Skin-friendly chocolates are a thing – and there’s a chocolatier in Singapore that incorporates TCM into her creations

Unique beauty products such as edible skincare are all the rage lately, but the latest invention that piqued our interest has more to do about what we ingest. Enter skin-friendly chocolates.

We have been often told to avoid chocolates for fear of it causing acne breakouts, but who would have thought that it could turn into something healthy that provides our bodies with health – and skin -benefits as we indulge in this sweet treat?

Best of all, skin-friendly chocolates can be found right here in Singapore – it’s a speciality of a homegrown chocolate brand called Happy Cioccolato. Keep reading to learn more about this local vegan-friendly chocolate brand that incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts into its desserts.

The story behind Happy Cioccolato

Image Source: @happycioccolato/Instagram

Happy Cioccolato was founded by Jolyn Yong, who dabbled in everything from the corporate world to the fashion industry throughout her career but could hardly find any genuine satisfaction in any of her jobs.

It wasn’t until one day when she was touring in Melbourne, Australia, that she came across a particular ingredient in a chocolate bar that set her on a quest to create something similar that would fit her restrictive diet while remaining skin-friendly.

What seemed like an easy code to crack turned out to have so much more, as Jolyn discovered what chocolate really is, its origins, and how it’s made through her attempt to make her own chocolate.


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The more she learned, the greater her hunger was to experiment beyond just making chocolate that suited her strict diet. Having grown up with TCM her whole life, Jolyn was well aware of the various benefits it provides the body with, which subsequently inspired her to incorporate it into her creations, making them all-natural and vegan-friendly chocolate that everyone can enjoy.

Keen to find out the sort of chocolates that Happy Cioccolato has to offer? Keep reading to discover the full range of skin-friendly chocolates that are all handmade with love by Jolyn herself.

Happy Cioccolato’s full range of skin-friendly chocolates

Glowy Skin (Red date & Goji)

glowy skin

Red date and goji berries are a popular ingredient duo in TCM because of their ability to help improve blood circulation and provide anti-ageing benefits while imparting a youthful glow to your skin.

Purchase it for S$8.40 here

Bling Bling Eyes (Chrysanthemum & Goji)

bling bling eyes

Goji berries are said to be just as good for your eyes as they are for your skin, as they can help brighten the eye area, reduce eye fatigue, and soothe dry eyes.

Chrysanthemum tea is added into the mix to give you just the right hint of sweetness.

Purchase it for S$8.40 here

Glossy Hair (Black Sesame)

glossy hair

In addition to adding a crunchy texture to the chocolate bar, the black sesame ingredient used is specially sourced and soaked overnight to remove any kind of phytic acid so that the body absorbs the nutrients more readily to maintain hair health.

Then, it goes through a manual drying and slow roasting process to infuse the chocolate with an intoxicating nutty aroma.

Purchase it for S$8.40 here

The All-In-One Health Elixir (Uji Matcha)

all in one chocolate

Matcha lovers are no stranger to all the health benefits that this superfood can offer, which include anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to help fight acne. Now, you can eat your matcha as much as you drink it!

Purchase it for S$8.40 here

Limited-edition Series

Detox + Soothe (Tie Guan Yin)

detox + soothe

Tie Guan Yin tea and chocolate? Yes, you can only get this combo right here at Happy Cioccolato which is said to help with digestion, increase metabolism, aid weight loss, and even soothe skin conditions like eczema.

Purchase it for S$9.40 here

Bye Bye Wrinkles (Raspberry)

bye bye wrinklesd

The Raspberry Dark Choco is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins C and E to combat signs of ageing and brighten the skin. Its perfect balance of sweetness and tartness is an added bonus!

Purchase it for S$9.40 here

Besides skin-friendly chocolates, the brand also has cakes and cookies that are equally yummy and great for your health. Head over to Happy Cioccolato to check out the full range of products.