This floral-themed milk tea is the prettiest drink we’ve laid eyes on – and it uses fresh flowers as decoration!

Here in Singapore, we have no shortage of aesthetically pleasing food – there’s delicious ice cream with old-school toppings by famed pastry chef Janice Wong, skin-friendly chocolate bars by local chocolatier Happy Cioccolato, and Asian-inspired baked treats by Maxine Ngooi over at Tigerlily Patisserie.

flower milk tea collage
Photo source: RED

But we’d be fooling ourselves if we say that this flower milk tea isn’t the most Insta-friendly beverage that we’ve come across so far. Just take a look at these gorgeous cups of delicious-looking bubble tea, and you’ll know what we mean.

AVENUE ONE first spotted the flower milk tea on RED (a.k.a. “China’s Instagram”) which has been trending among netizens for its aesthetic – and we can’t help but swoon over the beverages too!

flower milk tea real flowers decor
Photo source: RED

The flower milk tea is one of many Instagrammable creations by 薛小美 MěICHA, a tea parlour located in CapitaLand’s Raffles City The Bund in Shanghai that has mesmerised many bubble tea-loving netizens with its romantic flower-filled interior.

flower milk tea closeup
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Here, the bubble tea drinks come dressed in a floral crown made of fresh real flower blooms that you can choose from the wide selection of flowers available in the shop.

To enjoy the drink underneath the elegant flower crown, all you need to do is look for a small label on the side which lets you insert a drinking straw.

flower milk tea memory of sicily
Photo source: RED

And it’s not just the beautifully layered drinks here that you’ll be enamoured of.

flower milk tea monets garden
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From what we’ve gathered, the beverage names are just as romantic as the tea parlour and its menu too – think Memory of Sicily (said to be the hottest signature that sells out the fastest) and Monet’s Garden (a refreshing scented tea that looks like a garden in a bottle).

flower milk tea with pearls
Photo source: RED

According to those who’ve tried the bubble tea on the menu, the drinks taste just as good as they look with many netizens ranking the bubble teas highly in their reviews on RED.

flower milk tea xue xiaomei meicha storefront
Photo source: RED

We’re not sure about you, but we’re definitely checking this off our must-try list as soon as we can jet to Shanghai for a much-anticipated holiday.