Korea’s famous honey butter chips now comes in a new floral flavour that you can’t guess!

You may be familiar with Honey Butter Chips – it created a craze and sold out from stores a few years back, and has now become a a staple souvenir for those travelling to Korea.

The brand hasn’t been resting on its laurels though. Since then, it has released different delicious flavours, such as Maple Syrup and a limited edition Cherry Blossom flavour.

Now, the brand has launched a new limited-edition flavour combination that no one could possibly imagine: Lavender Blueberry!

Most people who have tried these flavoured potato chips say that they can smell a whiff of the lavender fragrance when they open the packet, although surprisingly, you won’t be able to smell the blueberries at all.

The chips do taste like lavender and blueberries, which coupled with the relaxing floral scent, actually make for a very pleasant eating experience. The best part? You can still taste the rich and addictive honey butter flavour, which is what keeps people coming back for more!

You can watch the following mukbang video done by a famous Korean mukbang host, where she tries the chips and shares her thoughts about this unique flavour:

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?허니버터칩 라벤더 블루베리?슨상님? 이보다 향기로울 순 없다! 괜히 허니가 아니에요 입안에 꿀벌이 들어올 기세? 후우.. 동료들이 다 한입먹고 제표정 지었다고요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이거 찍으려고 연보라 볼터치 했는데 티가 나나요?허허ꉂꉂ(ᵔᗜᵔ*) 월요팅 합시다 모두! 베리기운 받으thㅔ요! 팍팍 어떻게든 금요일은 온드아악 . . ? : CU편의점 ? : 1,500원 베리점수 : ? (1개: 맛, 2~3개 : 쏘쏘맛, 4:존맛, 5:대존맛) . #berryveryhungry #허니버터칩 #맛스타그램 #먹방 #mukbang #허니버터칩신상 #과자스타그램 #허니버터칩라벤더블루베리맛 #신메뉴 #해태 #해태과자#신상과자 #편의점신상 #과자

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Before you run to the nearest Korean mart to stock up on this interesting flavour of chips, you may be disappointed to know that this is currently not sold in Singapore, yet. If you are looking to buy these in Korea, you can check the convenience stores and supermarkets (such as Lotte Mart).

Of course, you can also try your luck and request for the chips on Airfrov – a traveller headed to Korea may help you out!

UPDATE: The Lavender Blueberry Honey Butter Chips are now retailing on Redmart!

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