You can no longer purchase 3-litres of duty-free alcohol when you travel back to Singapore

Take note travellers! With the new GST relief change in place, there’ll be less amount of alcohol you’re allowed to buy and expect to pay GST at lower purchases when shopping at Changi Airport.

The new GST relief change has already taken place from midnight yesterday (18 February). Travellers who spend less than 48 hours outside Singapore will have to pay GST on any purchase more than SGD100 (current allowance is SGD150). Those who spend more than 48 hours out of Singapore will have to pay GST for purchase above SGD500, a lower cap from the previous SGD600.

You can’t buy 3-litres of duty-free alcohol anymore

Meanwhile, duty-free alcohol purchase cap has been lowered to a maximum of two-litres, a down from the current three-litres you can purchase. Out of the alcohol purchase, only one-litre can be spirits ­– no change from the current allowance.  This new change will start on 1 April.

Along with announcing these new changes in his Budget speech, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat explains that the change hopes to ensure resilience of Singapore’s tax system.

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