Apeach fans rejoice: Kakao Friends is opening its first theme park in Korea!

If you love visiting theme parks, you may have already done your rounds at Korea’s most popular Lotte World and Everland. It’s time to put a new theme park on your bucket list: FRIENDS LAND, featuring none other than Kakao Friends!

Kakao IX (Kakao Friends) announced in a media interview that the company is planning to create a world-class theme park modelled after Disneyland. You can look forward to exciting rides, official merchandise, food, and even a hotel – all adorned with your favourite Kakao Friends characters!

Unfortunately, for those who want to get their hands on all the activities and facilities at this Kakao Friends theme park, you may have to wait a little longer. The planning and formation of teams are still underway, so exact details such as opening date and location of FRIENDS LAND has not been announced yet.

However, we do get a glimpse of what to expect through Kakao Friends’ official Instagram and Youtube accounts, where they have uploaded teaser picture and videos:

Can’t wait to find out the latest news on this exciting new attraction? Stay tuned for more updates on FRIENDS LAND!