Converse is releasing UV-activated shoes that change colours. Watch how they transform

We can’t get enough of sneakers to bring out the #hypebeast in us but this new launch will grab the attention of anyone – sneakerhead or not.


Chinatown Market has collaborated with Converse to create a design that features a high and low silhouette with mismatched colour scheme. But here’s the catch: the shoes are UV-activated and transits from a blank off-white canvas to a vibrant mismatched colour scheme that include orange, blue, and purple, when it is in direct sunlight.

It goes from what’s on the left to what’s on the right.

The high tops will retail at USD100 and the low tops at USD95 on the Chinatown Market’s website.

Here’s a look at how the transition happens:

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In other words, you essentially get two looks with one pair of shoes: standard white when indoors, and all-out colourful when you go outdoors.

Even the soles are gorgeous.

These will be available on Chinatown Market from 20 July.

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