20 best snacks you should bring home from Thailand

The “Land of Smiles” is known for their vibrant night markets and rich culture, attracting people all year round – especially with their Thai snacks!

We know that you’ll visit Thailand frequently once you have the opportunity to, and if you can find time away from shopping for clothes and beauty products, then consider shopping for snacks that you can bring home (to remember your trip by!) or as great souvenirs for your friends.

Here are 20 Thai snacks that we absolutely love.

1. Mango sticky rice

Perhaps the most famous dessert from Thailand, Mango Sticky Rice can be found anywhere in Thailand – even along the street!  The dish is so popular that it is possible to find variations of the rice offered along with the mango.

If you’re in Bangkok, you can consider packing a couple of your favourite variations home to share with your family and friends – because, thankfully, they should be able to survive the short three-hour flight home.

2. Lay’s potato chips

We know what you’re thinking: aren’t Lay’s found in every supermarket and convenience store in Singapore too?

Well, we’re talking about leveling up with unique flavours that can be found in Thailand (and not Singapore). Upgrade regular cheese flavoured chips to Italian Cheese Supreme or if you’re feeling adventurous, try some local flavours such as the Nam Prik Pao or Miang Kham.

Available at Big C or any 7-11 convenience stores. Selection varies with location.

3. Fried chicken skin

A packet of crispy, fried chicken skin without any fuss? Count us in! Some describe it as a quick fast food fix for when KFC seems too far away.

This Thai snack is fragrant and tasty and will make a great match with beer. If you love fried chicken but hate getting grease all over your hands, this is the perfect snack for you.

Tip: Better bring more packs home because they’ll be gone before you know it!

Available at Big C supermarkets.

4. Salmon skin crackers

Fish skin snacks are said to be healthier than regular potato chips – we can’t verify this claim but we’d believe it if it makes us feel better!

One of the popular Thai snacks that you have to bring home are these Hajima Salmon Skin snacks. It comes in two flavours: Original and Wasabi.

If you’re up for it, go for Wasabi, which is said to pack a punch – it’s spicy enough to numb your tongue!

Available at Big C supermarkets.

5. Koh Kae peanuts

Think “thailand snacks” and these will come to mind. The Koh Kae peanuts come in hardy cans that will survive all the bumps and bruises on your flight home.

They come in your classic flavours such as chicken, spicy shrimp and wasabi, but are also available in unique flavours like salty-sweet coconut milk and coffee, if you have an adventurous taste bud! These will make great souvenirs to give to family and friends.

Available at Big C supermarkets.

6. Thai cup noodles

Did you really go to Thailand if you didn’t come home with Thai cup noodles? We recommend grabbing some MAMA instant noodles to help cope with your post-vacation withdrawals.

MAMA instant noodles are available in local flavours such as Green Curry, Pad Thai, and even Basil Stir-Fried Noodles. Muslim readers, take note: they’re also halal!

Available at Big C supermarkets.

7. Egg rolls with pork floss

One of the most sought after Thai snacks, these Egg Rolls are filled with Pork Floss. You can start stocking up for Chinese New Year, for they will definitely be a crowd-pleaser!

The crunchy outer shell of the egg roll coupled with a generous amount of floss makes for a wonderful burst of flavour.

Available at Yaowarat (Bangkok’s Chinatown).

8. Freeze-dried fruits

It might be difficult to bring home fresh durians from Thailand, so your closest bet are freeze-dried ones. Besides durian, you can also find other types of fruits such as mango and rambutan. They make for great everyday snacks and can be kept for a long time.

Available at Big C supermarkets.

9. Coconut tapioca cookies

These tiny cookies are called Khanom Phing and are a popular Thai snack. If you’re familiar with Malay cookies, they are quite similar to Kueh Bangkit. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, these coconut-flavoured cookies will melt in your mouth. The coconut taste can be quite strong so avoid these if you don’t fancy coconuts!

Available at local Thai bakeries.

10. Fruit chips

Another fruity snack, this is great compared to freeze-dried fruits (#8) if you enjoy thin crisp with more crunch. The taste of the fruits is also more subtle compared to the freeze-dried ones, making them very popular Thai snacks among those who have a lighter palate.

Available at Big C supermarkets and any 7-11 convenience stores.

11. Hi-Chew Sours candies

Hi-Chew can be found in most supermarkets in Singapore and is a chewy, flavoured candy loved by most. However, instead of just the sweet ones, Thailand also carries the sour versions!

These candies make for pick-me-up snacks, especially if you need to combat a food coma after lunch. They’re also available in packets other than the regular sticks that you find in Singapore.

Available at Big C supermarket.

12. Thai crepe snack

Another popular street snack, the Thai Crepe can be found everywhere in Thailand. They look like tacos and are stuffed with either sweet or savoury fillings.

Those golden yellow strands at the top are egg yolk threads that give extra flavour to this bite-sized dish. Buy these on the last day of your trip, pack them in sealed containers, and bring them home!

Available at Big C supermarkets or local supermarkets.

13. Crispy insects

If you’re feeling a little adventurous or you simply want to play a prank on a friend, grab some Crispy Insects from Thailand. Thailand offers crickets or silkworms in a variety of flavours that include seaweed and cheese. Better get some before you come home lest it bugs you!

Available at local convenience stores.

14. Squid chips

These chips are extremely crispy but are packed into a tin in bite-sized rolls for minimal fallout. The squid smell can be quite fragrant – or pungent, depending on how much you like squid.

This is a popular snack that most people buy home from Thailand because of its great taste and ease of sharing. These Thai snacks are also available in a spicy version!

Available at Big C supermarkets.

15. Kalamare

Kalamare, or Kan-mare, is a sweet and sticky dessert found in Thailand. It is often served during weddings as an auspicious dessert so that the couple will have a sweet and lasting marriage. Kalamare is made from coconut and sticky rice and can be found in small pieces wrapped in leaves or paper.

Available at Big C supermarkets.

16. Milk tablets

This snack might sound unusual and maybe a little “childish”, but trust us, it’s enjoyed by people of all ages.

Its taste is a little similar to the White Rabbit candies we are familiar with, but unlike our childhood sweet, they’re hard but are easy to suck on.

These are made from real milk and provide calcium – sort of a healthy option compared to other Thai snacks out there!

Available at Big C supermarkets.

17. Pretz and Pocky snacks

Yes, we can find Pretz and Pocky snacks easily in Singapore, but Thailand offers a wider range of flavours, with many unique ones that can only be found in Thailand.

Look out for banana-flavoured Pocky sticks, which are manufactured and sold in Thailand, and are harder to find outside of the country.

For Pretz, you can check out the Larb flavour, made to taste like a type of spicy minced meat salad found in Thailand.

Available at Big C supermarkets.

18. Bangkok Banana

We bet you’ve heard of Tokyo Banana. Guess what – Thailand has its own version: Bangkok Banana. Similarly, these are soft spongey cakes that are individually packed.

Take note that these are one of the most popular Thai snacks and they’re often sold out in stores. So if you see them, grab them – because we can’t guarantee they’ll always be in stock.

Available at 7-11 convenience stores.

19. Tom Yum shrimps

Shrimps marinated in delicious Tom Yum Goong – yummy! This intriguing snack is recommended by locals and is well-loved for its tangy and spicy flavour. Bring home this authentic Thai snack to share with family and friends!

20. Thai milk tea

A must-have when you’re in Thailand, Thai milk tea is extremely fragrant, has an irresistible taste, and a distinctive colour. Relive your Thailand trip by bringing home a packet of Thai milk tea mix, and make them at home for yourself!

Available at Big C supermarkets.

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