10 unique fragrance diffusers that double up as beautiful decor pieces

What’s better than a diffuser that perfumes your home with your favourite fragrance? A diffuser that has gorgeous looks to match, that’s what.

These diffusers that double up as decorative art pieces on your side table are all the rage now, and we can see why. Tasteful, beautiful, and 100% functional – it’s everything a decorative item should be, if you ask us.

From stately sculpturesque brass pieces to hand-painted glass lamps, what they have in common is that they will all look lovely in your homes.

We’ve sniffed out 10 for your browsing pleasure.

1. Cire Trudon La Promeneuse


If you’re looking for a really luxurious diffuser that will elevate your living space to truly posh heights, this one is calling out to you.

Fluted moss green glass in the shape of a delicate vintage lantern sounds like a gorgeous addition to our home, with a nostalgic touch. Finished with a brass handle and a white ceramic dish for the brand’s iconic cameo scented candles melt their way down to perfumed bliss atop a tea light – divine.

Get it at S$530 from Escentials.

2. Aesop Brass Oil Burner


This brass burner with its purposefully sculpted form resembles a Brutalist sculpture, stately in its minimalistic and hefty form. Weighing in at a respectable 1kg, it’ll sit solid on any surface in your home whilst diffusing fragrances with vigour. Made from solid brass that’s poured into a wax mould cast, every vessel will look and feel slightly different – in true artistic fashion. We say its presence in your home will definitely heighten the simple ritual of lighting a candle to wind down at the end of a bustling day.

Get it at S$245 from Aesop.

3. Retro Ultrasonic Diffuser


Rocking some legitimate nostalgia vibes is this ultrasonic diffuser that looks like it stepped right out from a vintage living room of the 60’s. Set in a flat round disc with fluted sides, an elegant marble top, and gorgeous rose gold finishings and legs, this little diffuser is a real crowd-pleaser, no matter what aesthetic you favour. Choose from classic black and white, or the most charming shade of verdant forest green.

Get it at S$115.75 from Etsy.

4. Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain Hourglass Diffuser


Oh, the beauty. This diffuser from luxury Parisian fragrance brand Diptyque is breathtaking, we almost don’t want to turn it on to scent our rooms (it can only be refilled once).

Shaped like a mythical hourglass with an intricate gold filigree body separating two glass capsules, it’s a bittersweet reminder that beauty is absolutely fleeting. The shape of this diffuser ensures that the fragrance diffuses slowly and gracefully, but do note that it’s ideal for smaller rooms.

Get it at S$225 from Selfridges.

5. Orchid Island Paper Cut Diffuser


Replacing traditional reeds with a carefully cut out paper lattice top, you’ll be admiring this pretty little paper cut diffuser all day as you sip on your tea. Featuring nature-inspired cut outs on artisanal, quality paper, this diffuser is a precious invitation to appreciate its delicate beauty as you hustle throughout the day. The paper gradually releases the fragrance of the absorbed essential oils, slowly perfuming your home as the weeks go by. Other than the Orchid Island scent in this diffuser, you can choose from two other scents, each with their own unique lattice cutouts: Jade Courtyard and White Pagoda.

Get it at S$89 from Shopee.

6. Yume Floral Diffuser


Is a tastefully arranged vase of flowers a work of art? It’s a yes from yes, fleur sure. Looking like a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers sitting oh-so-pretty on your table, this floral diffuser will add a touch of whimsical rustic charm to your home. The reeds are artfully nestled in the delicate blooms so you’ll hardly know it’s a diffuser, but one whiff of the summery, light fragrance will remind you of that fact.

Get it at S$35 from Ana Hana Flower.

7. Handcrafted Diffuser Lamp


Glass lamps that light up in the night are beautiful for many reasons. They’re comforting, welcoming, and a wonderful reminder that bedtime is near.

Handmade with glass that’s painted with gorgeous marbelled patterns and swirls, this diffuser is gorgeous through and through. It diffuses using ultrasonic technology, releasing cool and dry fragranced mist into the room. Even better, it will shut itself off automatically – so it makes the perfect nightlight to fall asleep to, no need to worry about blowing candles out.

Get it at S$151.77 from Etsy.

8. Photogenics & Co. Concrete Dome Diffuser Set

The minimalist aesthetic has always held special appeal for us modern folk. This clean looking dome diffuser with a powdered black spike from Photogenics & Co is minimalist beauty at its finest.

The concrete halves of this diffuser encase natural lava rock – which you’re meant to saturate with essential oils for the fragrance to be slowly released. You can choose from six colours of concrete (they’re all super clean looking, in shades of white, cream, grey, and white marble), each of which come with a signature scent.

Get it at S$290 from Selfridges.

9. Tom Dixon Elements Diffuser

Image source: @williamchiu0801/Instagram

Alchemy features heavily in this series of diffusers. The result? A set of beakers that would look right at home in the dungeons of Hogwarts during Potions class.

We reckon this beaker diffuser bestows an aura of mystery to your home, which is further heightened by the faint smokiness brought about by the charcoal reed stick.

In the true spirit of artistry, the glass beakers are mouth-blown, with the gold lettering of the brand painstakingly applied by hand. Comes in four elemental colours and scents: blue (water), red (fire), black (earth), and white (air), to suit your fantastical whims and fancies.

Get it at S$195 from Selfridges.

10. Alessi Five Seasons Ohhh Leaf Diffuser


If you’d like to pay homage to the ever-changing seasons of nature, Alessi’s Five Seasons leaf diffusers are a great way to do it. With scents named after the whispers of leaves and the wind (Uhhh, Ohhh, Brrr – you get the idea), this collection of diffusers will speak right to your nature-loving soul. Evoking rambling woodland walks at golden hour among amber-hued trees, you’d be forgiven for imagining glimpsing a wood sprite in the shadows of the mahogany leaves sitting atop a base of gilded gold porcelain, the scent of bergamot, pepper, and tobacco. Ohhh, how lovely.

Get it at S$110 from Selfridges.