This new app helps you build an itinerary with friends, collate travel documents, and locate lost baggage

If you have ever planned a free-and-easy holiday trip with your family, friends, or even other half, you would know that it is no easy feat. For starters, it may be difficult to agree on a good time or country to go, and then other problems like budgeting and itinerary come along as well.

To solve some of the peskiest problems travellers face, Ready To Travel (RTT), a travel platform from SATS, has released Ready To Travel 2.0. This is a mobile application that aims to make group travelling a breeze – it sounds like an impossible feat, but when you see what this app has to offer, you’ll surely change your mind! Read on to see how this app can change the way you plan your travels from now on:

Ready To Travel 2.0: Key features

Collaborate with friends in real-time

Forget Google sheets and messy PDFs – the Ready to Travel app lets you invite your friends over Whatsapp or Telegram to join your trip on the app, and you are all set to plan your itinerary!

Having travelled with a group of friends recently, I can testify that planning a trip together is no mean feat. For starters, you have to set a time to meet and discuss the places you want to visit, the type of activities you want to do, pull together a list of famous attractions… the list goes on, and you may eventually settle with just getting one person to plan everything. This function that allows everyone to contribute at the same time is simply brilliant, especially if you are travelling with a large group of friends.

If neither of you have any idea what to do in the city you are heading to, you can look at the list of great ideas on the app, from must-see tourist attractions to locals’ favourite food haunts. If you see an activity that you like, just slot it into your shared itinerary and indicate the planned date and time.

You can even set a budget for each activity and day, which is especially important if your travel companions have a very tight budget. We foresee that this useful function will certainly save many friendships and avoid unnecessary arguments!

Want to completely disconnect from the Internet during your trip? You also have the option of downloading your itinerary beforehand and view it offline, so there’s no need to rely on data or pocket WiFi either, especially if you have limited data.

Build an itinerary with your travel documents

Frequent travellers will know the pain of having to scroll through all the documents and images in order to find your reservation booking and flight tickets. It gets even more complicated if your itinerary involves you moving from hotel to hotel, or worse – country to country.

The Ready To Travel app has made things much easier for us by offering the option to collate all our travel documents into the app – you can choose to do this by sending all your flight or hotel bookings via email, or manually entering the details by yourself.

If you do the former, all your transport and paid activities will automatically show up in your itinerary. This also makes it easy for you to pull out the documents you need – for example, you just need to look for a particular day’s itinerary and pull out your flight ticket, instead of having to comb through the document folder for the one you need.

One neat function worth highlighting is that this allows you to set a password and lock documents such as your passports, so you don’t have to worry about having your personal information leaked!

Global bag-locate service

No one likes having their baggage delayed, much less losing it. There is so much hassle and uncertainty – who do you contact in situations like these? Will the airline give you timely updates on the search process? Do you turn to your insurance company immediately?

Ready To Travel’s new global bag-locate service helps you to take care of this issue: from as little as SGD6, you can insure two bags with a payout of up to SGD2,200 per delayed bag.

If you are wondering whether this is just baggage insurance, it certainly isn’t: this service is similar to that of a personal assistant who is helping you to recover your lost baggage, so that you can continue with your activities without needing to take time out to settle paperwork.

You will receive constant email updates on the location of your missing baggage so that you will know immediately when and where to pick up your baggage. This also comes with a guarantee that you will get your payout if your baggage is not found within 96 hours – that is how confident they are in helping you recover your lost baggage.

Purchase travel essentials, like WiFi

There are just so many things you need to buy before your overseas trip, such as WiFi and travel insurance – wouldn’t it be neat if you could just purchase them all in one place?

Ready To Travel certainly thought the same when they added this shopping function, so that you don’t have to go to different providers in order to get yourself covered (no pun intended). We are excited to know that you can easily choose the pocket WiFi you need based on your destination (they currently cover 138 countries), and have the device delivered to our house or office, absolutely free-of-charge!

If you hate walking around with your heavy luggage around big airports, or simply can’t wait to get started on your packed itinerary, you can even make a booking for meet & greet services at any of the airports listed. Everyone will certainly look at you with envy as they struggle with their heavy baggage!

Get worldwide airport lounge access

Let’s admit it: nowadays travelling is all about the ‘gram, and the ultimate Instagram photo you can post is one of you kicking back in the airport lounge while waiting for your flight.

You can now snap yourself in over 400 airport lounges over 100 countries, including Changi Airport’s four SATS Premier Lounges. All you have to do is click on the ‘Airport Lounge’ button in the Shop tab, book a slot, and make sure you look Insta-reaady. If you have uploaded your flight details, the app will automatically pull up information such as the airport terminal you are headed to – how convenient!

Ready To Travel 2.0 is compatible with all mobile phones running on iOS version 11.0 or Android version 6.0 and above. It is currently available to download only in Singapore, but it has plans to expand into other cities in Asia soon, so keep a lookout for it!

You can download the application here on Apple Store or Google Play.

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