28 pairs of comfortable flats that look so stylish, you will ditch your heels for them

Most of us may be familiar with the pain of wearing pretty shoes – heels tire our feet out, and badly-designed flats can result in bleeding blisters and squished toes after a whole day of walking.

Thankfully, we don’t have to resign to wearing shoes that kill our feet and sticking on plasters every time we head out. These 28 pairs of comfortable flats are well-loved and highly-commended by many reviewers for their good fit and stylish designs, so you can look your best without sacrificing comfort.

Flats priced below SGD100

1. London Rag Golden Ballerina Flats With Gold Studs

You can never go wrong with a pair of iconic ballerina flats, but what makes this pair truly stand out are the tiny golden studs scattered all over – don’t they look like shiny stars sparkling in the sky?

London Rag Golden Ballerina Flats with Gold Studs retail at SGD47 on Zalora.

2. Dorothy Perkins Navy Pia Pumps

Add chic effortlessly to an otherwise boring outfit when you slip into these scallop-trimmed ballet flats. The round toe design and synthetic inners make sure that you can walk for long hours without needing to whip out the plasters!

Dorothy Perkins Navy Pia Pumps retail at SGD29.90 in Dorothy Perkins stores and on Zalora.

3. Mango Bow Ballerina

If you want to look a little more formal but don’t want to buy shoes made from animal leather, this pair from Mango will have you covered. They are made with Polyurethane to create an animal leather texture, so you get a pair of flats that are as durable as they are stylish.

Mango Bow Ballerina retails at SGD45.90 in Mango stores and on Zalora.

4. Carlton London Slide On Flats

The simplest way to prevent painful blisters on your heels is to wear backless shoes, so it’s little wonder that slide on flats are immensely popular these days. Carlton London’s slide on flats come in three different solid colours, and the simplicity in its design will add sophistication to any look.

Carlton London Slide On Flats retail at SGD70.90 on Zalora.

5. Charles & Keith Bow Ballerina Flats

Having been in the shoe business for more than two decades, home-grown label Charles & Keith understands our needs and pains well enough. This pair of timeless shoes is a nod to their expertise and experience – it comes with a thoughtful elastic backing and breathable lining, so that no woman has to struggle with wearing uncomfortable flats again.

Charles & Keith Bow Ballerina Flats retail at SGD46.90 in Charles & Keith stores and on their website.

6. Charles & Keith Chalk Chrome Button Detail Leather Flats

Square toes and a V-cut topline are the hallmarks of a modern pair of shoes, but the brand has taken it one step further by adding shimmery chrome buttons so that you too can shine no matter where you walk to.

Charles & Keith Chalk Chrome Button Detail Leather Flats retail at SGD79.90 in Charles & Keith stores and on their website.

7. Call it Spring Taitensis Pointed Flats

If simplicity is your game, Call It Spring’s Taitensis Pointed Flats will tick all the right boxes for you. Although it comes with a pointed-toe design, it allows enough space for your toes to stretch and breathe. You can get this classic pair in either black or brown – both shades will complement most outfits perfectly.

Call It Spring Taitensis Pointed Flats retail at SGD59.90 on Zalora.

8. SHINE Point Toe Ribbon Flats

This sweet pair feature a soft satin upper and a flattering cut that fits your feet perfectly. Its is designed to be as lightweight and comfy as possible, so you can walk for long hours in these without wearing your feet out. Say yes to comfortable flats!

SHINE Point Toe Ribbon Flats retail at SGD36.90 on Zalora.

9. Anacapri Bow Ballet Flats

Add a little sparkle into your life with Anacapri’s metallic shimmery bow accent ballet flats. If you don’t fancy glitter, you can opt for a tropical print in the same snug cut.

Anacapri Bow Ballet Flats retail at SGD78.90 on Zalora.

10. Connie Ballerinas Circus by Sam Edelman

We can’t get enough of bows, especially not one as pretty as this one! The closed toe and mini heel make this shoe the ideal footwear for every occasion, be it a day at the office or an evening out.

Connie Ballerinas Circus by Sam Edelman retails at SGD87.90 on Zalora.

11. Obermain Grace Esther – Slip On

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz has a pair of red slippers, and you too can have a pair of shoes just as magical as hers. Obermain’s beautiful red flats are made with genuine leather and a rubber sole that looks great with any outfit, so you can just slip these on any time you’re in a dilemma over what to wear.

Obermain Grace Esther – Slip On retails at SGD89 on Zalora.

12. Bata Ladies Ballerina 5545040

Bata may have a rep for shoes that we wore during our schooling days, but these days the brand is expanding its shoe range with more contemporary designs. These ballerina flats are fashioned for ultimate comfort, while incorporating the iconic features of ballet slippers.

Bata Ladies Ballerina 5545040 retails at SGD69.95 in Bata stores, as well as on Lazada.

Flats priced above SGD100

13. New Bella Classic Ballet Flats

In true ballet slipper style, New Bella’s lamb leather flats come with elastic straps that keep your feet in without restricting freedom of movement. The feminine bow details on the heels are not to be missed either – aren’t they just so cute?

New Bella Classic Ballet Flats retail at SGD104 on Pomelo.

14. Melissa Space Love VI Me Ad Flats

No list of comfortable flats is complete without at least a pair from Melissa. This pair of jelly shoes comes with a flamboyant ribbon and the brand’s signature bubble-gum scent – the perfect accessory for any sweet and feminine look.

Melissa Space Love VI Me Ad Flats retail at SGD110 in Melissa stores and on Zalora.

15. Me Too Tru Pink Skimmer Flat

Flats are one of the best types of shoes to pack on your travels, and this pair from Me Too makes it easy for you to just roll it up and throw into your bags. The flexible pink sole adds a soft touch to a skimmer flat that is cushioned with memory foam for all-day comfort. We’re sure you will love this as much as the satisfied customers who gave 5-star ratings on Nordstrom!

Me Too Tru Pink Skimmer Flat retails at SGD118.85 on Nordstrom.

16. Bella Belle Willow Skimmer Flat

This is a hot favourite among brides who don’t want to deal with wearing uncomfortable heels for the entire day. The breezy mesh flat is embellished with sparkling crystals, so it looks like a pair of gorgeous glass slippers fit for royalty!

Bella Belle Willow Skimmer Flat retails at SGD498.01 on Nordstrom.

17. Salvatore Ferragamo My Joy Ballet Flat

The memory-foam footbed helps to relieve discomfort and foot aches, making these ballet flats from Salvatore Ferragamo the perfect pair to wear when you have a long day ahead of you. Most customers concur that you can wear these versatile flats with just about anything, be it jeans or dress pants.

Salvatore Ferragamo My Joy Ballet Flat retails at SGD557.48 on Nordstrom.

18. Hush Puppies Andrea Gracia

Hush Puppies is well-known for its range of comfy shoes, be it formal or casual, and the Andrea Gracia is no exception. The leather pair is made with InnerSoft technology – a streamline design that adheres to your foot’s arch with supportive cushioning – so that you can walk long distances without suffering from blisters and foot aches.

Hush Puppies Andrea Gracia retails at SGD129 on Zalora.

19. Vionic Caroll Ballet Flat

If you want an evergreen design but find the usual ones too boring, be sure to check out Vionic’s upgraded ballet flat. This comes with a soft elastic top line accented by delicate stitching and a unique crossover detail above the toe cap.

Vionic Caroll Ballet Flat retails at SGD219.95 on Zalora.

20. Trotters Aubrey Flat

Buckle up, because these pair will make you feel like you’re walking on air! We’re not exaggerating – that is exactly what a happy reviewer loves about this high-quality footwear. Aside from the good cushioning and support, the buckle detail is also worth noting for its vintage-chic statement on an essential flat.

Trotters Aubrey Flat retails at SGD148.59 on Nordstrom.

21. Flatss & Heelss by Rad Russel Geometric Flats

We’re already drawn in by the bright and cheerful design, but there’s more to these flats that you’ll love: they are made with soft genuine leather, so that every step you take is padded and feels almost like you’re walking barefoot. One of the most comfortable flats you’ll be able to find – for sure!

Flatss & Heelss by Rad Russel Geometric Flats retail at SGD148 on Zalora.

22. Kork-Ease Bellota Mary Jane Flat

Mary Janes are a fashion trend that never dies, so you should invest in a good pair that can weather all storms and walk all roads with you. We highly recommend this pair from Kork-Ease – the retro-chic style, wide mary-jane strap, and supple leather construction may tempt you into buying one pair in every shade available.

Kork-Ease Bellota Mary Jane Flat retails at SGD220.05 on Nordstrom.

23. Taryn Rose Alessandra Ballet Flat

Taryn Rose’s Alessandra Ballet Flat is an elegant take on the usual flats, featuring slim elastic straps that crisscross atop Italian-crafted shoes. Get this pair in a black shade for formal dinners, or a nude shade for casual outings.

Taryn Rose Alessandra Ballet Flat retails at SGD408.84 on Nordstrom.

24. Mercedes Castillo Emilia Flat

If you prefer keeping things simple, Mercedes Castillo’s Emilia Flats will do just the trick. Made with velvety nappa leathe, styled with a curvy almond toe and an elasticised topline for a stay-on fit, this pair is made exactly for those who only seek the essentials in life.

Mercedes Castillo Emilia Flat retails at SGD371.65 on Nordstrom.

25. VANELi Donia Flat

People with flat feet and fallen arches may no longer need to suffer from the pain caused by a lack of support with VANELi’s Donia Flat. This humble pair offers a well-cushioned insole and built-in arch support, which prevents more serious problems that can arise from wearing poorly-designed footwear (e.g. cramps and back pains).

VANELi Donia Flat retails at SGD140.59 on Nordstrom.

26. Ecco Anine Black Foulard

Flexible calf leather, rounded heel, and inlay sole for extra cushioning – these are what makes the Ecco Anine Black Foulard a perennial favourite among women! This understated pair is definitely one of the most comfortable flats around.

Ecco Anine Black Foulard retails at SGD229.90 on Zalora.

27. AGL Cap Toe Ballet Flat

Fashioned with glove-like leather, an elasticised topline, and a rubber sole insert, the Cap Toe Ballet Flat not only promises comfort and durability, it also adds a fun touch with its unique cap toe – take your pick from a variety of colourful leather patterns!

AGL Cap Toe Ballet Flat retails at SGD460.50 on Nordstrom.

28. Tory Burch Everly Cap Toe Ballet Flat

The pairing of the iconic double-T logo hardware and a liquid-shine cap toe make this a classic staple in many women’s shoe collections. Majority of reviewers love how the shoes are true to size, which makes it easy for anyone to find a perfect fit.

Tory Burch Everly Cap Toe Ballet Flat retails at SGD368.68 on Nordstrom.

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