Bubble tea fans, here are 20 adorable collectibles to celebrate your love for the drink!

Love bubble tea? If you can’t get enough of Singapore’s favourite drink of the moment, why not carry your obsession into your daily life?

With everything from earrings to laptop sleeves and matching bubble tea keychains with your besties, these are the 20 must-haves for the bubble tea fanatic, whether it be yourself or your loved one.

1. Classic bubble tea earrings

What better way to jazz up a bubble tea lover’s outfit than a pair of bubble tea themed earrings? These unique ones are sure to be a conversation starter, so don’t be afraid to show your love of bubble tea with them!

SGD9 on Shopee.

2. Mismatched bubble tea earrings

If classic bubble tea isn’t enough to satiate your obsession, try these eye-catching, mismatching, and asymmetrical ones instead. Although these are pricey, they’re gold plated and have nickel-free with 925 Silver posts so it’s friendly on sensitive skin too.

Retails on Miss Empire for SGD38.

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3. Bubble tea AirPods case

AirPods have a much hyped minimal and sleek casing, which unfortunately makes it easy to lose. Take care of your beloved AirPods with this case that not only looks adorable, but also makes it easier to find and provides further protection.

SGD9.50 on Shopee.

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4. Bubble tea wall art

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so show your love for the drink with this poster! With a witty and humorous line under the adorable bubble tea graphic, this piece will be the perfect addition to any room.

Available on Etsy for SGD17.78.

5. Bubble tea cushion

While you’re at it, why not add a bubble tea cushion to the mix? This adorable oversized cushion will surely have a place on any couch or bed of a bubble tea lover.

Retails on Etsy for SGD22.90.

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6. Bubble tea pin

If you want to be a little more subtle, opt for this pin instead. No less lovable, you can pin this on any bag to make it uniquely yours.

SGD16.30 on Etsy.

7. Bubble tea iron on

Or, go bold with this iron on and apply it to your favourite canvas bag, shoe, or denim jacket for an easy statement piece that’ll show off your love for the beverage!

Retails on Etsy for SGD14.82.

8. Bubble tea decal

Stick this handmade, water-resistant decal anywhere you want – your laptop, water bottle, notebooks, and instantly make it distinctive. You won’t have any more lost belongings with this unique sticker on!

Available on Etsy for SGD4.43.

9. Kpop bubble tea stickers

If you’re a Kpop fan, chances are, you’ll want to get your hands on these Kpop bubble tea stickers. Featuring popular bands like GOT7, EXO, and BTS, let your inner fan girl come through with these.

SGD4.45 on Etsy.

10. Bubble tea night light

Is bubble tea the light of your life? It literally can be: a popular item with almost 400 sold, place this adorable night light beside your bed for sweet dreams.

SGD20 on Shopee.

11. Bubble tea reusable bag

Save the earth and express your love for bubble tea with a reusable bag. Its generous size allows you to use it for anything, be it school, day out, or for groceries.

Retails for SGD32.60 on Etsy.

12. Bubble tea cap

Up your style game with this minimalist cap. White or black in colour, it can be paired with any outfit and shields your face from the sun, while showing off the tiny bubble tea motif on the front.

Available for USD24 on Boba Love.

13. Bubble tea tumbler

Transform any drink you’re having to “bubble tea” with this glittery bubble tea themed tumbler! The straw size is even tailor made to ensure the pearls of your favourite bubble tea can fit through for more convenience!

SGD19 on Shopee.

14. Bubble tea phone case

Bring a hint of your favourite drink anywhere you go with this phone case. Practical and adorable, this simple phone case protects your phone while displaying your go-to indulgence of choice.

Available for SGD19.16 on Etsy.

15. Mini bubble tea keychains

If you and your friends are unapologetic fans of the popular drink, get these super affordable and colourful mini bubble tea keychains to show it off!

SGD3.92 on Shopee.

16. Cat and bubble tea keychain

Cat and bubble tea fans will love this larger keychain that features both an adorable kitten and their favourite drink, with a variety of colours to choose from.

Retails on Shopee for SGD3.99.

17. Multi-charm bubble tea keychain

The more the merrier: if one charm isn’t enough for you, this one has three charms on each keychain. Plus, it has an additional clasp, so you can truly add it anywhere you want, whether it’s to your AirPods case or to a bag.

SGD9.17 on Lazada.

18. Milk tea moisturiser

If you’re both a beauty junkie and a bubble tea lover, try this milk tea moisturiser by popular Thailand beauty brand, Mistine!

SGD18 on Qoo10.

19. Bubble tea mouse pad

The perfect companion for the workaholic bubble tea lover, this non-slip and brightly coloured mouse pad will brighten up even the most dreary work days.

Retails for SGD16.88 on Amazon.

20. Bubble tea laptop sleeve

Treat yourself to a Society6’s bubble tea laptop sleeve to make work on the go more fun! Made of durable polyester and lined with soft microfiber, you can be sure your laptop will be safe and protected with this cute one.

USD38.99 on Society6.

21. Bubble tea teether

Why not let your young ones enjoy your favourite beverage too? Made with washable food-safe silicone and free of harmful substances, it can be chilled to relief pain during the painful teething process.

Get yours here at SGD18.