Pilates classes in Singapore: 12 pilates studios you should check out

Pilates is the perfect exercise for those of you who are looking to focus on your body’s core. For this reason, Pilates develops much of what fitness enthusiasts need — strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture — with a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise. (By the way, if you’ve been wondering about the difference between Pilates and yoga, we have done up a guide for you.)

So you want to stick to your fitness goals, but, ugh, you’re tired of the same ol’ treadmill. We feel you! Take a break and try a low-impact and calorie-burning workout instead with Pilates classes. Interested? Then keep reading for the 12 best Pilates studios in Singapore.

1. Options Pilates Studio


As with most Pilates workouts, you can always expect to feel the difference in your body with just a few sessions. But Options Pilates Studio’s Core Suspend classes offer almost instant effects with their various machines available for both the seasoned and the beginners. With this, you’ll leave feeling lighter and looser, and muscle tightness will begin to be alleviated.

Options Pilates Studio, Locations in Oxley, Orchard and Bukit Timah. 

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2. Focus Pilates


With two outlets located in the central area of Singapore, you can easily squeeze in a dose of mid-day rejuvenation with the studios’ lunchtime slots. Focus Pilates also offers complimentary trial courses for both beginners and experienced, so you don’t have to worry so much about making a decision on the spot. They even offer a Polestar certification course, which is one of the most renowned Pilates rehabilitation courses offered in the world!

Focus Pilates, Two locations in 302 Orchard Road and 22 Malacca Street. 

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3. Upside Motion


If you’re looking to tone up a specific part of your body, Upside Motion is your go-to. This studio offers classes that range from Abs and Core for a strong, flat tummy to Flex & Stretch to boost your fat-burning capacity and muscular endurance. Now, time to smash that flat-tummy goal you’ve been having forever.

Upside Motion, Locations in City Hall, Orchard, and Shenton. 

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4. PowerMoves Pilates


Situated in the healing tranquility of lush tropical surroundings, PowerMoves provides you a unique view like no other. Its Dempsey studio offers a serene ambience, while its newer locale in Novena Hub comes with the latest equipment. Both studios offer reformer sessions to meet your individual body needs and goals.

PowerMoves Pilates, Locations in Dempsey and Novena Hub.  

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5. Pilatique Pilates Studio


Pilatique is an intimate pilates studio which advocates Smartcercise. Based on STOTT Pilates, the contemporary approach to the age-old regime involves keeping your mind active by explaining each movement. If you’ve always wanted to teach, Pilatique also offers a professionally taught teacher’s course!

Pilatique Pilates Studio8 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069250, p. 6221 3630. 

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6. The Moving Body


At The Moving Body, Pilates classes cater to everyone from athletes to everyday folk; movements and intensity can be adapted to cater to different body types or levels of fitness and flexibility. Group classes are kept small and intimate, with a maximum of six students each. In no time, you’ll fall in love with the art of pilates – and feel the changes in your body.

The Moving Body, Locations in Bukit Timah, East Coast and River Valley.

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7. The Pilates Flow


Get down to the root of pilates with The Pilates Flow. There’re no new-age pilates methods here – the trainers live and breathe the original teachings of Joseph Pilates himself. The studio also offers private, duo and group classes to suit every need.

The Pilates Flow, #02-06, 2nd Avenue Junction, 733 Bukit Timah Road.

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8. Donna O’Shea Fitness

Personal trainer and mat pilates instructor, Donna O’ Shea, is a godsend, especially if you’re pregnant, too tired to leave the house, or if you just can’t leave the kids. Now you have absolutely NO excuse to not exercise when it’s at the comfort of your own home.

Donna O’Shea Fitness, e. [email protected].

9. Momentum Lab


At Momentum Lab, you’re training not just your muscles, but your entire body to better improve your mobility. Like its name, you’ll be able to tune into the momentum of your body and mind. Perfect.

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 10. Pilates Fitness


This is the first (and only) pilates studio that offers classes to suit specific lifestyle needs. Pilates Fitness offers weight-loss classes like the HIIT Pilates series, and even a couple pre-natal class (the first of its kind here) to allow parents-to-be to sweat it out together.

Pilates Fitness, Locations in River Valley, Telok Blangah and Serangoon Garden. 

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 11. Pilates Plus


Pilates Plus believe in empowering clients through fitness to achieve vigor and freedom of movement. Believe in strength in numbers? With the affordable classes here, you’ll get to have fun and experience another side of Pilates.

Pilates Plus, 141 Cecil Street #02-03, Tung Ann Association Building, Singapore 069541

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 12. Jai Yoga


Hidden amongst Alexandra’s greenery is newly opened Jal Yoga: that positions themselves as the most exciting and adaptable studio. Mat pilates is offered here too for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. These focus on mindful movements and precision to improve your balance, posture and flexibility.

Jai Yoga, 991 Alexandra Road, #01-03A, Singapore 119964

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