29 snacks you have to buy when you are in Japan

One of the best souvenirs you can buy on your travels is definitely local snacks: neighbouring Korea has its fair share of unique offerings, and Japan is no different!

Make sure you buy at least one or two snacks from this list of 29 when you are in Japan — don’t tell anyone that you’ve been to the Land of the Rising Sun if you come back empty-handed!

1. Wagashi

These traditional Japanese sweets are so adorable, you will definitely want to buy boxes of them back home!

Wagashi is typically enjoyed in combination with a cup of green tea, and you will find them available in a wide variety of shapes and ingredients.Common ingredients include sweet azuki bean paste, Japanese agar, sesame paste, and chestnuts.

You can definitely find wagashi being sold in many places, including restaurants, temples, and convenience stores. However, while some are popular across Japan around the year, there are certain types of wagashi that are only available regionally or seasonally, so make sure to buy these limited editions when you get the chance to.

2. Hiyoko

The Japanese really don’t disappoint when it comes to creating cute snacks, and Hiyoko is another good example of that.

Contrary to popular opinion, Hiyoko was actually created in Fukuoka (not Tokyo!) over 100 years ago and remains a favorite among the locals today. It is actually a sponge cake or chiffon cake, and it comes in the adorable shape of a baby chick. Each cake is hand-made with love, and Hiyoko has always been made with the same recipe that has been used since their creation.

A box of five called “Hiyoko Family” is also available, with varying sizes looking like a little family of chickling cakes – how adorable!

3. Mochi

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Probably one of my yummier impulse buys ? from an easy-to-use website to place my order, to such a personal and friendly customer experience, to that super soft and tastier-than-expected first bite (and many more after ?) ; Flavours pictured: coconut, matcha and white chocolate, matcha and milk chocolate ; TBH, I had my doubts, drawing in from my other mochi experiences around London (not that I'm a mochi expert or anything though ?) but these were so so tasty and soft and I ain't even mad when the gooey filling burst into my hand that one time because I happily licked that off ? I placed my order on a late Wednesday evening and wanted these to arrive in time for a friend's birthday on a very early Sunday morning and @ainomochi went out of their way to arrange for someone to deliver it ON TIME at the restaurant we were celebrating at like idk about y'all but I've never experienced that kind of customer experience before ? thank you for helping me get through this week's revision prep as I bite into a mochi to momentarily forget all of the work I have yet to do ??? and also thank you to @fatfoodbeast for triggering the impulse ???

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Mochi is undoubtedly one of Japan’s most well-loved and most famous snacks. These rice cakes come in various colors, forms, shapes, flavors, and sizes, but they share similar characteristics of being soft and chewy with a sweet center.

It is not difficult to find shops selling mochi, be it the subways stations, department stores, or the nearly omnipresent convenience stores. If you are looking for more unique types of mochi, remember to check out the specialty shops and restaurants.

4. Takenoko No Sato

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こんばんは‎´•ﻌ•`? ✩✩ 3月10日はたけのこの里の日〜〜ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ( ̄∇ ̄ノノ"パチパチパチ!! ✩✩ という事でたけのこの里派の黒子þäþä❥❥の為に ?たけのこの里?い〜〜〜っぱい(σ・∀・)σゲッツ!! してきたよ〜ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ( ̄∇ ̄ノノ"パチパチパチ!! ✩✩ (*-ω-)*´ω`)*-ω-)*´ω`)ウンウン♪これだけあればしばらくは 「たけのこの里ないの〜( ˙꒳​˙ )???」 って聞かれなくてすむわねʕ•ᴥ•ʔ( *˙ω˙*)و グッ! ✩✩ 以上?3月10日は?たけのこの里の日?だから〜? たけのこの里派の黒子þäþä❥❥の為に?たけのこの里? い〜〜〜っぱい(σ・∀・)σゲッツ!!してきたよ〜? でしたʕ•ᴥ•ʔ(≧∇≦) ✩✩ ✩✩ #火曜日 #3月10日 #たけのこの里の日 #たけのこの里 #たけのこの里派 #たけのこのさと #takenokonosato #たけのこ党 #ちゃちゃまる #ちゃちゃ丸 #ちゃちゃ #chachamaru #王子 #イケワン #トイプードル #トイプードルレッド #toypoodle #poodle #toypoodlegram #toypoodlelove #todayswanko #いぬのきもち #pecoいぬ部 #いぬすたぐらむ #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #instadog #ぬいぐるみ みたいな#ワンコ #dog

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Takenoko No Sato can be translated to ‘bamboo shoot village’ in English—such an apt name for these cute biscuits!

The bite-size almond flavoured biscuits are covered in a thin layer of creamy milk chocolate, then topped with a layer of slightly darker chocolate moulded into the shape of a little bamboo shoot. You can definitely bag a few boxes of these from most convenience stores and supermarkets.

5. Mitsuya Cider Candy

Mitsuya Cider is a popular soda beverage sold in Japan, and if you enjoy drinking this on your travels but find it too troublesome to dabao bottles of cider home, you can still enjoy the taste of it in candy format. With so many flavours to choose from, you’ll never get bored of this sweet treat.

6. Dorayaki

Those who grew up watching Doraemon would surely be familiar with this Japanese confectionary. If you have ever wondered why dorayaki is Doraemon’s favourite food, you can now find out why by purchasing this from most stores in Japan.

For the uninitiated, dorayaki is а red-bean pancake which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from Japanese sponge cake wrapped around a filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste.

For those who like to hunt down famous stores, make sure to include Usagiya, a long-established dorayaki store that is said to have invented dorayaki’s current shape in 1914..

7. Bake Creamy Cheese

Cheese lovers, look over here!

You will love the aroma from these baked bite-sized cheesecakes, which are made with a blend of the highest quality of cheeses. The crispy exterior is coupled with a rich cheese filling that melts in your mouth, making for an irresistible snack that you will keep going back to Japan to stock up on.

8. Cororo

Why settle for fruit gummies that taste nothing like the real thing, when you can buy Cororo from Japan?

This ultra soft gummy has an accurate fruit taste, and a texture that is a combination of jelly and gummy. This unique characteristic has made them a hot topic in Japan, especially among the local candy lovers.

9. Cheeza

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Soooo goooooood!!!! ?? #cheeza

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These crackers are extremely rich and brim with real cheese powder. Coupled with its satisfying crunchiness, it’s little wonder that it has gained a legion of international fans who are extremely obsessed with a seemingly common snack.

They have different flavours that are made from different types of cheese, and also boast some truly bizarre flavours, such as avocado cheese.

10. Yamachan Squid Snack

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No beer-drinking session is complete without snacks, and now you can drink your Asahi beer with this savoury squid snack from Yamachan.

Crunchy on the outside while chewy on the inside, you’ll surely find yourself reaching for this even when you’re not drinking alcohol.

11. Royce Chip

Japan is not only great at creating well-packaged and cute food: they are also fantastic at coming up with interesting foods that you would probably never have dreamed of.

If you love potato chips AND chocolate, this snack is the best of both worlds for you. This unique combination of crispy salty potato chips and sweet chocolate may initially sound a little strange, but fans of this swear by its addictive taste.

12. Royce Nama Chocolate

If you are not up for trying chocolate-covered potato chips, you can always stick to what is arguably Royce’s most famous offering: Nama Chocolate.

Nama chocolate translates to “raw chocolate”, and is made from fresh cream produced in Hokkaido. What truly sets this raw chocolate apart from the rest is how it melts really easily in your mouth. Western liquors and sprinkled cocoa powder are also used to further enhance the smooth, refined taste that you can’t get enough of.

13. Press Butter Sand

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【国内全店舗でバターサンド〈あまおう苺〉販売中】 . 普段は九州でしか手に入らない「バターサンド〈あまおう苺〉」が、只今PRESS BUTTER SAND全店舗で、お買い求めいただけます。 . 福岡県産あまおう苺を、贅沢に使用した「バターサンド〈あまおう苺〉」は、PRESS BUTTER SAND 博多駅店のオープンを記念して誕生した九州限定フレーバーです。 . 華やかなピンクの色のBOXに、 苺の実を連想させる真っ赤な個包装が特徴で、 ギフトや歓送迎会の手土産にも最適です。 . この機会にぜひお立ち寄りください。 . 【商品概要】 ・商品名:バターサンド〈あまおう苺〉 ・価格:5 個入 ¥1,242(税込)/9 個入 ¥2,235(税込) ・販売店舗:PRESS BUTTER SAND国内全店舗(※一部店舗を除く) ・販売期間:2/15(土)~4/26(日) . 一部の催事店舗でもお買い求めいただけます。 詳細はプロフィール(@pressbuttersand)のリンクよりHPをご確認ください。 . #プレスバターサンド #手土産 #pressbuttersand #バターサンド #キャラメル #クッキー #バター #お土産 #おみやげ #お菓子 #焼き菓子 #贈り物 #福岡土産 #博多土産 #九州土産 #あまおう苺 #japan #onthetable

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Press Butter Sand is a popular cookies shop located inside Tokyo Station, and you can spot it from the long queues. Don’t be scared away by the queues though, because the wait is definitely worth it!

Opened in April 2017, this relatively new shop sells delicious butter cookies that are filled with generous amounts of butter cream and butter caramel fillings, all made from fresh Hokkaido butter.

P.S. Press Butter Sand is opened by the same people behind the wildly popular BAKE Cheese Tart!

14. Orihiro Puru Konnyaku Jelly

Eating jelly can actually pose as a danger, especially for young kids and the elderly. With that in mind, Orihiro Puru Konnyaku Jelly has created a snack that is not only delicious, but much safer for everyone to enjoy.

Made with almost 18 to 22% fruit juice, this petit-sized jelly was specifically designed and formulated to prevent choking, as it slides easily down the throat with no risk of suction. Hence, this makes for a great souvenir to buy for everyone, regardless of their age.

15. Yoku Moku Cigaré

Yoku Moku claims to be a treat that most people in Japan will have enjoyed at one time or another, and they are probably not exaggerating.

Inspired by Western confectionery, these vanilla-flavoured cigarette-shaped butter cookies have developed a loyal following around the world, particularly in the Middle East. It is said that customers there even purchase 100 boxes at a time!

If you think these are similar to the love letters we eat, you are completely wrong: these light and delicately rolled snacks are baked with plenty of butter, creating a melt-in-mouth experience that love letters cannot replicate.

16. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s Salt & Camembert Cookies

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is widely known for their luxurious salt & camembert cookies, which are made from the finest Hokkaido milk and rare French Guérande salt.

Now who could possibly say no to this light, crispy, and savoury snack!

17. Shiroi Fusen Milk Cream

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Chocolate,Sweets and Food Memo 2016 September No.19 亀田製菓 白い風船 マロンクリーム(期間限定) 2016年8月29日発売 栄養成分表:1個包装当たり 熱量:16kcal タンパク質:0.1g 脂質:0.6g 炭水化物:2.6g ナトリウム:18mg カルシウム:23g 食塩相当量:0.05g 栄養成分表:18個包装当たり 熱量:288kcal タンパク質:1.8g 脂質:10.8g 炭水化物:46.8g ナトリウム:324mg カルシウム:414g 食塩相当量:0.9g #Kameda #Shiroifusen #Whiteballoon #Japanesestylecookie #Ricecracker #Marron #Chestnut #Salt #Milk #Cake #Ice #Cream #Chocolate #Choco #Sweets #Snack #Cookie #Biscuit #Food #Desert #Kcal #Yummy #Scrummy #Delicious 

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This snack has been around since 1982, hence many locals have fond memories of eating this rice cracker during their childhood days. It remains a popular snack even today, and is widely available at many supermarkets in Japan.

Shiroi Fusen means “white balloon” in Japanese, an appropriate name given to the rice cracker that looks kind like a white balloon. For those who are curious, the ‘white balloon’ consists of two white Senbei rice crackers sandwiched together with chocolate cream.

18. iFactory Umeboshi No Sheet

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A fan of dried plums, but wish you could enjoy them in a more convenient way?

These sweet and tangy umeboshi (fermented salt plums) have their pits removed, and are delicately rolled into sheets. They are a perfect ‘pick-me-up’ snack that you definitely need to bring home from Japan.

19. The Noir by Le Tao

Based in Hokkaido, LeTao’s The Noir is a traditional sweet recreated with modern techniques. You will find freeze-dried strawberries wrapped in white chocolate, and infused with ingredients such as puffed wheat, raspberry, and black tea.

We love the indulgent confectionary’s equally elegant packaging, and we are sure your friends & family will love it too!

20. Bankaku Yukari shrimp cracker

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Bankaku Yubari 10 ชิ้น (กล่องเหล็ก) ❗️ราคา 550 บาท❗️ข้าวเกรียบญี่ปุ่นทำจากล้อปเสตอร์???แท้ไม่ผสมแป้ง กรอบ อร่อย ได้กลิ่นหอมของล้อบเสตอร์ เหมาะเป็นของฝากของขวัญ สวยหรู #roycechocolate#tarochees#kitkatstrawberry#chocobimurah#potatofarmmeltycheesecrispypotatochips#jagapokkurumurah #japanesesnack#kitkatjapan #japan?? #jellybeans#kraciemurah #pistachio#pockymurah#tokyobananaoriginal#shiroikoibito#bankaku#yukari #jagapokkuru#tokyobanana#bankakuyukari #ขนมญี่ปุ่นราคาถูก#ขนมญี่ปุ่นนำเข้า#ข้าวเกรียบญี่ปุ่น#มีหน้าร้าน#ขนมญี่ปุ่นพร้อมส่ง#centralplazagrandrama9 #okurimonojapanthailand#themallbangkapi

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Bankaku Yukari Shrimp cracker uses quality, natural shrimp as the main ingredient, and are baked to such perfection that you will be overwhelmed by the delicious flavour and roasted aroma.

An extra incentive to buy this snack is the fact that it is high in protein, calcium and low in fat, so you won’t feel guilty for snacking on this frequently!

21. Hagi no Tsuki Custard Cake

Most of us are familiar with the Chinese tradition of eating mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Japan has a different version of the mooncake, called Hagi no Tsuki.

The shape and colour of this sponge cake resemble the harvest moon, but a surprise awaits inside: a mild-flavored custard cream filling! Unfortunately, the shelf life of Hagi no Tsuki is only about 2 weeks, so remind your friends and relatives to eat this ASAP!

22. Tokyo Honey Sugar

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Tokyo Honey Sugar is a best selling sweets by the famous confectionery shop YOKU MOKU. YOKU MOKU is best known for their significant cookie called Cigare Butter Cookie. Though, this beehive crispy waffle in rich honey flavour, Tokyo Honey Sugar, now catches everyone’s eyes. The paper box and packets are designed with an image of bee. The cuteness of it will put a smile on your face. Each cookie is also shaped like a honey comb. You will taste the distinctive sweetness of honey syrup from these sandwich biscuits. Sweet aroma of honey drifts from the biscuit. It has a crispy texture, a mix between a cookie and a cracker. When you bite it, the sweetness of honey syrup spreads in your mouth. As the syrup is not too sticky, it’s easy to eat. The biscuits are lightly sweetened matching perfectly with the syrup. New grownd of YOKUMOKU, Available in : 1 Box 6 pcs ?Order via DM / Line BEST SELLER AND RECOMMENDED HANDCARRY FROM JAPAN #tokyohoneysugar #yokumoku #honeycombcookies #beehivecookies #japansnacks #japangift #japancookies #openpo #openpojapan #recommended #bestsellerjapan #japantrip #handcarry #jastipjakarta #jastipindonesia #jastipjapan #jastipjepang #jastipmurah #jasatitipmurah #japanshopping #etc #anythingyouneed

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From the same brand that produces the Cigaré biscuits, Tokyo Honey Sugar is another beloved snack that ranks high in the Tokyo Station souvenir rankings.

This crispy beehive-patterned waffle is enriched with honey and engraved with a bee – such a sweet touch, literally!

23. Shiroi Kobito

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Arguably one of the most famous Japanese snacks alongside Tokyo Banana, Shiroi Koibito hails from Hokkaido, and is a light sandwich cookie with a white chocolate filling.

This snack is so popular with tourists that its factory in Sapporo not only offers tours, but also contain a theme park known as Shiroi Koibito Park where both children and adults can enjoy themselves!

24. Meltykiss

Meltykiss is a series of chocolate truffles that are sold in Japan only in the winter. This coincides with its selling point, as it is marketed as a “chocolate that melts in your mouth like snow”.

The bite-sized chocolates are coated in a fine dusting of cocoa powder, which is supposed to represent snow. The ganache center can come in a variety of flavours, such as chocolate and match, and it melts in your mouth so easily that you are forgiven for mistaking it as snow.

25. Jagabee

Mention “potato snack” in Japan, and you are bound to be introduced to Jagabee.

Jagabee’s iconic potato stick snack has fans from beyond the shores of Japan. You can find these in a variety of flavours and seasonings, be it lightly-salted or flavoured with soy sauce.

26. Tokyo Banana

This famous snack has been retailing in Japan for almost 30 years since 1991, and remains a souvenir that almost every tourist will buy back home.

Its secret recipe to success? A banana custard cream filling that is made from strained banana puree. Its luscious texture and sweet taste, coupled with the most kawaii designs on the sponge cake, make this snack seriously difficult to resist buying!

27. Exotic-flavoured KitKat

“KitKat” sounds like “kitto katsu”, a Japanese expression meaning good luck, and hence it became a good luck gift for many Japanese schoolchildren.

But that’s not all – these chocolates are famous for all the strange flavours that you can find them in. A good number of them are only available in Japan during limited periods, including exotic ones like grilled potato, brandy & orange, apricot seed, and apple!

28. Exotic-flavoured Pocky

You may already be familiar with Pocky, the stick biscuits that are coated with chocolate.

However, just like KitKat, these come in a lot more flavours that you have seen in local stores. Some truly puzzling and shocking offerings include Otona no Milk (literally translated to ‘Adult’s Milk’), Rainbow (7 different flavours & colours), Coconuts,

29. Morinaga DARS

Morinaga is the company responsible for introducing the tradition of women giving men chocolates on Valentine’s Day in Japan, hence they are also one of the most famous chocolate brands in the country.

Basic varieties of DARS that are available everywhere include milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Some other flavours you may be lucky enough to find are uji matcha (high-class brand of tea originating from south Kyoto), matcha milk, and Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk.