17 cafes in Singapore with desserts that look like they’re bought from overseas

With overseas travel being put on an indefinite halt now, it is without a doubt that we all miss being out of the country. Be it cafe-hopping in Korea or munching on street food in Thailand, we are not sure when we will ever be able to do that again anytime soon.

To help you cope with the pining for overseas travel, we have compiled a list of dessert places here in sunny Singapore that are so authentic, it will make you feel like you are out of the country once again.


1. Kyushu Pancake

Tucked in a cosy corner at Holland Village, the exterior of Kyushu Pancake will certainly remind you of the cafes you walk past along the lively streets of Japan. The pancakes here are made of specially selected Kyushu wheat and flavourful grains, forming the classic Kyushu pancake mix with high-quality buttermilk.

Some of their signature dishes include the Berry-licious pancake (S$16.90), the Matcha/Hojicha Tiramisu (S$16), and the Matcha Montblanc (S$18). They also offer an extensive range of other desserts including waffles and toasts. You’re going to forget you’re in Singapore for a bit when you’re here!

Kyushu Pancake is located at 25 Lorong Liput, Singapore 277735. View the full menu here

2. Fluff Stack

Fluff Stack is decked out in white and pink furnishings, making the place extremely bright and lively.

One of their signatures here include the Classic Soufflé Pancakes (S$8.80). Fluffy and airy pancakes stacked on top of one another, topped with honey butter, maple syrup, and a spoon of whipped cream, this is a simple but classic old school pancake combination. For the quality of pancakes you are getting, this dish is pretty reasonably priced!

The opposite of a simple and classic dish would be an extravagant one. Soft and airy pancakes, drizzled with a thick Oolong anglaise and topped with Gula Melaka boba, the Oolong Boba Soufflé Pancakes (S$9.80) is definitely made for boba lovers out there.

If you are planning to visit on a weekend, do make sure to head down early to snag a good seat and to avoid a long waiting time! Apparently, this place gets jam-packed in the afternoon.

Fluff Stack is located at three different locations, Westgate, Suntec City and Northpoint City. 

3. Baristart Coffee

Famous for their Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk, Baristart specialises in dishes and desserts that revolve around using this high-quality milk from Japan. Coffee is a must-have here!

One of their recent additions to the dessert menu is the brown sugar boba with custard cream series. Made with, of course, their signature Hokkaido BIEI milk, this series consists of three main drinks, with the option of having either tapioca pearls or coffee jelly as toppings.

One of their popular desserts is the Japanese fruit sandwich, Fruit Sando. White bread filled with a thick textured layer of whipped cream and fresh fruits, this is the perfect pick-me-up snack for a chill afternoon out or even for a picnic.

The interiors here doesn’t disappoint as well! Seen as the centrepiece of the cafe, there is a huge nature-themed feature wall where you can take your Instagram-worthy cafe shots there. It’s definitely a feast for both the eyes and the tastebuds!

Baristart is located at 65 Tras Street, Singapore 079004. View the full menu here

4. Kream & Kensho

Designed with a modern contemporary concept in mind, this cafe gives you a sense of Japanese aesthetic. Featuring beige tones and unique arches in its furnishing, the cafe offers an ambience that lifts you mood instantly.

You have to try this when you visit – the Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche (S$13). Sweet grapes paired with a crispy and buttery toast, this dish strikes a perfect balance between sweet and savoury.

You also have the option of settling for some French toast as an afternoon snack too!

Kream & Kensho is located at 35 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169355.

South Korea

1. Mod Cafe

Doesn’t this place just remind you of the Pink Pool Cafe or the Zapangi Vending Machine Cafe in Seoul? The only difference is that this new hideout spot is in Singapore! Can’t tell from photos right?

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings at Mod Cafe, with a classic New York Cheesecake (S$7.90) or an Earl Grey Waffle with maple syrup, strawberry and banana (S$8.90). The perfect treat for yourself after a long week!

Mod Cafe is located at 1A Kuo Chuan Avenue, Singapore 426888. View the full menu here

2. 82Bunsik

The latest “in” dessert that is seen everywhere in Korea now – Croffles. As the name implies, a croffle is basically a mixture of a croissant and waffle, that is usually toasted and enjoyed as a snack or dessert.

One of the only cafes that carries this unique dessert in Singapore is 82Bunsik. One of their signatures is the Injeomi croffle (S$10), served with an additional scoop of Ice Cream that is optional, at S$2.

Craving even more Korean snacks? Authentic corn dogs (S$5.50) can also be found here; their authentic flavours will definitely remind you of the famous street food stalls in Korea.

Matching the minimalist Korean aesthetic vibe, this place is definitely worth checking out for a taste of Korean desserts, as well as for you to snap your Insta-cafe shots. Surprise your followers by making them think that you’re overseas!

82Bunsik is located at 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Jubilee Square, Singapore 569814. 

3. Cafe De Muse

Located in the heart of Orchard Road, Cafe De Muse is a pretty big cafe that occupies a two-storey space, and the best thing? It’s opened 24/7! Not to forget, they also boast a menu with a wide variety of food and dessert choices.

From Bingsu to ade drinks and cakes, Cafe De Muse has it all.

And if you have palate for unique coffees, try the Orange Latte (S$8), one of their signature menu items when you visit.

Made of shaved milk ice and given a variety of flavours to choose from, the Korean Bingsu here are a must-try too!

Cafe De Muse is located at 350 Orchard Road, Isetan Scotts, Shaw House, Singapore 238868. You can view the full menu here


1. Wan Wan Thai Cafe

Talk about the perfect place for both snapping nice pictures and enjoying good dessert. A trending dessert place in Singapore recently, Wan Wan Thai Cafe has been called Singapore’s “After You”, a famous dessert cafe in Thailand.

Missing your honey Shibuya toast and strawberry shaved ice? Wan Wan Thai Cafe will get you reminiscing about your last trip to Thailand!

Some signatures here include the toast (S$8.90-S$13.90), that comes in a variety of flavours such as fruity, chocolate, milk tea, and more.

What’s more, this place does not only serve good dessert but offers many spots for you to take an #ootd shot. Bright sunlight shines through the clear windows in the day while neon lights and signs are lit at night, giving the place a whole new vibe!

Wan Wan Thai Cafe is opened till 3am, making it the perfect place for a late night supper snack too.

Wan Wan Thai Cafe is located at 127A Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189637. 

2. Yenly Yours Dessert

For all things mango, Yenly Yours is defnitely the place to visit. Located on the first floor of Suntec City, this is a relatively easy area to spot. Even though it is not a space that is as Instagrammable as other hip cafes, it is the best cafe to satisfy your cravings for anything mango.

With more than 15 outlets in Bangkok and now their first in Singapore, Yenly Yours singnature menu is the Mango Sticky Rice (S$10.90). Sticky rice topped with a rich coconut cream, mangoes and a scoop of mango ice cream, this dish is definitely worth every buck.

Other desserts to try include the mango yogurt drinks (S$7.90-S$10.90) and mango sago bowls (S$8.90-S$12.90).

Too much mango? You can also opt for their strawberry and coconut drink options to neutralise the rich taste of mangoes.

Yenly Yours is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-K6, Suntec City Mall East Wing, Singapore 038983. You can view the full menu here


1. Luna

Known for their unparalleled cakes and pastries, Luna’s cakes can be purchased in either slices or wholes.

One of their signatures is Luna 2.0 (S$9/slice), a hazelnut sponge cake, topped with Valronna Guanaja 70% chocolate mousse and chocolate glaze, with a crunchy core made of crushed hazelnuts, salted caramel, hazelnut dacqoise and dark chocolate-coated feuilletine.

This ingredient list does indeed sound sophisticated but if there’s just one thing you should know, it is that you’ll be in for a treat with this signature chocolate-rich cake.

Not a fan of chocolate? Opt for their famous Orh Nee Cake (S$8), made of vanilla spongecake and velvety yam paste.

Luna is located at 53 Amoy Street, Singapore 069879. You can view the full menu here

2. L’Éclair Patisserie

A classic eclair is usually made of plain pastry, filled with cream and topped with a chocolate glaze. At L’Élair, they believe that an eclair can have so many more variations than just that, which explains their wide variety of eclair flavours and designs.

If it’s your first time there, try their signature, the Ispahan Eclair (S$8.50). Topped with pretty pink icing, it is filled with a light rose cream, cut lychees, and raspberries.

Afternoon tea sets are also available, if you prefer a leisurely afternoon hanging out with your friends at this elegant and cosy space.

Le Clair is located at 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #01-28, Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924. You can view the full menu here


1. Leckerbaer

Located near the entrance of Shaw House and decked in soft pink and light wood furniture, you’ll probably not miss this open-concept cafe from Copenhagen.

Founded by pastry chefs who have extensive experience in the Scandinavian Michelin-Star scene. Dedicated to re-inventing Danish pastries, you can expect more creative and modern takes that are still delectable.

The Småkager (S$22) is one of the best sets to purchase if it is your first time here. It consists of eight delectable cookie pastries, where you will get to try a variety of flavours such as passionfruit, blackcurrant, and vanilla.

Leckerbaer is located at 350 Orchard Road, #01-K2 & #01-K3, Isetan Scotts, Shaw House, Singapore 238868. View the full menu here


1. Sarnies

A must visit for anyone who wants to experience a truly Aussie brunch, Sarnie is the place to go. From the ambience to the dessert selection, it’s all spot on, reminding you of Australia.

One of their main desserts available for brunch is the Mixed Berry Pancakes (S$21). With thick layers of Australian style pancakes stacked on top of one another, it is then topped with cream and fresh fruits.

Bonus: the outdoor seating area here are pet-friendly, so don’t forget to bring your furry friend along for a weekend brunch sesh!

Sarnies is located at 136 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068601. You can view the full menu here

2. The House of Robert Timms

This cafe doesn’t have your usual outdoor Australian cafe setting but is a cosy casual dining spot you can spend comfortable catch-up sessions with your friends at.

What is an Australian dessert without fresh fruits as toppings?  For a classic Australian sweet treat, try the Waffle & Gelato (S$16), topped with a coconut-mascarpone cream, vanilla gelato, and fresh fruits.

The Robbert of Tims is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard Mall, #01-608, Suntec City, Singapore 038983. You can view the full menu here


1. Typhoon Cafe

A rustic-looking cafe with pops of neon decors, Typhoon Cafe serves a variety of Taiwanese delicacies that taste like it was flown directly from Taiwan.

Not sure what dessert to try from their huge menu? One signature dessert that should definitely be added to your list is the Souffle Stackers (S$17.90). Possibly one of the fluffiest pancakes you can find in Singapore, the Souffle Stackers is topped with fresh berries and a scoop of ice cream.

You can’t say you’ve been to a Taiwanese cafe without having bubble tea. Try the Souffle Stackers – but bubble tea version (S$17.90) – which is a combination of fluffy pancakes and Taiwan bubble milk tea. Talk about two worlds colliding to give you the best dessert combo ever!

You can view the full list of Typhoon Cafe outlets here. You can view the full menu here

2. Y Tea

A bubble tea store that is fully furnished in baby pink interior with white and gold accents? Sounds like an Instagram dream come true!

The tea leaves at Y Tea are carefully harvested from tea farms quarterly so you know that you’re getting good and fresh quality. One of the classics here is the Four Season Spring Tea, brewed with a mix of green and black tea leaves, it is an extremely fragrant tea with a hint of sweetness.

Want to have something to munch on with your tea? There are also a variety of bakes to choose from to pair with your tea.

Y Tea is located at 371 Beach Road, #01-05, Singapore 199597. You can view the full menu here

Hong Kong

1. HoneyMoon Dessert

A well-known Hong Kong Dessert chain in Singapore, this is definitely a place you visit if you miss Hong Kong.

Not only does the atmosphere satisfy your wanderlust a little, but the sweet treats here also taste like they’re from Hong Kong.

The signature must-haves include the Mango Pomelo Sago. Made with fresh mango, sweet sago cream and pomelo pulp, your tummy will be thanking you for this yummy sweet treat.

Another dessert you have to try is the Sesame & Walnut Paste. Not only is it delicious, it also comes with health benefits such as helping to regulate your blood pressure and manage type 2 diabetes.

You can view the full list of outlets here. You can view the full menu here

2. Tian Wang 甜旺 Dessert Cafe

Officially opened a few weeks ago, you will instantly feel the Hong Kong casino vibes that we all see in movies, the moment you step foot into Tian Wang 甜旺 Dessert Cafe.

Try their signatures: the D24 Durian Mousse (S$6), Mango Sago (S$4.20), and Peach Gum (S$6.80).

Served in ceramic bowls, the dessert here surely reminds you of Hong Kong, with a touch of Singaporean flavour through desserts such as the Orh Nee Paste (S$4.80).

Craving for something sweet in the middle of the night? Fret not, Tian Wang Dessert Cafe is opened till 3am, for you to satisfy your sweet tooth for supper!

Tian Wang 甜旺 Dessert Cafe is located at 145 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208863.