14 Korean celebrities whose style you can steal effortlessly

Many of us look to our favourite Korean celebrities for style inspiration – and you totally should, because they are surely at the forefront of fashion.

While not every fashion trend is something we can, or want to, emulate (think Park Jin-young’s plastic pants), there are surely a few styles that we can incorporate into our own wardrobe, particularly those that Korean stars sport on the daily.

We picked out 14 celebs and share with you their best styling ideas:

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie: Crop tops

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You may know BLACKPINK’s Jennie as ‘The Human Chanel’. While not all of us can afford to be dressed head to toe in Chanel, we can definitely steal this staple from Jennie’s wardrobe: the crop top. When she’s not attending official events or doing photoshoots, Jennie is often spotted in a crop top that shows off her ant waist, paired with a high-waisted bottom. This style gives the illusion of longer legs, which is never a bad thing.

If you are slightly shy about showing your mid-riff, you can get a crop top that is loose and ends lower, so that you get this cute peek-a-boo effect .

2. BLACKPINK’s Rosé: Oversized tee

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Another fashion icon from this iconic girl group is Rosé. In contrast to group mate Jennie, she is often seen wearing loose and baggy tees, paired with tight shorts. This is an easy style that anyone can pull off, but be careful: you might look too frumpy in an oversized tee, or worse – like you are not wearing any bottoms at all. The safest way you can rock this is to have the front of your shirt tucked into your bottom, and secured with a belt.

3. Suzy: Midi skirts

Source: Kpopmap

This former Miss A member has evolved over the past few years, from the girl-next-door to an elegant actress. She does this by opting for more mature styles, in particular the midi skirt. This piece not only helps her to look taller, but also creates a feminine silhouette. Plus, if you have a heavy bottom, you’ll be happy to know that a midi skirt will work well for you, because it flatters the lower half of your body!

4. Red Velvet’s Wendy: All black

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Black is, well, still the new black. You can’t go wrong with this colour, and it seems like Red Velvet’s Wendy uses this fact to her advantage, as seen by her frequently-worn all-black ensemble. We are definitely taking a page from Wendy’s style book for something so chic and effortless!

5. Apink’s Na-eun: Athleisure

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Most of us just want to wear clothes that are comfortable, right? You can do so without sacrificing style – just look to Apink’s Na-eun and see how good her leggings look on her! She is famous for always donning the same pair of Adidas leggings, and we have to say that it fits her to a T. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty about wearing your sport attire even when you are not hitting the gym!

6. Sunmi: Dress + Jacket + Boots

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Who better to embody this classic ensemble than former Wonder Girls’ member Sunmi? Thanks to her get-up, she always looks ready to hit the runway, even if she’s just heading to the airport. Steal her look, but don’t forget to switch things up if you find that her jacket is too impractical for Singapore’s sweltering weather.

7. IU: Denim skirt

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IU is often endearing called ‘The Nation’s Little Sister’, and it’s not hard to see why. She is often dressed in casual styles that make her look like a young teenage girl, even though she is already 26 years old. One of her wardrobe staples is the humble denim skirt, which you can easily pair with any top for a simple and clean look. For a total replication of IU’s young and innocent vibe, we definitely recommend wearing a white top with your denim skirt.

8. Park Bo Young: Babydoll dresses

If you think that you can’t wear any of these Korean fashion styles because all the celebs are so tall, think again. Actress Park Bo Young, who is well-known for her small stature (she stands at 1.58m), has a very unique wardrobe trick: the babydoll dress. Thanks to her height, the adorable dress makes her look exactly like a pretty doll. So don’t ever think that your height is a disadvantage; play it up and make it work for you!

9. MAMAMOO’s Solar: Grey graphic tees

Source: Daebak Kpop

Grey is unlikely to be anyone’s first choice when it comes to choosing an outfit. However, it is becoming more fashionable these days, and it seems that MAMAMOO’s Solar is on it already. A plain grey tee will surely look dull, so Solar opts for graphic tees that toe the line between formal and playful. Next time you are buying a new tee, don’t forget to give the colour grey a chance!

10. Kim Go-eun: Turtlenecks

Source: Triwa

For those who are very conscious of their long necks, especially when you are wearing low-cut tops, turtlenecks are your saving grace. This garment is usually associated with winter wear, but there are also versions that are made with lighter, breathable material for wear even in Singapore’s weather. We love how actress Kim Go-eun shows that a plain turtleneck can emphasise your figure and complete your look, even if you only have a watch as an accessory.

11. Park Shin-Hye: Floral prints

It’s little wonder that actress Park Shin-Hye is selected as Mamonde’s ambassador when you see that she’s always dressed in floral prints! She’s not afraid to exude her feminine and youthful charm, and that’s something we definitely want to steal for ourselves. Get a one-piece for the days you feel like a flower princess, and a skirt that you can pair with a tee for a playful, summer vibe on your beach holiday.

12. Park Min Young: OL fashion

Source: Nuyou

We never thought that office wear could look so good, until we watched What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and admired every one of Park Min Young’s outfits. She always chooses a long-sleeved blouse with a feminine detail (bows, ribbons, etc.) and finishes with a standard pencil skirt. Remember to tie your hair up in a ponytail so that it doesn’t take attention away from your perfect outfit!

13. Song Hye Kyo: Small earrings

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Statement earrings are all the rage now, but Song Hye Kyo shows that simple is best. Small earrings may not look as impressive or eye-catching, but they do help to put the focus back on your makeup and outfit. We are in love with her small pearl earrings for elevating the elegance she already exudes, without making her look gaudy at all!

14. Kang Daniel: Pink outerwear

Female celebrities aren’t the only one we can look to for inspiration; Produce 101 winner Kang Daniel is well-known for his pink outerwear, and we have to admit that it looks great on him. Wearing pink makes you look radiant and bubbly, so people will be drawn to the positive energy you seem to radiate. Bubblegum pink appears to be Daniel’s favourite shade of pink, but of course you can opt for our favourite millennial pink for a more delicate feel.

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