Want Starbucks Korea’s picnic merchandise? It only retails at this theme park

It seems like we can never get enough of Starbucks merchandise, especially when there are so many gorgeous limited-edition tumblers and mugs in different countries.

In line with their spring-summer traditions, Starbucks Korea has released a line of merchandise that is perfect for all those picnics that you will be having in the sunny weather.

No picnic is complete without a picnic basket, so Starbucks Korea has included a tin lunchbox that you can use to hold all your food and beverages. It doesn’t only come in the Starbucks colours of green and white, it is also adorned with the iconic Starbucks logo and cute illustrations of various snacks.

Each lunchbox also comes with delicious butter cookies, which make for a perfect snack to have at any picnic.

That’s not all – the collection also includes TWO popcorn buckets, so you can keep snacking no matter where you are. Although these are called ‘popcorn’ buckets, they are filled with corn snacks instead, which are healthier alternatives to popcorn – a sweet touch by Starbucks Korea!

Here’s the catch: these limited-edition Starbucks merchandise is only available in Everland (Korea’s largest theme park that is located in Yongin), so you can’t find these in any other Starbucks stores in Korea!

Both popcorn buckets will only available for sale until 16 August 2019, so be sure to grab them ASAP if you have plans to go to Everland within this period of time. Remember to get your tickets to Everland if you haven’t bought them yet – you can get them here at almost half the price!

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⠀ WELCOME TO YONGIN EVERLAND R ⠀ 환상의 나라 용인에버랜드R 에서는 라이스 과자마저도 판타스틱하게 만든다!? ⠀ 보는 즐거움에 먹는 즐거움까지 더한 스타 라이스칩 텀블러와 들고 다니면 동화 속 주인공이 된 것 같은 라이스 쿠키 핸들 박스까지! ⠀ 용인에버랜드R 에서만 맛볼 수 있는 건강한 스타벅스 푸드와 함께 맛있는 추억을 만들어보세요. ⠀ ✔용인에버랜드R 전용 상품으로, 일일 판매 수량이 한정되어 있어 조기 소진 될 수 있습니다. ⠀ ✔️그린 스타 라이스 칩과 옐로우 라이스 콘팝은 한정 기간 운영 상품으로 8월 16일까지만 판매합니다. ⠀ ✔각 품목당 1인 1일 최대 구매 수량은 10개이며, 입고 및 재고 수량은 유선으로 안내되지 않습니다.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #용인에버랜드R #우리쌀로만든건강한간식 #라이스쿠키핸들박스 #그린스타라이스칩 #옐로우라이스콘팝 #Starbucks#StarbucksKorea #스타벅스 #스타벅스그램⠀

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As at time of writing, these cute collectibles are not available for sale online. However, you can try to request for it on Airfrov and see if anyone heading to Everland can help you to get one of these.

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