Celebrated chef Janice Wong’s latest ice cream parlour lets you mix old-school snacks with your favourite dessert

The wild and whimsical worlds of ice cream and art collide at Softhaus, thanks to Janice Wong, the award-winning pastry chef and owner behind her eponymous Janice Wong brand and the crowd-favourite 2am: dessertbar.

Softhaus, which recently debuted at Great World City, is essentially created as a happy place for both children and adults to come together – where ice cream is for everyone no matter how old and young you are.

softhaus janice wong profile

Janice, who has a goal to spread joy one ice cream at a time, tapped into her childhood to find inspiration for the confectionery concept.

softhaus janice wong ice cream guests

The result? An ice cream parlour that offers a myriad of old-school childhood snacks as toppings for some of the yummiest ice cream you can find on this island – a genius combination, really.

softhaus janice wong ice cream flavours

Here, you will constantly find a total of 16 smooth and tasty ice cream flavours on the menu – all of which are made using recipes perfected personally by Janice herself.

softhaus janice wong ice cream strawberry sorbet

High quality, locally sourced, and sustainable ingredients are used to produce a variety of flavours, from the tangy Mango Banana Passionfruit Sorbet and a keto-friendly Chocolate Sorbet to the Pear Thyme Honey Eucalyptus which is a wonderfully complex botanical delight.

softhaus janice wong ice cream toppings

You’d also be happy to know that the same attention to detail extends to an array of 20 toppings and inclusions, including freshly baked macarons, crunchy popcorn, and handmade chocolates as well as cotton candy, rainbow sprinkles, and gem biscuits!

Just let your imagination run wild and create your very own edible masterpiece!

softhaus janice wong ice cream staff

What’s more, Softhaus includes options of plant-based milk and sugar substitutes in its offerings so that everyone can truly enjoy ice cream euphoria, no matter your dietary restrictions.

softhaus janice wong ice cream sandwich
Photo source: Softhaus

Choose to have your custom creation in a waffle cone, cup, or sandwiched between fluffy, rainbow-coloured bread – a tribute to the Singapore style of enjoying the ice-cold treat.

softhaus janice wong ice cream three scoops in cup

We tried a trio of classic Madagascan Vanilla (because what is an ice cream parlour good for if it cannot nail down a basic flavour like vanilla, right?), Single Origin Columbia Coffee, and Mango Banana Passionfruit for the tanginess.

softhaus janice wong three ice cream toppings assembly

For the toppings, we decided to let our inner child loose and picked a mix of gem biscuits, rainbow sprinkles, and white cotton candy.

softhaus janice wong ice cream closeup

Trust us when we say that the Madagascan Vanilla flavour was one of the smoothest, creamiest that we’ve ever tasted.

But the real epiphany of the afternoon was when we dug our spoon in to get a bit of the vanilla and mixed it with the robust Single Origin Columbia Coffee – this combination was heavenly to us coffee addicts, to say the least.

softhaus janice wong ice cream mango banana passionfruit sorbet

The zesty tropical sorbet made of mango, banana, and passionfruit was eaten as the last bite each time to wash down the richness of the delectable treat.

It was like a reset to our palate, and we didn’t feel overwhelmed at all even though we had three giant scoops of ice cream to work our way through.

Eating the ice cream with some of our favourite childhood munchies also brought back happy memories of yesteryear, and as Janice had hoped for all her patrons, we felt truly joyful just by indulging in ice cream and sweet snacks.

softhaus janice wong ice cream cone with macaron
Photo source: Softhaus

At the recent media preview, we also had the opportunity to chat with Janice and it didn’t take long for the friendly pastry chef to tell us that some of the most creative ice cream combinations were designed not by adults, but by the little ones who didn’t let their imagination be confined.

softhaus janice wong old school snacks

So if you’re still planning on where to go this weekend with your kids, you may just want to include Softhaus in your itinerary to indulge in scoops of happiness with your children!

softhaus janice wong ice cream cone chocolate
Photo source: Softhaus

Additionally, Softhaus also aims to launch special flavours every now and then. For example, the team is planning to launch something that’s themed around coconut for World Coconut Day on 2 September next week. Following that, they are looking at rolling out a special flavour that’s related to coffee for National Coffee Ice Cream Day on 6 September.

softhaus janice wong ice cream pints
Photo source: Softhaus

Softhaus also has ice cream pints available for takeaway if you want to bring your favourite flavours to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

To make your experience even more seamless, Softhaus has its very own curated mobile check-out page that you can place your orders on without having to get in line at the counter.

Find Softhaus at 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, #B1-K135, Singapore 237994. It opens daily from 10am to 10pm. To be the first to hear Softhaus news like the opening of its second outlet at i12 Katong, follow Softhaus on Instagram.

All images are photographed by AVENUE ONE, unless otherwise stated.