Starbucks Japan’s latest ocean-themed merchandise has cute designs you’ll want to have in your collection

Starbucks Japan never fails to impress us with their kawaii collectibles, and this summer they have launched a series of ocean-themed cups, tumblers, and travel mugs.

Scroll on to see details of the products from this limited-edition ocean collection!

Ocean Icons Bottle

This plastic purple-hued bottle is decorated with adorable marine creatures like starfish and seahorses. It certainly invokes a desire in us to head out and admire the beauty of the deep blue ocean!

Ocean Icons Bottle retails at JPY1,800.

Prism Heat-Resistant Glass Mug

This gorgeous glass mug resembles stained glass windows painted with watercolours.

Prism Heat-Resistant Glass Mug retails at JPY2,400.

Ocean Icons One-Touch Stainless Bottle

A bottle with a fun design that can keep your iced drinks cold while you get a tan at the beach? Consider us sold!

Ocean Icons One-Touch Stainless Bottle retails at JPY3,950.

Ocean Icons Stainless To Go Logo Tumbler

If you love minimalist products, this is the one item in the collection you have to get. This sleek white tumbler adorned with watercolour ocean motifs will look perfect on any table you place it on.

Ocean Icons Stainless To Go Logo Tumbler retails at JPY3,500.

Stainless Bottle Gradation

We are still in love with Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 (who can resist that lovely combination of pastel hues!), and Starbucks Japan clearly knows it as well. This comes in a gorgeous ombre design that nobody can resist.

Stainless Bottle Gradation retails at JPY3,800.

Tumbler Mosaic

The beautiful stained glass design is enough to get us excited, but what really seals the deal is that dome at the bottom of the tumbler that contains a floating whale. It’s like having a pet whale that goes everywhere with you – so cute!

Tumbler Mosaic retails at JPY2,200.

Tumbler Aquarium

Ever wished you could have your very own aquarium? With this tumbler that resembles an aquarium filled with marine life, you are now one step closer to your dream.

Tumbler Aquarium retails at JPY1,800.

Mug Mosaic

Nothing beats sitting at the beach and watching the gentle waves roll. On the days that you are cooped up at home and wish you could have a whiff of the sea breeze, this mug that is shaped after the ocean waves will surely come in handy.

Mug Mosaic retails at JPY1,900.

Woven Panama Coffee Pouch

A good cup of coffee is perfect everywhere, be it the beach or the office. Get this woven pouch to keep your coffee money and Starbucks cards.

Woven Panama Coffee Pouch retails at JPY1,900.