12 vanity tables to take your glam routine to the next level

Are you tired of getting ready in the morning by standing in front of your bathroom mirror and trying your best to balance all your makeup products on the sink?

Then it’s time to switch up your routine and start feeling like a Hollywood star everyday with the use of a vanity table. While the idea of purchasing a vanity table might seem frivolous to some, it gives you the ability to rejuvenate and recharge in the morning so you can start the day right. The right vanity table can bring a touch of femininity and glamour to a space, as well as serve as a practical and chic spot for storing and displaying accessories.

Let AVENUE ONE shine the spotlight on 18 vanity tables that can be delivered to your house at the touch of a button!

Scandinavian vanity

A Scandinavian vanity table is the perfect addition to any clean bedroom. We’re talking light, white and structured with simple compartments to store just the essentials, perfect for the minimalist.

Get it from Shopee. Price varies according to size and colour.

Roomy vanity

We all know the struggles of having just too many beauty products – makeup, skincare, haircare – The list goes on and on. For beauty junkies, we’ve got you (and your beauty products) covered with this spacious vanity that comes with a set of drawers. Say goodbye to messy table tops and makeup products spilling off of your table. Trust us, your room-mates will thank you too!

Get it at S$208 from Lazada.

Organised vanity

Compartment is the word – when it comes to this vanity table.

To accommodate all the various products you have without getting it messy and leaving you scrambling in the mornings when getting ready, this vanity table set in ivory has multiple built-in compartments for easy access. You can even create your own layout with the removable dividers in drawers to customise your organisations. Talk about neat!

Get it at $229.90 from Jiji.sg

Rose gold vanity

Rose gold seems to be the trend that just won’t go away and we’re here for it.

Even on a vanity, the colour looks stunning and luxe. This is a functional option we love with three storage drawers and an adjustable mirror. While this exact design of vanity table comes in pink and white, we’re all about making a statement with the imported rose gold option.

Get it at $197.19 from Amazon.

“Princess” vanity

Who says little girls don’t need their own space to dress up? Every girl hopes to have a charming dressing table and all her jewelry and cosmetics so that she can realise her princess dream!

This stable and versatile vanity is perfect for all the little princesses – whether your little one loves to play dress up or just wants a place to practise drawing a self-portrait,

Get it at S$259.99 from Wayfair.

Understated vanity

While we love ourselves a unique colour for a vanity, we can’t help but agree that sometimes simplicity is the best. This clean and structured all-white vanity is multi-functional so you can keep more than just beauty products. Perfect for that no-nonsense woman.

Get it from Shopee. Price varies according to size and mirror type.

Affordable vanity


Who says vanity tables have to be expensive? It’s definitely possible to get an equally functional mini vanity table at below S$30. This vanity also comes with two storage drawers to store your necessities and get ready without burning a hole in your wallet.

Get it at $29.90 from Lazada.

Japanese-style vanity

If you’re a fan of Japanese-style furniture for its simplicity and functionality, then this is the vanity for you. This solid wood dressing table is simple yet efficient, with a propped-up mirror that also serves to hide the compartments below. When the mirror is propped down, this vanity doubles up as a table for you to work from, perfect for those who need to work with small spaces.

Get it at S$182.10 from Lazada. It’s 43% off at the time of writing. Click on the link to see the new price.

Wooden vanity

There’s something special about wood. It’s been a popular choice for furniture because it brings people back to nature. This wooden vanity will give your room a tropical and cosy vibe, especially if you have greenery.

If we can’t travel to Bali, at least we can make our space look like a Pinterest-worthy paradise right?

Get it at S$329 from Mega Furniture.

Versatile vanity

vanity table for home

This vanity is perfect for your makeup and skincare product, and it doubles up as a table top for work too. Its simple and minimal design in white with brown accents makes it the perfect accessory to any type of room – easy to match, and easy to use!

Get it at S$329 from Forty Two.

Movable Vanity

Who says vanities have to be fixed at only one part of your room?

This vanity table with compartments is perfect for when you want to do your makeup on your bed, then in-front of the television, then near the windows – all in one day. It also functions as a bedside table once you close the lid. Talk about multi-functional!

Price begins from S$392.33 depending on size, from AliExpress.

“Influencer” vanity


If you’re looking for a vanity that’s going to look good in videos and photos, this is an aesthetic one that is going to look gorgeous in every angle. This comes in an entire set but you can also choose to purchase just the table without the mirror and chair. It is available in pink, grey, and beige.

Prices vary according to the number of items from the set you purchase, available at Shopee.