Thailand’s Red Lotus Sea is your new bucket-list item – but there’s a catch

Many of us would agree that there’s always so much to do when you travel in Thailand, be it indulging in street food or shopping to your heart’s delight at the markets.

Here is one more place that you need to add to your Thailand bucket list: Talay Bua Daeng (Red Lotus Sea). CNN named it one of the world’s strangest lakes in 2014, and it’s not hard to see why.

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Located 45 kilometres outside of the heart of Udon Thani city, this lake is off the beaten track for most international tourists – if you are traveling from Bangkok, it takes eight hours to travel by bus, ten hours by rail, or one hour by domestic flight. Despite its inaccessibility, this lake is actually very popular with local couples and families.

Source: Once Upon A Journey
Source: Once Upon A Journey

There’s a catch: this large lake looks pretty ordinary for most parts of the year, as the gorgeous pink blooms only appear from October to the end of March, just after the rainy season. If you want to take beautiful photographs of a pink flower ocean, take note that the lotus flowers open in full bloom from December to February.

Viewing the spectacular scenery will also take more than just good travelling timing: it requires you to wake up early! The lotus flowers only open from sunrise to noon: they open at the crack of dawn, and close when the afternoon heat starts to kick in. Reach any later, and you will find yourself disappointed for sure.

Source: Once Upon A Journey

You can’t see the pink lotus flowers just by standing on the shore, so you have to rent a boat at Ban Diam first. While it is possible to get to Ban Diam from Udon Thani by public transport, it is recommended that you head there via a rented vehicle, or even a taxi (will cost up to THB1500).

Tourists recommend that you rent a smaller boat so that you can go further into the flowers for better pictures, and a more intimate experience. Of course, if you tend to get seasick or have up to eight people travelling with you, you can opt for the bigger boat instead.

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