A guide to Itaewon Class’s Jo Yi-Seo’s fashion choices as a social media influencer

Shortly after Crash Landing on You, another K-drama has captured the hearts of viewers all over the world: Itaewon Class.

However, it’s not just K-drama fans who are keenly watching the drama: fashionistas are also keeping tabs on the show, in particular the fashion choices of Jo Yi-Seo, played by actress Kim Da Mi.

The manager of bar-restaurant DanBam is not only multi-talented and intelligent, but also famous on social media as a power blogger and social media influencer, which is why you’ll always find her dressed in the hottest K-fashion trends.

Aside from her signature dip-dyed hair, here’s how you can replicate Jo Yi-Seo’s dapper wardrobe and look just like a stylish influencer:


If there’s one common theme among K-drama girl bosses like Jang Man Weol, it’s that they are hardly ever seen without the most eye-catching fashion accessories.

Jo Yi-Seo is no exception: her numerous necklaces and earrings have been stealing the spotlight in every episode.

Jo Yi-Seo is a big fan of metal necklaces and chokers, and likes to wear them together so that they look like just one piece of statement jewelry.

If you have a few chain necklaces of varying lengths, you can also layer them with this metal necklace to get the same sophisticated vibes, best paired with a low-cut shirt or blouse.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s metal necklace at CNY27 (around SGD5.41) here.

If you have two variations of the same necklace that you absolutely love, how do you choose which one to wear? As our fashionista would have you know, there’s really no dilemma when you can simply wear both of them together!

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s smiley face necklace from CNY19.90 (around SGD3.99) here.

Chain necklaces are a must-have to channel biker girl chic, but you also run the risk of looking too tacky.

Jo Yi-Seo gets around this problem by layering the chains, where the original gold chain necklace extends downwards with a short silver chain to create a pendant necklace – ingenious!

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s chain necklace at CNY89 (around SGD17.89) here.

Fashion trends come and go, and it seems that Jo Yi-Seo is set on bringing the choker trend back again by making it the new IT accessory that we all want.

Tip: Chokers are best paired with shorter hairstyles, so those with long hair can consider tying their hair up into a bun or ponytail so that it doesn’t cover your neck fully.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s choker at CNY230 (around SGD46.23) here.

To match her chain necklace, Jo Yi-Seo wears similar-looking gold chain earrings, in a minimalist design that is an instant style upgrade.

While we love the fact that this makes anyone look elegant and refined, what we love even more is how effortlessly she pairs it with her other fashion accessories to keep her image consistent – not easy at all!

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s gold earrings at CNY79 (around SGD15.88) here.

Leather fashion

If we ever get a sneak peek at Jo Yi-Seo’s wardrobe, we’re pretty sure that more than half of it would be filled with leather jackets.

Our female lead wears a lot of leather, a nod to her New York background and tough personality, but she always manages to make the same leather look different in every outfit change.

We are no stranger to biker jackets, but this one adds a softer touch with strategic layers and even a belt that will flatter your figure.

Tip: Instead of going for a tough and rough biker look, put a modern twist on it by wearing a long turtleneck dress underneath.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s leather trench coat at CNY168 (around SGD33.77) here.

If you find that full-length leather coats are difficult to pull off, particularly in Singapore’s weather, try this bandana print leather jacket.

While most people tend to wear fitting leather jackets, Jo Yi-Seo opts for a loose fit – this makes her look like she has a bigger build and adds to the tough girl chic that she’s going for.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s bandana print leather jacket at CNY239 (around SGD48.04) here.

If black leather jackets are too mainstream for you, you can consider giving this red leather jacket a shot.

Although best worn with a black turtleneck underneath to complement the eye-catching ensemble, you can also consider wearing this to add a rockstar edge to, say, a floral dress.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s red leather jacket at CNY158 (around SGD31.76) here.

Professional work clothes

Although leather is Jo Yi-Seo’s safe choice, she doesn’t shy away from making a bold fashion statement in other types of clothes as well, as seen from this puffed sleeve blazer that will surely turn heads.

She keeps her outfit consistent with black bottoms and black high boots to match, but you can shake things up a little by pairing it with a white dress and shorter ankle boots.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s black puffed sleeve blazer at CNY185 (around SGD37.19) here.

Blazers have been trending in the K-fashion industry for some time and looks set to be around for a very long time, as seen by our social media influencer’s fashion picks.

Tip: Look even more trendy with a crossbody shoulder bag, a popular style item that you’ll see many hip and young fashionistas wearing.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s plaid blazer at CNY198 (around SGD39.80) here.

Despite being fashion-forward, Jo Yi-Seo always makes sure that she doesn’t sacrifice comfort over style.

This wardrobe piece is the epitome of Jo Yi-Seo’s style: loud, bright, but extremely versatile. It’s easy to pair this with any top, outerwear, and/or accessories, so long as you remember to pare it down a little.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s red pegged pants at CNY1288 (around SGD258.89) here.

Casual wear

Just when you think that leather jacket outfits look all and one the same, Jo Yi-Seo shows us that it’s not true, so long as you are an expert in layering your pieces – which she certainly is!

This green printed hoodie can be worn on its own or matched with a leather jacket, as seen on Jo Yi-Seo. The former is best worn with slacks or joggers to keep the casual look consistent, whereas the latter goes well with skinny jeans.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s green printed hoodie at CNY89 (around SGD17.89) here.

Tie dye has been a major fashion trend in 2019, and what makes this even more adorable is the fact that it matches Jo Yi-Seo’s tie dyed hair.

GeSt Jo Yi-Seo’s tie dye hoodie at CNY189 (around SGD37.99) here.

Despite looking chic and snappy most of the time, there are occasions when Jo Yi-Seo sports feminine flair without losing her original style, such as when she wore this white wool jacket with a pale turtleneck while layering gold necklaces.

If you live in cold climates or are planning to travel during winter, you can consider styling this in the same manner.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s white wool jacket at CNY188 (around SGD37.79) here.

This red wool sweater can be worn both indoors and outdoors – casual enough for everyday wear, but definitely in vogue if you’re gunning for the pyjama-loungewear look.

Get Jo Yi-Seo’s red wool jacket at CNY178 (around SGD35.78) here.

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