8 simple ways to spruce up black dresses so you can wear them again and again

Everyone loves a little black dress ­or LDB for short. Just like a good pair of jeans, you know you cannot go wrong with having this fashion staple in your wardrobe. Bsides, who doesn’t love the flattering effect it provides?

Black dresses are no doubt a go-to fashion fix for many but nobody wants to be seen wearing the same old look again. Here are eight simple ways you can style your black dresses so that you never have to wear it the same way twice.

Tip 1: Jazz it up with statement accessories.

For an easy way to elevate your look, opt for statement accessories that help bring out the elegance of your black dress. You can dress it up or down based on the style of accessory to wear.

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Dress up your black dress with a statement necklace and let your accessories do the talking. Throw on a chunky necklace which turns a simple black dress into an office-appropriate look!

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Oversized and over-the-top earrings are a bold way to spice up your black dress. Give your outfit a pop of colour by going for colourful ones.

Tip 2: Wrap a neck scarf round

Neck scarves are underrated. Look instantly put-together by wearing it in a print of your choice. (Think printed bandanas, paisley, checks, polka dots).

Not just that, get creative with how you wear it; you can choose to wear it as a choker but our personal favourite style is as a knot.

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Ps: The knot style also channels Parisian vibes.

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Going for a more casual and boho look? Turn your neck scarf into a headband by tying it around your hair and knotting it at the top.

Tip 3: Kick it up a notch with loud shoes

Wearing a black dress is the perfect chance to show off your shoes. Instead of keeping it safe with nude heels or flats, why not get playful with bold shoes?

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Black dresses and red shoes are a powerful combination. Wear this if you’ve an important work meeting and want to impress.

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Nothing screams preppy more than oxford shoes. Perfect for when you’re aiming to look smart yet keep it professional.

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Alternatively, dress it down and keep it casual-chic with a pair of comfortable sneakers.

Tip 4: Clinch it in with a thick belt

Thick belts don’t just add definition to your black dress, they also give you a more flattering shape. Pull your look together by adding a thick belt.

Tip 5: Layer up with outerwear

Black dresses are the perfect match for any outerwear. Mix up your outerwear and you’ll never have to worry about your friends/colleagues thinking that you’re wearing the same black dress again.

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Blazers are the best way to turn a casual look into a professional one. Throw on a blazer to turn your casual black dress into an office-appropriate outfit. For a more fun look, you can even opt for floral or patterned blazers.

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If you find blazers too warm, you can always choose to layer on a vest over your black dress instead.

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For a chill weekend look, throw on a plaid shirt over your black dress. Wrap your flannel shirt around your waist to gain extra street cred.

Tip 6: Tights do the trick

The solution for black dresses that are either a tad too short or too plain – tights and stockings. If you’re going for sophisticated look, sheer black tights and a black dress provide the perfect peek-a-boo effect.

If plain sheer tights aren’t your thing and you’re more into patterns, go for polka dotted tights to look more feminine.

Can’t decide what to wear for a night out with your friends? Opt for a more edgy look with fishnet stockings.

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Tip 7: Wear a white shirt under

Layer a white shirt under your black dress for a monochrome look. Perfect for the office, a white button shirt oozes boss vibes.

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Or keep it more relaxed by wearing plain simple tee under your black dress. If you want it look even more k-drama worthy, tone the look down with sneakers and accessorise with a choker.

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Tip 8: Go full-on black

Full black outfits aren’t just for those who want to look gothic. Make a statement by dressing top to toe in black. Pair your black dress with matching black accessories (black bag, shoes, shades) to exude confidence while looking chic.

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An all-black outfit is far from boring but if you’re worried that it might look dull, play with textures and go for a black leather jacket and bag.

There are no rules when it comes to wearing a black dress. Treat it like a blank canvas and you’ll find that there are tons of ways you can wear this versatile piece.