This new bakery opened by a former Michelin-starred pastry chef is trending on RED – and it offers Asian-influenced baked treats

We’ve recently had a fair share of local bakeries opening up on our sunny island where each has its own unique concept they call their own, from adorable cakes to rich and indulgent bakes.

But have you ever tried French pastries lovingly baked by a former Michelin-starred pastry chef?

Well, the bakery we’re talking about is Tigerlily Patisserie which has been all over our social media feeds, including Xiaohongshu (RED).

Tigerlily Patisserie started off as a completely virtual bakery before opening a physical cafe space – and the lady behind it all is none other than Michelin-starred pastry chef Maxine Ngooi. Holding a title so highly coveted, you know you’re definitely in for a treat!

chef maxine ngooi
Image source: Tigerlily Patisserie

While this might seem shocking to many, Maxine had absolutely no culinary background, to begin with, other than being surrounded by family members who had a passion for baking and being in the kitchen in general.

Having grown up in such an environment, we guess it was pretty much inevitable for her to not fall in love with the craft as well.

It wasn’t until her post-university years that she decided to officially step foot into the culinary world, putting on her very first chef hat in the three Michelin-starred Les Amis Restaurant, where she was under the guidance of renowned pastry chef, Cheryl Koh.

Thereafter, she continued building an impressive portfolio of experiences and cut her teeth at the now-defunct one Michelin-starred Vianney Massot as well as three Michelin-starred Joël Robuchon Restaurant, before finally landing the opportunity to launch a bakery that she could proudly call her own.

french pastries
Image source: RED

Over at Tigerlily Patisserie, you can expect to try a wide variety of French pastries that are all given new life with an Asian touch. Plus, they are all so pretty you’d probably be hard-pressed to stick a fork into them after snapping a few (or multiple) shots for the ‘gram.

What to try at Tigerlily Patisserie

beehive dessert
Image source: RED

Over the years of never-ending creation and lots of trial and error, one of Maxine’s signatures to date is The Beehive (S$11) which is a light lemon sponge cake, coated with honey parfait, and topped off with yuzu mousse that is presented in a honeycomb-like structure.

Most recently, Maxine has curated two interesting Childhood Reimagined boxes that are inspired by elements of our childhood days that satisfy both the sweet and savoury tastebuds.

childhood reimagined sweet
Image source: Tigerlily Patisserie

First up, meet the Childhood Reimagined: Sweets Box (S$35).

In this box, you can expect to be greeted by four eye-catching pastries:

  • Gula Melaka Coconut Babka – A pandan-infused braided brioche, layered with gula melaka and desiccated coconut paste;
  • Sweet Corn Cruffin – A croissant and muffin combo that’s filled with charred corn husks and sweet corn purée;
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Galette – A Kyoho grape jam and peanut frangipane galette, topped with sprinkles of blueberries and crushed peanuts; and
  • Soy Cream Croissant Donut – A modern take on traditional tauhuay (also known as beancurd), featuring a croissant-doughnut filled with local-inspired soy milk cream and five-spice sugar.
childhood reimagined savouries
Image source: Tigerlily Patisserie

Now, let us move on to the savoury. Likewise, the Childhood Reimagined: Savoury Box (S$30) also comprises four different indulgent bakes.

Included in this box are four rich pastries that would certainly intoxicate you with all the heavenly aroma:

  • Mushroom Pain au Lait – A milk bun covered with a crunchy porcini crust and filled with a creamy medley of various mushrooms;
  • Otah Pretzel – A soft pretzel that is spiced up with homemade sea bass otah and is baked on a banana leaf for the best flavour possible;
  • Sausage Croissant – An elevated version of a normal sausage bun, this croissant comprises sausage wrapped in bacon and is finished off with Gruyere cheese; and
  • Pizza Pocket – A puff pastry pizza stuffed with homemade pizza sauce, pepperoni, chorizo, and four different types of cheeses such as mozzarella, gomté, caciocavallo, and parmesan.
chocolate hazelnut tart
Image source: Tigerlily Patisserie

Another classic to check out on the menu is the Chocolate Hazelnut Tart (from S$55) that is beautifully topped with chocolate mousse and various chocolate toppers.

earl grey hazelnut financiers
ImagesSource: Tigerlily Patisserie

Looking for a teatime snack? These Early Grey Hazelnut Financiers (S$24) would make the perfect afternoon treat to share with the family along with a nice cup of tea.

Newly opened cafe space

cafe space
Image source: RED

With bakes that look and taste so good, Tigerlily Patisserie has now evolved from a virtual bakery to taking up a brick-and-mortar space in the East.

The pastry shop now calls this lovely tropical space home, which is the perfect place to chill out over the weekend with a wide variety of delectable bakes to munch on.

Tigerlily Patisserie is located at 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598. The pastry shop opens from 9am to 6pm from Tuesdays to Sundays and is closed on Mondays. Got an enquiry for Tigerlily Patisserie? Visit the website or contact the team at 8887 0988.

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