35 office wear online shops to find stylish work dresses in Singapore

Just started a new job, or simply need a wardrobe update after all that Marie Kondo-ing? It’s time to shop for new work clothes! Be it classic pencil dresses or colourful prints, these 35 online shops are where you can buy the best work dresses in Singapore:

1. Intoxiquette

If you’re wondering where you can buy work dresses in Singapore, here’s an online store to check out. One of the top blogshops in Singapore since its launch in 2008, Intoxiquette specialises in stylish and versatile dresses.

Besides dresses, they also offer jumpsuits, tops, and bottoms. Some common styles you can find fromIntoxiquette include muted palettes, lace, and floral prints, all of which are appropriate for most offices.

Prices range from S$36 for tops, to S$55.90 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Intoxiquette here.

2. Tracy Einny

Tracy Einny puts a playful spin on the traditional office wear with bold colours, loud prints, and unique tailoring.

They release new designs weekly, so you can always shop the latest in fashion. Besides the usual dresses and outerwear, you can also purchase their 2-in-1 sets (usually an outer top and inner dress) for the price of 1 dress – sweet!

Prices range from S$12 for tops, to S$39.90 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Tracy Einny here.

3. Osmose

With a comprehensive collection covering tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear that offers something for every woman, Osmose is definitely one of the top choices for buying workwear.

Looking for something that screams ‘girl boss’, or a feminine cut with ruffles to boot? You will surely have no problem finding any of these here. Prices range from S$18 for tops, to S$69 for rompers.

Shop for work clothes from Osmose here.

4. bYSI

bYSI has made quite a name for itself, thanks to its offering of chic apparel for women at affordable prices. You will find the latest styles stocked here, so you can have the luxury of wearing runway-inspired pieces without having to burn a hole in your wallet.

Some of their best fashion pieces meant for office wear are those designed with gorgeous prints, so remember to put one of them in your shopping cart!

Prices range from S$33 for tops, to S$103 for dresses and jumpsuits.

Shop for work clothes from bYSI here.

5. The Stage Walk

You may remember the pain and discomfort that came with wearing some beautiful office wear, but that’s not going to happen with The Stage Walk, which focus is on offering trendy, yet wearable clothes. Hence, you will find that the offering here is so comfortable, you will wear them even during weekends for brunch.

New styles are dropped every Wednesday and Sunday at 9pm as well, so remember to bookmark the website for updates!

Prices range from S$5 for tops, to S$42.90 for midi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from The Stage Walk here.

6. Ministry Of Retail

Can’t get enough of Secretary Kim’s OL fashion? Neither can we!

Ministry of Retail is the site to visit if you want to stock up on work wear that Korean ladies don. The official distributor for Korean brands STYLEONME and DINT offers many options which will make you look instantly more demure, sophisticated, and feminine – definitely a wardrobe upgrade we want!

Prices range from about S$27.90 for tops, to S$139.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Ministry of Retail here.

7. Anticlockwise

Look sharp and polished with Anticlockwise’s workwear. There is a strong emphasis on comfortable, fuss-free ladies’ office wear in this shop’s offerings, so you can effortlessly transition from work to play on the same day.

Don’t miss out on their colour-block dresses for a classic and cheerful piece that you should definitely have in your workwear arsenal.

Prices range from S$16.80 for tops, to S$38.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Anticlockwise here.

8. Dressabelle

Dressabelle is famous in Southeast Asia for trendy and accessible everyday workwear, and it’s not hard to see why. You can find many workwear staples here, such as peplum tops, keyhole blouses, pencil skirts, and culottes – perfect if you are buying your first few sets of work clothes.

Prices range from S$10 for tops, to S$64.90 for top & dress sets.

Shop for work clothes from Dressabelle here.

9. A For Arcade

A For Arcade calls itself an online fashion store for the playful sort, but ‘playful’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean informal.

You can still suit up in relaxed styles with the store’s workwear pieces, which heavily feature mono hues, buttons, and simple prints. A For Arcade also offers menswear.

Prices range from S$10 for tops, to S$49 for midi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from A For Arcade here.

10. Love & Bravery

Work Clothes Online Shop Love & Bravery

Established in 2005, Love & Bravery is also one of the pioneer local brands. The brand seeks to design evergreen pieces for the modern women that are made of good quality. Choose from elegant, minimalist style for everyday comfort to bright, floral patterns to cheer up a dreary work week.

Shop for work clothes from Love & Bravery here.


LBRLABEL’s apparels are targeted at all age groups, be it a young graduate who is just starting her first job, or an experienced director hunting for new clothes. You can find anything from stylish jumpsuits to feminine crochet dresses, as well as cardigans and heels to match.

Prices range from about S$22.50 for tops, to S$43.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from LBRLABEL here.

12. Runway Bandits 

Runway Bandits’ ethos is to reinvent everyday staples, and create modern, effortless silhouettes that are made to last beyond the current season. If you love minimalist aesthetics and believe that simple is best, this is definitely going to be your new favourite online store to shop for workwear.

Prices range from about S$10 for tops, to S$49 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Runway Bandits here.

13. Modparade

If you think that work dresses in Singapore must be plain and boring, Modparade will prove you wrong. The shop makes effortless and inspiring styling accessible and affordable, so that even an ordinary OL can make the CBD her runway. You will surely be delighted by the quirky prints and unique patterns that you will find from this online store.

Shop for work clothes from Modparade here.

14. Wardrobemess 

If your wardrobe’s a mess but you still have nothing to wear, you have to take a look at Wardrobemess. Say goodbye to the pieces that you only wear once, and stock up on versatile, comfortable wardrobe essentials from this online store.

They promise that every piece they sell can be paired with something else, so you will never have to turn your wardrobe inside out again! Prices range from about S$9.90 for tops, to S$46.90 for linen blazers.

Shop for work clothes from Wardrobemess here.

15. The Closet Lover

If you always keep yourself updated on runway trends and wish you could have them much cheaper, The Closet Lover is the answer to your prayers. Their office wear reflects a charmingly feminine and fun personality, with an emphasis on pleats, lace, and floral prints.

Prices range from about S$6 for tops, to S$74.90 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from The Closet Lover here.

16. Young Hungry Free

Having a career shouldn’t stop you from being a free-spirited rebel. Young Hungry Free dares you to take a bold approach to ‘workwear’ and toe the line. If you work in the creative industry or an office with more relaxed dress codes, you will be spoilt for choice on this site.

Prices range from about S$15.80 for tops, to S$45.80 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Young Hungry Free here.

17. The Tinsel Rack 

While The Tinsel Rack’s workwear collection employs muted colours (blush, rose gold, white, and black), you will find that the online shop also offers fun, flirty options with lace and pastel prints. Don’t miss out on their lace midi skirts and shirt dresses – all of which are currently on sale!

Prices range from S$5 for tops, to S$47.90 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from The Tinsel Rack here.

18. SuperGurl

SUPERGURL positions itself as an online destination for fun, free-spirited, and fashionable women. The shop prides itself on offering a wide selection of vintage clothing and accessories online, so you know where to head to if you love the retro style and vintage fashion!

Prices range from about S$16.90 to S$49.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from SUPERGURL here.

19. LeChic 

LeChic not only has its own label, but also handpicks the best clothes from all around the globe so that you can get some of the most chic clothes at the best prices possible.

They also promise that they only bring in limited quantities for every style, so you won’t have to deal with the awkward wardrobe clash and ‘who wore it better’ battle with your colleagues!

Prices range from S$14.90 for tops, to S$49.90 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from LeChic here.

20. Mphosis

Finally finding a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly can be a truly magical process, and Mphosis is precisely aiming for you to experience that kind of transformation with their apparels. Their signature minimalist style features clean lines that flatter, while the delicate pastel palette plays up your femininity for a timeless style.

Prices range from S$29 for tops, to S$89 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Mphosis here.

21. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito is undoubtedly one of the largest homegrown fashion brands with strong local and retail presence across the region. Every piece you find here is made with the successful career woman in mind. The wide variety and number of shades you can find each piece in is also certainly an advantage that few retailers can boast of.

Prices range from S$16.90 for tops, to S$91.90 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Love, Bonito here.

22. Alyssandra

Alyssandra offers more conservative choices, yet they are also one of the most exclusive online stores in town. Their strict rules for work dresses in Singapore include: no high hemlines, low neckline, or revealing cutouts.

However, what they do have are options ranging from size XXS to 3XL, which is certainly a refreshing take on the fashion scene in Singapore. Prices range from about S$19.90 for tops, to S$85 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Alyssandra here.

23. Klarra

Work Clothes Online Shop Klarra

Founded by style influencer Beatrice Tan, the Klarra girl is described as an independent individual who has her own opinions and values, and stands by them no matter what. The brand offers office clothes that have an elegant, minimalist style.

Though a tad pricier than the other online shops featured here, you can be sure that each piece is timeless and made of good quality, and will last you for a very long time.

Prices range from S$45 for tops, to S$109 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Klarra here.

24. Neonmello

For those who like their office wear to be safe yet vibrant, you’re in luck. On Neonmello, you can purchase not only mono-hued staples, but also eye-catching ombre and floral designs. 20 new designs are launched every week, so you’ll never run out of new styles to buy and wear!

Prices range from S$12 to S$49.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Neonmello here.

25. MGP Label

MGP Label has been frequently featured in local media for being a pioneer in the local fashion scene that has expanded rapidly in the region. Created by millennials for millennials, the brand understands the hustle that goes on in our everyday life and can confidently promise to offer the kind of threads that we want.

From affordable weekday workwear to weekend kick-backs, there’s nothing you can’t find on MGP that won’t guarantee you looking your best.

Prices range from S$13.25 for tops, to S$56 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from MGP Label  here.

26. Me-In 

Hankering over the gorgeous work fashion you’ve seen Seoul women sporting? It’s now within reach, thanks to Korea-based Me-In that delivers exclusively to Singapore.

Instead of tighter-fitting Korean fashion, the apparels in this shop are loose-fitting, without sacrificing any of the elegance that we associate Korean OLs with. You’re definitely going to be able to find beautiful work dresses in Singapore without travelling anywhere.

Prices range from about S$32 for tops, to S$400 for sets.

Shop for work clothes from Me-In here.

27. 3INUTE

The name 3INUTE is actually derived from ‘MINUTE’, reflecting the shop’s vision that all customers can find their favourite apparel within minutes. You certainly won’t be disappointed with their good range of easy-to-wear and easy-to-match collections.

Best part? The office clothes available are affordable; who says you can’t find cheap work-wear in Singapore! Prices range from S$15.20 for tops, to S$391 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from 3INUTE here.

28. Fayth

While some online stores source for pieces elsewhere, all of Fayth’s clothes are designed in-house and are promised to be lovingly made with great fabrics. From lace to pastel prints, midi dresses to waistcoats, this shop has everything you want and need in a wardrobe.

Prices range from about S$17 for tops, to S$49.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Fayth here.

29. Topazette

If you identify as a woman who appreciates street-style fun and a bohemian twist, Topazette is the shop for you. Their premium collection is definitely worth checking out for its wide array of imported and exclusive designs that are specially manufactured high-end fashion, all of which come with affordable price tags!

Prices range from about S$18.90 for shorts, to S$51.90 for maxi dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Topazette here.

30. LovenGold

The founding sisters of LovenGold believe in creating pieces with styles that excite and reflect the confidence of modern multi-tasking women.

Some characteristic styles you can find in their designs include the use of ruffles and lace, which are stylish and practical options for the busy working woman.This is definitely one of the best stores to find office wear in Singapore.

Prices range from about S$10.90 for tops, to S$43.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from LovenGold here.

31. OOTD

OOTD stands for Obsessions Of The Damsel, but it does also provide you with that perfect #OOTD that you can take on your first day of work. Most of the office wear you find here are in more mature shades such as brown, black, and dark red – perfect if you want to look a little more professional and less of a rookie than you actually are.

Prices range from about S$3.90 for tops to S$227 for gowns.

Shop for work clothes from OOTD here.

32. Montifs

Montifs aims to make everyday work fashion fun to wear for everyone, even if you are just headed to the office for another dreary work day.

Choose from a range that includes cheerful hues on ombre dresses that you can totally pull off at after-work events, as well as more muted, simple pieces that are easy to pair your accessories with.

Prices range from about S$10 for tops, to S$49.90 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Montifs here.

33. Pomelo

With an indisputable sense of style at unparalleled prices, Pomelo is a popular online shop that aims to offer women everywhere their best look to become their best selves. Modern styles and high quality aside, shipping is fast and free above SGD40, and all products are delivered with a 365 day return policy guaranteed. Sweet!

Prices range from about S$9.80 for tops, to S$114 for jackets.

Shop for work clothes from Pomelo here.

34. Zalora

For a truly diverse range of workwear shopping, you can’t miss out Zalora. This large, fast-growing online fashion retailer stocks many familiar names such as Mango. However, don’t miss out on Zalora’s very own label, which is popular for its high quality and low prices!

It offers a huge price range depending on the brand you go for.

Shop for work clothes from Zalora here.

35. Zara 

Zara may be most famous for bringing runway trends into its stores at a speed that only a few retailers can boast of. If you pride yourself on being fashion-forward but don’t have the budget to afford those beautiful clothes you’ve seen in fashion shows, you can simply browse Zara’s website for something that’s just as good but not as pricey!

Prices range from about S$14.90 for tops, to S$230 for dresses.

Shop for work clothes from Zara here.