Crash Landing On You fashion: Yoon Seri and Seo Dan outfits in the K-drama

See how you can easily pull off the 'rich girl' looks in both North and South Korea!

See how you can easily pull off the ‘rich girl’ looks in both North and South Korea!

Korean drama Crash Landing on You may have wrapped up with its last episode, but the amazing wardrobe choices seen in both North and South Korea continue to amaze many of us.

Both female leads, Yoon Seri and Seo Dan,  are incredibly rich and powerful, which is why they never fail to make a fashion statement in every scene that they appear in, no matter whether they are in the North or the South.

Want to replicate Seo Dan and Yoon Seri’s outfits in the show? Read on for our take on Crash Landing on You fashion and find out how you can pull them off with these inspired accessories and clothes!

Yoon Seri outfits in Crash Landing on You


South Korea fashion

Our South Korean heiress packs a punch in the glamour department, because she knows that everyone is keenly watching her all the time as a public figure (she’s right).

Admittedly, not many people can pull off this dress: the shoulder pads, tight cut, and rose prints are a tricky combination, but Yoon Seri (played by Son Yejin) manages to make this work for her.

In fact, it not only emphasises her good figure, but also makes her look very sweet and elegant!

Tip: As the dress is a loud fashion piece on its own, avoid wearing too much jewellery and accessories. Keep things simple with small earring studs and a collar necklace.

Get Yoon Seri’s dress at Carousell (around SGD8.90) here.

This is another tricky fashion piece that takes a bit of flair to make it work, but the tiny flower prints and lace patterns are guaranteed to make you feel like a princess!

Get Yoon Seri’s dress at CNY308 (around SGD62.71) here.

Yoon Seri is spotted wearing a loose black-and-white ensemble when she dreams that she is back in her own house.

Although more likely intended as a casual piece that the heiress wears at home, you can also wear this comfortable dress out in Singapore’s hot weather while still looking stylish.

Get Yoon Seri’s dress at CNY399 (around SGD81.24) here.

To complete the CEO’s modern, classy looks, you need a pair of eye-catching earrings that are still work-appropriate.

Most of her earrings are simple diamond-studded pieces that are not only befitting of her wealth, but also an elegant wardrobe choice that reinforces the idea that she’s definitely in charge.

Get Yoon Seri’s earrings at CNY30 – 36 (around SGD6.11 – 7.33) here.

Yoon Seri is never caught without a designer handbag, but we’re particularly in love with the one she carried in Episode 1 as she strutted confidently after her dating scandal – if it doesn’t scream “girl boss”, we don’t know what does.

Get Yoon Seri’s handbag at CNY159 (around SGD32.38) here.

North Korea fashion

Yoon Seri didn’t have many fashion choices when she landed unexpectedly in North Korea, but those who have watched the show would know that she didn’t rein back her astute sense of style up north.

A complete change from her glamorous, over-the-top fashion in the South, this beautiful and humble ensemble made our haughty female lead look so sweet and demure.

Tip: She has also worn the turtleneck separately without layering the dress on top, but you can consider just wearing the dress on its own in Singapore’s weather.

Get Yoon Seri’s dress and turtleneck at CNY78 – 88 (around SGD15.88 – 17.92) here.

North Korean fashion is commonly believed to be two extremes: it either comes in bright and loud colours, or is found in drab colours of brown, grey, and black (think Ri Jeong Hyeok’s wardrobe choices).

This sweater looks like a mixture both, with bright yellow and orange alongside more conservative colours of olive green, grey, and brown. It’s a nice nod to Seri’s circumstances, and also a comfy choice that will keep you warm in your freezing office.

Get Yoon Seri’s patched sweater at CNY298 (around SGD60.65) here.

When Seri dresses up to get her photograph taken in Pyeongyang, she still keeps things a little toned down to avoid too much attention, but it’s hard to ignore how amazing her style is.

This classic checkered trench coat looks professional, proper, and yet every bit as stylish as you can hope for – a top choice to consider if you’re planning to buy a new coat for your winter holiday this year.

Get Yoon Seri’s checkered trench coat at CNY345 (around SGD70.26) here.

Denim may be strictly prohibited in North Korea (jeans are seen as a product of Western capitalism), but leather jackets are given a stamp of approval – not that Yoon Seri needs one!

She wears this over a maroon skirt for a biker girl look that still looks very sophisticated, so go ahead and try out different styles with this wardrobe staple.

Get Yoon Seri’s leather jacket at CNY499 (around SGD101.63) here.

Seo Dan’s outfits on Crash Landing on You

While it is commonly believed that fashion is heavily regulated by the style police in North Korea and that there are only 15 approved hairstyles for women to choose from, the aspiring musician gives us a sneak peek at how the rich in Pyeongyang can afford to dress.

Want to learn how to dress like the powerful and fashionable in North Korea? Read on to see how Seo Dan does it!

Hair accessories

While North Korea may not allow bright hair colours (hair dyeing is allegedly prohibited), there’s no stopping Seo Dan – and you! – from making a statement with your hair accessories.

She always keeps her dark brown hair down, but when she’s really out to impress or confront someone, she’ll show that she’s the boss with bigger hair clips and pins that come in different shapes.

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Bling Hair Hair Clips

From left to right: studded star hairpin and studded leaf hairpin

While this might remind you of Jang Man Wol’s outrageous hair accessories, Seo Dan’s ones are a little more ‘mellow’ and are perfect if you want to add some bling to your while staying work-appropriate.

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Bling Hair Pins

From left to right: star bobby pin, glitter hair clips, rhinestone-studded bobby pin

If statement pieces are not your thing but you still want to look as sophisticated as Seo Dan, consider thinner bling bobby pins and hair clips instead.

These are not used to keep up her hair, but rather as an accessory that adds a sweet touch to her overall look. You can do the same if you want to look a lot more endearing and innocent than fierce.

Crash Landing On You Seo Dan Hairstyle Hairclip Plain Hair Pins

From left to right: thick hairpin, thin hairpin

On occasions that studded or statement hair accessories are inappropriate, or when you want to keep your look muted and clean, opt for Seo Dan’s plain metallic hair clips.

In the drama, our North Korean fashionista wears these when she has serious business to attend to – fancy accessories are out of the question, and she needs to make sure that no strong wind blows her hair in her face at the most crucial moments.


diamond-studded earring

Seo Dan keeps her earrings as small as possible most of the time, partly due to the fact that she’s always wearing hair accessories – a statement hair pin and statement earrings would look like there’s too much going on, and too much attention is not quite something you want to have in the North.

She is frequently seen with rose gold diamond studs, which look great on those with warmer skin undertones.

When she doesn’t want so much bling but are still set on an impactful appearance, our femme fatale opts for simple gold earrings that speak volumes. It shows you that sometimes, it’s not all about the sparkly diamonds.

 gold foil earrings


Seo Dan’s wardrobe is the North Korean equivalent to Yoon Seri’s – loud, bold, and eye-catching.

This blue blouse with abstract prints is the epitome of K-fashion – South Korean fashion, we mean.

While we can’t tell for sure where Seo Dan might have purchased this (she studied in Switzerland before returning to North Korea), we know that her style is greatly admired by the upper class in Pyeongyang, so this blouse is a classic wardrobe choice that will earn you the title of fashionista no matter where you go.

Get Seo Dan’s blue printed blouse at CNY120 (SGD24.44) here.

Switching up from her chic Pyeongyang fashion, Seo Dan is sometimes seen in simpler, casual outfits like this checkered coat on the daily.

Her neat hairstyle and sparkly hair pin complete the look for some girl-next-door vibes, which is something you can attempt if this is more your style.

Get Seo Dan’s checkered coat at CNY308 (around SGD2.72) here.

A general rule of thumb is to pair block colours with prints and patterns so that it doesn’t look too overwhelming, and Seo Dan does this perfectly by making sure that her printed blouse goes with a plain white trench coat.

Note: Compared to Seri’s thicker trench coat, this is a light cotton coat that is much more breathable and made for wear in spring and early autumn.

Get Seo Dan’s white trench coat at CNY270 (around SGD54.98) here.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the iconic printed blouse that Seo Dan tried out in her mum’s department store.

It’s striking, vivid, and absolutely befitting of her feisty character – not something all of us could easily replicate, but still worth a shot!

Get Seo Dan’s vintage printed blouse at CNY118 (around SGD24.03) here.

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