns, balloons, and syringes. Yes, you can use the surprising set of tools available to splat paint not just on your canvas but on the walls, floors, and even your friends.

There’s nothing to stress about when you’re at the Splat Paint House, and we’re sure that you’ll leave with a lighter spring in your step.

Bring your loved ones along to enjoy a unique art jamming session at Splat Paint House. You can get the Starter Package for S$46 per pax, Party Pack (four pax) for S$195, and more.

Check out what’s available here.

Feature image credit: Heaven Spot

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