10 artisanal dessert places in Singapore that serve sweet treats that are super cute

We know that the lure of desserts isn’t just about the taste but the aesthetics too, which is probably why more and more cafés in Singapore are rolling out desserts that nail both the flavours and looks.

If you’ve been looking around for adorable desserts to check out for the ‘gram, you’d want to keep reading as AVENUE ONE has rounded up 10 adorable sweet treats that you’ll definitely swoon over.

1. BaristArt Coffee Singapore

Credit: BaristArt Coffee

BaristArt Coffee is a Hokkaido-based concept café that offers a wide selection of coffees, desserts, and savouries made using imported Hokkaido milk – the BIEI Jersey milk from Brown Jersey Cows.

On top of that, this lifestyle café is also the creator of the adorable Shiro Kuma.

Credit: BaristArt Coffee

The Shiro Kuma (S$9.80), which literally translates to “white bear”, is a bowl of shaved ice made to resemble a little white bear with biscuits and chocolates for its facial features.

Credit: BaristArt Coffee

Served with BIEI Jersey milk, the bear sits atop a variety of freshly cut fruits such as orange, mango, strawberry, and kiwi.

BaristArt Coffee has two outlets in Singapore: Tanjong Pagar and Sentosa. Click here for location details.

2. Sweets Craftsman

Credit: Sweets Craftsman

Sweets Craftsman is a quaint little shop that serves a wide variety of yummy desserts such as Swiss Rolls (S$7.80), Tarts (S$6.80), and Meringue Rolls (from S$6).

Credit: Sweets Craftsman

The most adorable treat you can find in this shop is the assortment of Swiss Rolls, which feature a centre filling designed to resemble Mount Fuji.

The Japanese-inspired Swiss Rolls are light and fluffy, and the Mount Fuji design gives the rolls an extra flair of added charm.

Credit: Sweets Craftsman

The Swiss Roll is available in various flavours, including Matcha, Tie Guan Yin, Chocolate Raspberry, and Purple Sweet Potato.

If you want to enjoy these Japanese-inspired treats at home, you can do so too as Sweets Craftsman also offers islandwide delivery for its delicious treats.

Sweets Craftsman is located at 11 Cavan Road, Cavan Suites, #01-06, Singapore 209849. For delivery, place your order here.

3. Bonheur Patisserie Singapore

Credit: Bonheur Patisserie

“Bonheur” means happiness in French, and these cartoon macarons will definitely bring some much-needed joy to your day.

Bonheur Patisserie offers a large array of macaron flavours and with more than 20 flavours and designs to choose from, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice.

Credit: Bonheur Patisserie

The dessert shop also has adorable cartoon macarons available for customisation, and have already made Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and other adorable character macarons.

Credit: Bonheur Patisserie

They even have BT21 character macarons for BTS’ ARMYs. Check out Bonheur Patisserie’s Instagram for more customised macaron ideas.

For customised macarons, it will cost from S$4.50 onwards per 10 pieces based on the complexity and size of the design or character. WhatsApp the team at 9221 6636 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message) to place your order.

Bonheur Patisserie Singapore is located at 767 Upper Serangoon Road, #B1-04, Spazio@Kovan, Singapore 534635.

4. La Vie

Credit: La Vie

Another French patisserie, La Vie translates to “life”. The founder of La Vie, who is also the head pastry chef, used to train and work at the now-defunct local patisserie Antoinette.

Credit: La Vie

La Vie has many signature delicious pastries, one of which is an absolutely adorable little chocolate entremet called Épic (S$11) that looks like a porcupine.

This cute little dessert is actually inspired by the brand’s little porcupine-shaped potted plant.

Credit: La Vie

They also have an adorable cake that is shaped like a cloud and has a pink bear “sleeping” on top of the cake, titled ‘Momo’ (S$10).

The delicate cake is made of roasted oolong mousse, peach jelly, vanilla chiffon sponge, and adorned with a white chocolate-based “sleeping” bear.

La Vie is located at 204 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208890.

5. Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie

The French are masters of their craft, and pastries are most certainly one of their fortés.

The third French patisserie on this list, Nuage (pronounced as noo-age), means cloud in the language of love, and is a representative of how the owners wish to be carefree in their baking process without any restrictions weighing them down.

Credit: Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie

Nuage sell classic French pastries, such as croissants and bagels, but the most adorable pastry we found here are the Elmo (S$39, box of six) and Cookie Monster (S$39, box of six) Cupcakes.

Credit: Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie

They also have a cute little Pandan Soufflé sponge with homemade kaya, kaya chantilly, and sablé called Miss Kaya (S$7.50).

Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie is located at 47 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169361.

6. Roji Monster Ice Cream

Roji Monster Ice Cream is best known for its “monster-like” shaved ice cream, and prides itself for being a place where regular folks can find peace and serenity away from the hectic city life in this dessert shop.

To allude to its name (“roji” means alley in Japanese), the outlet is designed to look like a typical Japanese teahouse with wood elements and muted colour tones all around the space.

Credit: Roji Monster Ice Cream

Although the shaved ice cream is meant to be a “scary monster”, it definitely looks more adorable than terrifying.

The Monster Ice Cream (S$12.90) is made from thin sheets of ribbon-like ice cream and topped with Roji’s icing sugar eyes for a cute finishing touch.

cute artisanal desserts singapore roji monster ice cream monster waffle
Credit: @cyeatyums/Instagram

Other than the Monster Ice Cream, Roji also offers the Monster Waffle (S$10.90), an adorable-looking waffle shaped like its mascot, Roji, with a side of delicious soft serve.

Roji Monster Ice Cream is located at 52 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088473.

7. Origin + Bloom

Sandwich fans might know Origin + Bloom for its exquisite sandwiches but this bakery also dishes out fancy desserts that are both adorable and hyper-realistic.

Credit: @mightyfoodie

The Mango (S$10+) is a realistic-looking mango dessert that features mango mousse and a passionfruit-lychee jelly centre encased in a yellow-hued chocolate shell.

To cut through the sweetness, there’s a sprinkle of Sarawak pepper for an unexpected spicy kick.

Credit: RED

Other than the adorable Mango, Origin + Bloom also offers an equally, if not more, adorable dessert that looks just like a cup of bubble tea, known as the Hojicha Bubble Tea (S$9).

The lid of this bubble tea-looking cake can actually be opened and underneath it is a decadent layer of milk tea-flavoured cream that is mixed with a layer soft cake for added texture and richness.

Credit: RED

Additionally, there are chocolate beans within the dessert to simulate pearls in a real bubble tea drink. This cute dessert tends to sell out rather quickly, so be sure to head down early if you want to get your hands on it!

Origin + Bloom is located at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Tower 3 Lobby, Singapore 018956. 

8. Mocchi by Fukusen

Credit: Mocchi

The highlight of this Mocchi by Fukusen in Chinatown would be the soft serve teddy bear soaking in an iced tea latte.

Credit: Mocchi

Available in a Hojicha or Matcha Latte, the soft serve kuma (which means bear in Japanese) is available for S$6.60, and comes in either cream cheese or matcha flavour.

Credit: Mocchi

Other bear-themed treats from Mocchi include the Ichigo Kuma (S$12.80), which has a strawberry cream cheese parfait bear perched on top of a mix of strawberry jelly, strawberry compote, cream, and crumble.

Credit: Mocchi

You can also check out the Kuro Kuma (S$9.80) made from chocolate brownie, caramel cream, and chocolate mousse. Another option, the Shiroi Kuma (S$9.80) is a lemon pound cake with citrus curd and yoghurt mousse.

Mocchi by Fukusen is located at 37 Smith Street, Singapore 058950.

9. Tiger Lily Patisserie

Credit: Tiger Lily Patisserie

Tiger Lily Patisserie has been making waves for dishing out desserts that please the eyes and palate, and if you’re lucky enough to be at the dessert shop to score some of its creations (the pastries and cakes here are known to sell out fast), be sure to grab the Beehive (S$13).

It’s Tiger Lily’s signature dessert that features a light lemon sponge cake with honey parfait and a yuzu mousse that’s shaped into a citrus-bright honeycomb structure.

A beautiful burst of colour and zesty flavours, this dessert is a work of art that is both stunning and adorable in its likeness to its real-life counterpart.

Tiger Lily Patisserie is located at 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598.

10. J.nee Bakes

Credit: J.nee.bakes

A slightly different option from the others on this list, J.nee Bakes is operated by a home baker named Jane who will deliver sweet and adorable treats to you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Focusing on tarts as its speciality, this Yuzu and Lemon Verbena is shaped just like a beautiful flower that will melt your heart.

The tangy, citrus-filled dessert consists of yuzu and lemon verbena gel, lemon verbena sponge, yuzu cream, and yuzu whipped cream.

You can check out more sweet treats from J.nee Bakes’ Instagram. To place your order, WhatsApp J.nee Bakes at 9170 8710 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message).