Replicate IU’s best looks in Hotel Del Luna with these inspired accessories and clothes

K-drama Hotel Del Luna was a huge sensation in 2019, and IU’s ever-changing fashion styles had a big role to play in its success – both K-drama fans and fashionistas alike were keeping tabs on every single outfit that she wore in the drama as Jang Man Wol.

Whether you are watching reruns of the show on Netflix, or just getting around to understanding why everyone was absolutely obsessed with this drama, it is likely that you’d want to replicate some of the CEO’s best looks. From elegant vintage dresses to dapper suits, you too can pull off these looks with these inspired accessories and clothes!


Jang Man Wol’s style in Hotel Del Luna heavily features accessories, and you too can recreate all her amazing looks with some tips from Hairstylist Seo Yoon from Mepci, who has been styling IU’s hair for 12 years:


Jang Man Wol has lived through centuries starting from the ancient Goguryeo era, which is why her fashion in modern times is still heavily inspired by tradition. Whenever she needs to get something serious done, you’ll find a hairpin in her hair for sure.

Grab one of Jang Man Wol’s many hairpins spotted throughout the show – you can even buy the beautiful moon hairpin that Chung-myung gifted Jan Man Wol from this store!

Get a hairpin at CNY19.80 to 34 (around SGD3.80 to 6) on Taobao.

Hat clip

Although the CEO of Hotel Del Luna doesn’t sport hats often, she definitely makes a statement when she does wear one.

This hat clip is inspired by the one worn by Jang Man Wol in Episode 2 when she visited the tiger in the museum.

Get this hat clip at CNY37 (around SGD7.57) on Taobao.


Our female lead is all about the bling, so even a simple headband is as blinged out as it can get, but we love how it still creates a simple and understated look!

Jang Man Wol wore this in Episode 9 when Chansung invited the water spirit into the hotel.

Get this headband at CNY19.80 to 24.80 (around SGD3.84 to 4.81) on Taobao.

Earrings and necklaces (variety)

If you are not confident of pulling off IU’s glamorous, OTT looks in the drama, the easiest way to do so is with a pair (or many pairs) of earrings inspired by those that she adorns throughout the show.

Jang Man Wol changes her earrings with every outfit change, and she does this repeatedly even within just one episode, so she has been seen with many different pairs of earrings – and never repeating a single pair!

These are some of the best earrings seen in her most iconic looks, and while some are as loud as Jang Man Wol’s personality, others are smaller pieces worn during her less flamboyant scenes that can be worn on the daily.

Get a pair of earrings at CNY11.99 to 22.99 (SGD2.33 to 4.46) on Taobao.

For those who may not be able to navigate Taobao due to the language barrier, don’t worry – you can also get your hands on these earrings on Shopee!

Get a pair of earrings or necklace at SGD2.03 to 6.78 on Shopee.

Earrings (Episode 2)

Jang Man Wol’s work fashion is heavily vintage-inspired, so it’s no wonder that pearls are her best friend. They are easy to match with any outfit and fit perfectly into any look without attracting too much attention.

These refined pearls were spotted on the CEO when she was out on her first mission with Chansung.

Get this pair of earrings at CNY8.30 (around SGD1.61) on Taobao.


Episode 1

A dress that makes you look every bit as sophisticated as a hard-working #girlboss? Yes, please!

Get this dress at CNY148 (around SGD28.71) on Taobao.

Episode 2

Although this may be a little difficult to pull off on the regular, it is a flattering piece with a good balance of sobriety and flamboyance.

Get this blouse at CNY138 (around SGD26.77) on Taobao.

Episode 4

An iconic scene must be matched with an iconic dress: when Jang Man Wol figures that Chansung may be the special one who will make time flow for her again, she is seen wearing this gorgeous piece.

It makes her look beautiful and intimidating at the same time, with a clear nod to her preferences for vintage clothing as well.

Get this dress at CNY155 (around SGD30.07) on Taobao.

Episode 5

Jang Man Wol’s mind is hard to read, and she plays on that with this lace peek-a-boo dress in Episode 5 where she admits that she initially wanted to drive Chansung crazy but stopped the plan simply because she changed her mind.

If you can relate to her fickle mindedness, this is the dress for you.

Get this dress at CNY178 (around SGD34.53) on Taobao.

Episode 6

This is a hot favourite among the drama’s fans – it certainly screams Jang Man Wol with its over-the-top details and vintage puffy sleeves!

Worn by Jang Man Wol when she was plotting to earn a quick buck and appease the dead actor’s spirit, we would certainly love to have some of her ingenuity and business sense.

Get this dress at CNY158 (around SGD30.65) on Taobao.

Episode 7

Even when she is just chilling and doing self-care, Jang Man Wol never ceases to amaze us with her effortless fashion.

Grab this dress and have a manicure done – the only thing you’ll need to worry about is the colour you should paint to match your outfit of the day.

Get this dress at CNY145 (around SGD28.13) on Taobao.

Episode 8

Every bit as intimidating as she is beautiful, Jang Man Wol truly stuns in this black off-shoulder dress, paired with straight black hair and a red lip to boot, all ready to attack the people who hurt her in the past.

You can also don this very same dress if you want to strike some fear – or simply look just as ravishing as our favourite CEO.

Get this dress at CNY155 (around SGD30.07) on Taobao.

Episode 10

It’s not all about stuffy dresses and vintage outfits for Jang Man Wol – on her off days, you’ll find her dressed in the stylish modern clothes.

This is a denim-on-denim pairing that we absolutely approve of, and let’s just say we are so impressed that it fits the money-minded CEO to a tee.

Get the shirt at CNY68 (around SGD13.19), jacket at CNY148 (around SGD28.71), and skirt at CNY90 (around SGD17.46) on Taobao.

If you are looking for a red outfit for Chinese New Year, this is it! You can now dress up as Jang Man Wol in a dress that will earn you praises from your elders and approval from fellow Hotel Del Luna fans, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Get this dress at CNY158 (around SGD30.65) on Taobao.

Episode 11

This is another of Jang Man Wol’s work dresses that you can attempt to pull off in the office as well. You can pair this bold print with a simple headband and small gem earrings for am unforgettable fashion statement.

Get this dress at CNY168 (around SGD32.59) on Taobao.

There are two extremes to Jang Man Wol: the sharp and cynical CEO who only cares about earning money, and the gentle side of her that sincerely cares for the loved ones in her life.

This is one of Jang Man Wol’s most feminine dresses – a hint at the blooming of the flowers on Moon Tree and the softening of her heart over time.

Get this dress at CNY179 (around SGD34.73) on Taobao.

Episode 12

Another floral dress worn by Jang Man Wol during one of the most sentimental scenes in the show, anyone can make this work with just a simple hair bun and cherry pink lips.

Get this dress at CNY158 (around SGD30.65) on Taobao.

Episode 15

We’re pretty sure we’ve seen K-actress Song Hye Kyo in this outfit before, but Jang Man Wol manages to create a different feeling in this ensemble. She wears this in her only photo taken with all the employees at Hotel Del Luna before they leave one by one, and is a beautiful testament to the memories she has created in what was originally her prison.

P.S. These are sold separately, so you can opt to pair the blouse with another skirt or even jeans – anything that floats your boat!

Get this blouse at CNY128 (around SGD24.83) and skirt at CNY108 (around SGD20.95) on Taobao.

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