17 scenic jogging trails that won’t make running feel like a chore

Getting into the habit of jogging can be a humongous challenge in itself, and often, you either need a really steady head, and a good amount of discipline, or a heck lot of incentives to push you all the way.

Running in a scenic path is probably one of the best ways to incentivise yourself, instead of looking at the same sight of other exercise nuts exercising their guts out for thirty whole minutes, treat yourself to interesting, beautiful sights be it the city skyline, or the gorgeous lush greens of Singapore.

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO site, and named one of the best Botanic Gardens in the world, this place is also open all the way from the early, wee hours of the morning at 5am, all the way to midnight.

Do a calming night jog (when the sun’s down!) through a variety of attractions like the National Orchid Garden, the Ginger Garden, the Rainforest, through thousand-year-old, towering trees, and beautifully manicured garden pathways.

How to get there

The nearest MRT station is Botanic Gardens MRT Station. From the station, you may enter the Gardens through Bukit Timah Gate. Alternatively, if you’re choosing to go via bus, you can take the following via Holland Road: SBS Transit 7, 105, 123, 174 SMRT 75, 77, 106, and the following via Bukit Timah Road: SBS Transit 48, 66, 151, 153, 154, 156, 170, 186 SMRT 67, 171

Opens daily from 5am – 12am, 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569.

2. Singapore Glow in The Dark Pathway

Located conveniently right behind Bukit Panjang MRT station, this 100-metre glow in the dark path will have you feeling like you’re walking on the stars. Made from the same material as our nostalgic, glow-in-the-dark stickers from our childhood, this is also made from the same natural, non-toxic light green strontium aluminate minerals have been mixed into the pavement to absorb UV rays from the sun so that it will glow at night for a good eight hours.

While the rest of the track is made of grass, gravel, fine gravel, and earth-coloured porous concrete, it’ll make at least your runs a tad more exciting when you come back to the glow in the dark path.

Tip: Especially great for night jogging as the lit-up paths make it safe, and accessible to run! Don’t forget to hydrate and put on some insect repellent to keep the pesky mosquitoes away.

How to get there

By public transport: Travel to Bukit Panjang MRT station along the Downtown Line. Located right behind the station.

Opens daily, 24/7, 950 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678213.

3. Jurong Lake Park

A gorgeous place that is probably known by all Westies for its gorgeous Chinese and Japanese themed gardens, it attracts a huge amount of joggers for good reason. Jog past scenic areas like the Chinese-themed lily pads, Japanese-themed pavilions, amongst beautiful tall palm trees, and the unique wildlife that live in the area.

Tip: As tempting as it may be, please do not feed the wildlife in the gardens! It also isn’t sheltered, so be sure to apply sunscreen if you’re jogging in the day time, and lots of insect repellent too!

How to get there

Jurong Lake Gardens is accessible from Chinese Garden or Lakeside MRT stations, and also by bus services 49 and 154 from Jurong East or Boon Lay Interchanges. Car parks are accessible from Chinese Garden Road and Japanese Garden Road.

The Chinese Garden is open daily from 5.30am – 11pm, while The Japanese Garden is open daily from 5.30am – 7pm. 1 Chinese Garden Road, Singapore 619795.

4. Marina Barrage

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Spanning a whopping 10km in total, this bustling area in the city actually makes for a pretty surprising and good area for joggers keen on doing long distance.

Jogging doesn’t have to be monotonous when you can pass by the gorgeous city skyline amongst tourist sights like the famed Marina Bay Sands, the impressive looking Esplanade, and run by the colourful-looking Helix Bridge.

Tip: For a medium-distance run, we recommend starting from the Barrage, head towards Marina Bay Sands, Clifford Pier, Fullerton Hotel, the Esplanade, the Float, over the Helix Bridge, and back towards the Barrage.

Bonus tip: Puckered out half way through your trek? Just stop whenever as there’re amenities all around, and simply drop by any of the nearby shopping meals for a hearty meal!

How to get there

Travel to Bayfront MRT Station along either the Downtown Line, or the Circle Line, where you can start at the Barrage. However, if you wish to start at Clifford Pier, the closest MRT Station would be Raffles Place along either the East-West Line, or the North-South Line.

Opens daily, 24/7, 8 Marina Gardens Drive, 018951.

5. MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Source: livingnomads.com

A lovely retreat from the hustle and bustle from the city, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is popular for good reason. With lush greenery, unique flora and fauna, and even mischievous monkeys scurrying by the walkways, jogging here would be anything but dull.

Tip: Be sure to bring lots of insect repellent, as MacRitchie is a forested area. Pack along some sunscreen as well, and make sure to bring water too, as water stops are few and far between. As MacRitchie is a huge, sprawling place, be sure to grab yourself a brochure so you at least know where you’re going!

How to get there

Nearest Bus Stop 51071 (Bus 52, 74, 93, 157,130, 132, 156, 157, 162, 162M, 165, 166, 167, 852 and 855, 980), Nearest MRT Caldecott MRT (CC17)

Opens daily from 7am – 7pm, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore 298717.

6. Punggol Waterway Park

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A place that boasts of impressive structures, lush greenery on one side, and a calming riverine on the other, it is separated into four sections: Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone, and Green Gallery – which essentially means that there’re tons of different sights to see!

Wonderful for bird-watchers, this is where you may even spy a colourful bird sweeping across the skyline, or tending to the unique flora in the park.

How to get there

A 10 minute walk Punggol Park via Serangoon Park Connector via Buangkok MRT Station. Alternatively, you could take bus service numbers 74, 113, 119 or 147 to Hougang Ave 8 and walk to Punggol Park.

Opens daily, 24/7, Hougang Avenue 8 and Hougang Avenue 10, Singapore 538768.

7. Henderson Waves

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Shaped in a distinct, wave-like structure that is part of the 10km trek of The Southern Ridges, jog along this rather impressive structure of undulating ‘curved’ ribs. Offering a beautiful panoramic view of the forested, lush greens of Singapore, Henderson Waves is where to go to watch flora and fauna interacting with one another in their natural habitat, as you get the workout you need!

Tip: If you’re someone that favours long-distance running, we suggest that you visit the other parks that connect to The Southern Ridges, like Mount Faber Park.

How to get there

There is a bus stop on Henderson Road right below Henderson Waves. The easiest way to get to the bus stop is taking the MRT to Redhill station (EW18, East-West Line) and from there take Bus #145 for 7stops (about 10min) to Bef Telok Blangah Hts.

Opens daily, 24/7, Henderson Road, Singapore 159557.

8. Bukit Batok Nature Park

This is one for joggers looking to challenge themselves. Offering climbs to look-out points that reach more than 10 stories high and stunning views of the quarry against a high cliff wall, this is sure to give you the super invigorating jog you want – and a good workout for the thighs!

Tip: Be sure to spray yourself down with a good amount of insecticide and sunscreen, as per usual! Grab your camera, while you’re at it, because you’re going to want memories to look back on for this arduous climb!

How to get there

Bus services 61, 66, 157, 178, 852 and 985 will take you to Bukit Batok East Ave 6. If you’re going by foot, the park is also accessible via the entrance at Lorong Sesuai and from Hillview Park Connector.

Opens daily, 24/7, Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 and Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, Singapore 659761.

9. Gardens By The Bay

Source: gardensbythebay.com

Not just a popular tourist attraction that attracts tourists to it like bees to honey, but you’ll be surprised to hear that Gardens By The Bay is also a viable jogging spot!

Spanning around 5km around its perimeter, pass by iconic places in the Gardens By The Bay like the towering Supertree Grove, The Flower Dome, amongst many interesting flora and greenery in this man-made garden!

Tip: If this route isn’t long enough for you, you can simply extend your run into the Marina Barrage area!

How to get there

Travel to Bayfront MRT Station via the Circle Line, or the Downtown Line. Exit and cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge into Gardens by the Bay via Exit B.

Opens daily, 24/7 (outside area), 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953.

10. Xiao Gui Lin

Tucked away in Bukit Gombak, it gets its name from its resemblance to another stone quarry in China, Gui Lin.

With charming, rustic looking stone pathways that’ll make you feel like you’ve been transported to China, or days of the yesteryear, this picturesque park is the perfect place to go jogging, if you live in this neighbourhood!

P.S. Not to be confused with Bukit Batok Nature Park, which is located fairly close (and looks similar) to Xiao Gui Lin!

How to get there

Travel to Bukit Gombak MRT along the North-South Line, and located within a 5 minute walking distance.

Opens daily, 24/7, Bukit Batok East Avenue 5, Sinagpore 043359.

11. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Calm, peaceful, with balmy breezes, run along the boarded up, wooden pathways along the stunning, turquoise reservoir waters – perfect for days when you’re looking to unwind from work or school!

With many benches placed alongside the boardwalks, if you’re feeling puckered out, simply rest by any one of the benches, and enjoy the tranquil sights of the reservoir park.

Tip: This is also a prime place to fish (after jogging, perhaps?) Cast your hook out, and you may even be able to catch a large snakehead, or tilapias!

How to get there

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park: Nearest Bus Stop (Bus 1N, 39, 85, 85, 851, 852, 853, 853, 854, 855, 857, 858, 965), Nearest MRT station (Khatib MRT), Rower’s Bay: Nearest Bus Stop (103, 117)

Opens daily, 24/7, Yishun Ave 1, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769139.

12. Mount Pleasant Road

Source: nparks.gov.sg

A place filled with old-world charm pre-war black-and-white bungalows, jog along this meandering, nostalgic path with wild trees like cinnamon, palms, figs, and saga trees – which means that you’ll be able to spy lots of the fallen vibrant red, saga seeds on the ground!

Tip: Since this is located nearby the infamous Bukit Brown Cemetery, we don’t recommend jogging here at night. Not unless you’re a real thrill seeker, at least!

How to get there

Travel by 54, 130, 132, 156, 162, 162M, 166, 167, 851, 980, nearest MRT Station is Bukit Brown MRT Station on the Circle Line.

Opens daily, 24/7, at the junction of Denham Road, and ending at Pan Island Expressway Sliproad along Mount Pleasant Drive, no postal code available.

13. Upper Peirce and Lower Peirce Reservoir Park

Source: toutiaosg.com

You may have seen us mention the areas of Upper Peirce Reservoir Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir Park in scenic places to hike. It is surrounded by wooden, flat boardwalks that make this place easy to navigate, and thus, the perfect spot for those looking to jog, run alongside the calming, tranquil reservoir that beats slugging it out at the gym full of sweaty people.

Tip: You can choose to start at either the entrance of Lower Peirce Reservoir, or Upper Peirce Reservoir, and end at whichever pier you like to watch the sunset.

How to get there

Take Bus no. 163, 167, 169, 855, 980. Alight at the bus stop nearest to the Sembawang Hill Food Court and walk along Old Upper Thomson Road towards Lower Peirce Boardwalk. The entrance to the trail (Casuarina Entrance) is about five minutes away. Nearest MRT Station would be Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, along the North-South Line.

Opens daily, from 7am – 7pm, along Old Upper Thomson Road, postal code unknown.

14. Bedok Reservoir Park

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Full of sports-enthusiasts – joggers, kayakers, dragon-boaters all alike, if you live around Bedok, you’ll know that this is a more than viable spot (and not a very well-kept secret, at all) for those looking to jog, with a scenic view.

Surrounded by the large reservoir water body, this is the place to go for a calming jog after a long, gruelling day.

Tip: If you decide to go night jogging, be sure to catch the beautifully lit trees along the track!

How to get there

Take any of the following buses from Bedok Bus Interchange: 18, 28, 66, 67, 69, 168, and 228. The closest MRT Station is Bedok MRT Station.

Opens daily, 24/7, 901 Bedok Reservoir Road Singapore 479266.

15. Changi Beach Park

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Sure, it only spans about 3.3km in total, but this is probably the only place where you can jog your heart out, AND watch planes take off or land.

It’s also one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, so it still retains a nostalgic, kampong ambience. Come here for a night jog and hear the waves crashing alongside you for a super relaxing run!

How to get there

Travel there by bus no. 9, 19, and 89, and alight along Nicoll Drive. Alternatively, you could also take the bus services 2, 29, 59, 109 to Changi Village, and a 5 minutes walk across the pedestrian footbridge to the park.

Opens daily, 24/7, Nicoll Dr, Singapore 498991.

16. Fort Canning Park

Source: singapore-guide.com

A historical park smack-dab in the middle of the bustling city life, this park offers the respite from its surrounding city area.

Run past key historical sites like Sir Stamford Raffles’s impressive looking bungalow, built in classic colonial style architecture, as well as the beautiful Flame of The Forest – a gigantic tree with red petals that stand stark against the lush greenery.

How to get there

Alight at Clarke Quay or Dhoby Ghaut; it is about a 10 minute walk to get to the park.

Opens daily, 24/7, 70 River Valley Road, Singapore 179037.

17. East Coast Beach Park

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Singapore’s longest beach with designated paths for cycling, and jogging so you’ll rest easy in the knowledge that you won’t be crashing into any bikes for sure (and if you do, it’s your right of way!), jog along the beach, watch the sunset, and perhaps make it a personal aim to jog all the way to the fishing pier, right at the end.

There are also lots of amenities, toilets, benches all around for a quick break, and a straight, linear route, so if you’re bad at directions, this is practically a fool-proof track!

How to get there

Alight at Bedok MRT Station, and take bus no. 401 at Bedok Bus Interchange directly to East Coast Park.

Opens daily, 24/7, 1000 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449876.