The statement green couch is taking over Instagram by storm – here are our 12 top picks for your inspiration

We’re calling it: Green is the ‘it’ colour at the moment particularly in the world of interior design and we totally can see why people on Instagram are obsessed with green couches lately.

While we may be a bit hesitant about straying from a neutral coloured couch, a green sofa is simply too good to resist. Why? First, these statement-making couches come in all shades of green, ranging from sage green to peacock green which has turquoise undertones.

When chosen wisely, these couches have the power to draw attention to a space while still complementing the various objects around it.

If you want to jump onto the green couch trend but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck – AVENUE ONE has got you covered with our inspiration board right here.

1. Velvet olive green couch

Photo: @mrcigar on Instagram

If you can’t wait to jump on this green couch trend and you have the space for it, go ahead and get two of them!

The idea is to get them in the same design but in different sizes and spread them around your living room.

2. Dark green couch

Photo: @dreamgreendiy on Instagram

The green couch always seems to have a cottage-like vibe and this one with wooden legs is no exception.

To complement the sofa, surround it with a variety of indoor plants of your choice.

3. Peacock green couch

Photo: @trashleymartin on Instagram

If your style is more eclectic, we can’t think of any other colour than this vivid peacock green couch that will suit you best.

It’s guaranteed to brighten up any room you put it in, and with a colour like that, you’d hardly want to take your eyes off of it.

4. Lime green couch

Photo: @thehexagonalhouse on Instagram

If you’re lacking in the space department, then get something smaller like this velvet two-seater in a unique lime green hue.

5. Plush green velvet couch

Photo: @mrrosscassidy on Instagram

This is your classic couch in a trendy hue with loads of sitting space. With a dark green colour, it’ll go with everything in your home.

6. Mint green honeycomb couch

Photo: @ofil2dlodeco on Instagram

If you’re on the hunt for something much more unique, then give this mint green honeycomb-shaped couch a try!

All of your friends will be green with envy when they see your one-of-a-kind, Insta-worthy sofa.

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7. Green apple couch

Photo: @apt2b on Instagram

After a long day of work, we bet you’d be dying to recline on this green apple-coloured couch which has ample space for you to stretch out on and relax in.

8. Moss green couch

Photo: @borninteriors on Instagram

For something that will complement all your wooden furniture, look no further than this moss green couch.

It also looks super comfortable with its plushy velvet fabric.

9. Caterpillar green couch

Photo: @michalzacznski on Instagram

The unusual shape of this bright green couch reminds us almost of a caterpillar and truthfully, we can’t wait to stretch out on it if we have one with us right now.

Your friends and family won’t be able to get enough of it too if you ask us!

10. Green leather couch

Photo: @modwestkc on Instagram

If you have an eye for vintage, then you’d fall head over heels for this leather couch. Get it as a two-seater to fit smaller homes.

11. Forest green couch

Photo: @themysteryhaus on Instagram

The statement green couch isn’t just reserved for white-walled homes – just take a look at this forest green couch that still manages to stand out against a midnight blue backdrop.

We think you’ll agree with us too that its velvety fabric looks really comfortable to relax in.

12. Grass green couch

Photo: @posterstore on Instagram

A perfect complement to the shades of browns and whites typically found in living rooms, this couch design and colour may just be the easiest combo to help you hop on the bandwagon.

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