These 9 Taobao vendors offer the most stylish Korean-style fashion for women

Fill your wardrobe with K-style fashion from these highly-recommended sellers on Taobao without breaking the bank.

K-fashion is very well-loved worldwide, be it for the flattering feminine silhouettes, boundary-pushing streetwear, or intricate accessory details.

For those who want to invest in quality Korean-style apparel and accessories without breaking the bank, Taobao is one of your best bets. The-commerce site is famous for featuring many vendors selling the latest K-fashion trends at reasonable prices.

With a dizzying array of vendors to choose from, it can be hard telling apart the trustworthy ones that deliver high-quality products from the rest, which is why AVENUE ONE has sussed out the best K-fashion vendors on Taobao for you – read on to see what you can get from each of these highly-recommended shops!

1. Monroe Diary (夢露日記時尚女裝)

Recommended pieces (from left to right): loose striped blouse, retro black dress, checkered blazer

If you love the earthy tones and clean cuts often sported by K-celebs, this shop will leave you spoilt for choice.

The best-sellers in this shop are the monotone blouses, turtlenecks, as well as floral dresses. We recommend stocking up on a few of their versatile blouses – you can wear them in many different ways or paired with other apparel to easily create a variety of looks!

2. EKOOL (衣庫定製)

Recommended pieces (from left to right): neutral colour turtleneckbeige A-line skirt, retro denim jacket

Ekool is a shop that focuses on Korean-style casual wear. The fact that it has been retailing K-fashion for 13 years on Taobao is testament to its popularity that arose from its gorgeous pieces and modest prices.

Take note that the clothes sold in Ekool are mostly designed for colder climates, but many of them are perfect for the cold air-conditioned malls and offices in Singapore. You may also want to bookmark this shop for future autumn/winter clothes shopping!

3. Miss Chipmunk (花栗鼠小姐)

Recommended pieces (from left to right): revived overall dressleather jacket, tulle skirt

Another well-established shop that has been around for 12 years is Miss Chipmunk. Here, you’ll find many dresses and skirts that exude youthful and feminine vibes, many of which come in cheery shades of pink, beige, and white.

They are also popular among customers for their outerwear, particularly their high-quality winter coats that can really keep you warm. These usually range between SGD100 to SGD200, which are more expensive than other coats on Taobao, but the positive reviews from real buyers are proof that these are guaranteed to be worth the money.

4. Madofit Collection

Recommended pieces (from left to right): irregular waistband blouse, sleeveless ribbon dress, backless dress

Madofit Collection features work-appropriate clothes that cater to a more mature crowd. The stylish outfits look perfect on any age group – for those who are slightly younger, you will love how every piece in this shop easily adds a touch of refined sophistication to your entire look.

Unlike other shops on Taobao, the K-fashion clothes sold here are designed and manufactured in Korea, which is why they may be a little more expensive than you would expect from the e-commerce site.

However, insiders who often shop in Korea would have you know that these Korean-imported apparel is definitely value-for-money – in fact, prices at Madofit Collection are sometimes even lower than what you would pay in Seoul!

5. Yang Gong Hua (羊工花旗舰店)

Recommended pieces (from left to right): checkered skirt, 2-in-1 hoodie, straight-leg pants

If you’ve been lusting over the stage outfits and airport fashion of Korean celebs, here’s the good news: Yang Gong Hua sells similar apparel that looks like what your favourite idol may don, but at much more wallet-friendly prices.

The offerings here are mostly casual wear that you would wear out on the weekends or for travel, although they also do have a popular range of pants that you can easily pull off in the boardroom as well.

6. Zhi Zhi Mian (织织棉原创优品店)

Recommended pieces (from left to right): V-neck cardigan, loose dress, hoodie dress

Those who frequent Seoul’s shopping districts would be familiar with the selection of K-fashion available there, and if you’ve been wanting to purchase clothes in a similar style but are not flying to Korea anytime soon, this Taobao vendor will do just the trick.

Zhi Zhi Mian has a good selection of dresses and jackets that are about the same price as that you would find in, say, Ewha Women’s University Street. The best-selling pieces have even racked up over 1,000 positive reviews from repeat customers, so you know that you won’t go wrong with a purchase from this shop.

7. Girdear (哥弟)

Recommended pieces (from left to right): V-neck dress, polka dot bow blouse, ankle boots

Girdear is actually an apparel brand founded back in 1977, and is widely acclaimed for its fashionable and exquisite designs. Although prices of products in Girdear are usually above SGD50, they do have a considerable fanbase who will let you know that you’re actually getting a very good deal for the fashion items you get from here.

The selection here mostly takes inspiration from Korean fashion and are catered towards women in their thirties. They also specialise in cashmere apparel, so you’ll definitely want to stock up on your winter clothing here if you’re looking to travel!


Recommended pieces: moon & star dangling earrings, cuff bracelet, hoop earrings

Accessories play a huge role in Korean fashion, which is why you’ll find many fans sussing out the accessories in dramas like Hotel del Luna.

ZENGLIU is a shop on Taobao that sells a dazzling variety of well-crafted and elegant accessories – be it the classic hoop earrings, simple metal rings, or sparkly studs that will really light up your complexion, there’s everything and anything you need in this shop!

9. North (北栀)

Recommended pieces: geometric earringsribbon earrings, clip-on earring

Shopping for earrings is one of the best things to do in Korea, where you can easily find beautiful and unique designs that can’t be found elsewhere.

Even if you are not heading to Korea anytime soon, you can still get your hands on K-style earrings, thanks to Taobao vendor North. Whether you are looking for simple geometric shapes to complement a basic outfit, or adorable ones to add some personality to your look, North has something that will fit the bill.