8 glamping experiences to go for if you’re tired of staycations

We may have gone for quite a number of staycations in Singapore since 2020.

But if you’re looking for something besides a luxurious poolside stay, then you might want to turn to glamping instead, for an experience that’s worth your while.

What is glamping?

A glamorous version of camping, glamping brings you into the outdoors and under a sprinkling of stars, just like camping would – sans the heat and sleeping bags laid over a painfully uneven floor.

Glamping features beautifully decorated tents that are also often spacious enough to accommodate about four people comfortably, making it a perfect retreat for couples, friends, and family alike.

If you’re ready to take it to the idyllic outdoors in style, then start planning your next vacation at one of these unique glamping spots in Singapore!

Best outdoor glamping spots in Singapore

Glamping at Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre

Glamping isn’t always about kicking your feet up and lounging all day in a nicely-decorated tent. Instead, you can also plan exciting activities into your schedule whilst you’re on your outdoor holiday.

glamping-singapore-constant wind
Credit: Klook

At Constant Wind, you won’t just enjoy resort-worthy time in the super spacious, dome-shaped tents – there is also an abundance of water sports that you can participate in to spruce up your time there!

Credit: Constant Wind

From sailing, wind-surfing, to stand-up paddleboarding, you can prepare to have a splashing good time during the day, and only retire to your air-conditioned tent later in the evening.

Get this glamping experience starting from S$300 per tent on Klook. You can also book a stand-up paddle experience for S$90 per person.

Glamping Society @ East Coast Park

No resort would bring you this close to the seaside. When you stay at Glamping Society’s comfortable tents at East Coast Park, you’ll be just beyond the shoreline, giving you a wonderful view of the sparkling waters and clear blue skies.

Credit: Glamping Society

Glamping Society offers different tent packages, from as basic as a tent set up with a plush mattress and cute decor, to as luxurious as ones with glam picnic setups, festive balloons, and even outdoor cinema setups.

Credit: Glamping Society

That’s right, you’ll be able to stream your favourite rom-com with your partner, or horror movies with your friends as you camp under the night sky.

The perfect setup for an overnight chillin’-out with your loved ones – get this glamping experience for starting from S$190 for two, on Klook!

Glamping Farm Resort @ Kranji

The Glamping Farm Resort is located within the Gallop Kranji Farm Resort, tucked well away from the bustle of urban city life.

glamping-singapore-glamping farm resort
Credit: Klook

The glamping tents at the resort are adorned with pretty fairy lights, flags, and plush pillows that make it all the more cosy as you’re getting ready to settle down in the evening. Those who purchase a stay here with Klook will even get to enjoy either a starry projection of stars on the tent’s ceilings or a snazzy neon light decoration to set the mood.

That’s not all – the Glamping Farm Resort even provides a beautiful picnic setup right outside your tent that lets you dine under the open sky – with marshmallow clouds in the day and a blanket of stars at night!

glamping-singapore-gallop kranji farm resort
Credit: Klook

If you’re worried about having nothing to do during your glamping stay, fret not because the resort has plenty of facilities and nearby attractions to keep you entertained.

Besides prawning and fishing facilities, the resort also has shuttle services to the nearby Kranji Countryside where you can explore places like the Bollywood Veggies banana farm, Hay Dairy goat farm, and freshwater Kranji Marshlands.

Book this glamping experience for S$300 per tent (accommodating one to five pax) on Klook!

Glamping at Heritage Chalet

Located just along Pasir Ris beach, the Heritage Chalet gives you an alternative to their resort experience with a unique glamping one!

glamping-singapore-heritage chalet
Credit: Klook

And if having a smokey BBQ with your loved ones is your idea of a perfect resort holiday, then you’re in luck – because a glamping experience here is inclusive of a complimentary BBQ pit too.

Since you’re glamping so close to the Pasir Ris beach, why not also make the most out of the proximity by renting a beach picnic for an additional S$40? Heritage Chalet will help you set up the entire fancy picnic, complete with lovely decorations for a romantic sunset meal.

Credit: Klook

There’s plenty more that you can do when you’re glamping here such as prawning, fishing, and rock climbing. You can also visit the nearby mangrove forest, bring your little ones to the one-and-only Pasir Ris playground, or head to Gallop Stable @ Pasir Ris for a novel horse-riding experience.

Get this glamping experience starting from S$330 per tent (for five) on Klook.

Glamping at Bukit Timah Horsecity

Trot into the weekend with a glamping vacation at Horsecity, Bukit Timah!

Credit: Klook

Whilst the tents here are not within as breathtaking a landscape as other places like East Coast Park or overlooking the sea like at Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre, what is exciting is that there are plenty of fun activities to do throughout the day.

Credit: Klook

Of course, what’s to look forward to at Horsecity more than the horses? Go on a stable tour to discover fun facts about the horses, get the chance to groom the handsome creatures, as well as feed them. You even can choose to go for horse or pony rides, and feel like Indiana Jones while you’re at it.

Get this glamping experience starting from S$330 per tent on Klook.

Wondrous Glamping @ East Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park

Wondrous Glamping’s tents make use of four-metre and five-metre bell tents so that guests are able to walk around easily. While the tents here aren’t air-conditioned, you are provided with sufficient portable fans to keep you feeling cool even in the sweltering heat.

glamping singapore
Credit: Wondrous Glamping

The interiors are also adorned with a sprinkling of fairy lights and furnished with air mattress beds, linens and pillows.

If you would like to elevate your experience, we’d recommend that you go for the Lotus Lux Package that features a five-metre tall Lotus tent. This is different from the other tents with sloping roofs and triangular fronts. The unique shape offers guests a higher ceiling with better ventilation, so it will feel more comfortable than if you were to just stay in a normal tent. Also, the Lotus tents have large, clear “windows” that give you a stretching view of the lush, green landscape.

glamping singapore
Credit: Wondrous Glamping

While Wondrous Glamping’s glamping offerings have been temporarily halted due to pandemic restrictions, they will be reopening on 18 March with a reopening promotion, so do make use of this opportunity if you’ve been looking to go on for a glamping trip! Alternatively, you can also opt for their gorgeous picnic setups for your special occasions, whether at home or in the outdoors.

Picnic setup. Credit: Wondrous Glamping

Drop them a DM on their Instagram or head over to their website to book a glamping experience from just S$180 a night for two pax (U.P. S$200)!

Glamping experience at home

The Glamping Experience

Take the idea of a staycation home with The Glamping Experience, which brings glamping right to your house.

glamping-singapore-the glamping experience
Credit: The Glamping Experience

Since we’re opting for glamping as an alternative to travel, then why not enjoy a true stay home but with a twist of glamour? Whether for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even a not-so-ordinary evening home, The Glamping Experience sets up the most beautifully decorated tents where you’re at.

glamping-singapore-home glamping
Credit: The Glamping Experience

They’ll take care of everything, including the setting up of the large bell tent, three single-sized air mattresses, as well as decorative pillows and throws – all you have to do is sit back and relax from start to finish!

Enjoy a glamping experience at home for S$390 on Klook.

Sleepover campcation in your house

indoors camping at home

Enjoy a camping experience without leaving your house.

Simply change into your PJs and enjoy a night of indoors camping with your friends or family.

The crew will set up the tents for you at your house and decorate the setup with fairy lights and other accessories for a fun, memorable experience.

Enjoy a glamping experience at home for S$400 (for four) on Klook.

Featured image credit: Wondrous Glamping