18 pairs of quirky earrings to add to your shopping cart ASAP

No look is ever quite complete without earrings. While we love our minimalist pieces and colourful tassel earrings, there is a new trend that has definitely caught our attention: quirky earrings.

Be it our favourite drinks, delicious food, or even household items that we take for granted, all of these can be transformed into adorable accessories that we can don.

Here are 16 unique pairs that we know will surely turn heads:

1. Bubble tea earrings

Can’t get enough of bubble tea? This pair of cute earrings is all you need to express your undying love for the milk tea and tapioca pearl combo.

You can buy bubble tea earrings at SGD2.22 per pair on Shopee.

2. Soju earrings

For those who like to chug drink soju in Korea but find it too expensive to keep up the drinking habit in Singapore, you can still keep a reminder of your favourite alcoholic beverage on your ears.

You can buy soju earrings at SGD2.35 per pair on Shopee.

Btw, soju fans may want to check out soju toothpaste (yes, it’s a thing!)

3. Teh-o earrings

If your favourite pastime is chatting with friends over Teh-o at your neighbourhood kopitiam, you have to get your hands on these. We love that it comes with a metal spoon in each cup too – too cute!

You can buy Teh-o earrings at SGD10 per pair on Shopee.

4. Evian water bottle earrings

Could this be the best way to stay hydrated in Singapore’s hot weather? You’ll have to try it for yourself!

You can buy Evian water bottle earrings at SGD0.80 per pair on Shopee.

5. Lemon tea earrings

This is a toast to the beverage that we order when we want an iced drink but don’t feel like drinking either coffee or tea.

You can buy lemon tea earrings at SGD2.22 per pair on Shopee.

6. Yakult earrings

The iconic yogurt drink not only deserves a spot in our refrigerators, but also on our earlobes.

You can buy Yakult earrings at SGD10 on Shopee.

7. Bag of goldfish earrings

Don’t worry, the goldfish in these bags are not real. However, it does look like you are carrying your pet goldfish around with you, so be prepared to attract a few curious stares from passers-by.

You can buy bag of goldfish earrings at SGD4.12 per pair on Shopee.

8. Light bulb earrings

You never have to worry about a blackout with earrings that are functioning light bulbs. Yes, we are not joking – these earrings really light up in the dark!

You can buy light bulb earrings at SGD1.25 per pair on Shopee.

9. Lipstick tassel earrings

Beauty junkies will surely love this nod to their lipstick collection – after all, a red shade of lipstick is always such a confidence booster, be it on the lips or on your ears! Plus, the star tassels are an extra glamorous touch that we seriously can’t resist.

You can buy lipstick tassel earrings at SGD5.51 per pair on Shopee.

10. Roast and steamed chicken earrings

You can’t miss out on this iconic sight at roast meat stalls, and now you can recreate it on your very own ears. You could probably even order at the chicken rice stall by simply pointing at your earrings to indicate if you want your chicken steamed or roasted – how convenient!

You can buy roast and steamed chicken earrings at SGD89 per pair on AiClay’s website.

11. Sweet potato earrings

We love the piping hot sweet potatoes from Don Don Donki, and we have the earrings to prove it.

You can buy sweet potato earrings at SGD3.01 per pair on Shopee,

12. Ikura inari sushi earrings

These sushi earrings are so intricate and realistic, you may be forgiven for thinking that they are real food. Just try not to eat them.

You can get ikura inari sushi earrings at SGD58 per pair on AiClay’s website.

13. Jam jar earrings

We wish this could double up as actual jam jars – no matter where you are having a slice of plain bread,  you can simply open your earrings for two small servings of jam.

You can buy jam jar earrings at SGD4.63 per pair on Shopee.

14. Humanoid capsule earrings

The fun thing about these earrings are the fact that you can open up the capsules and change the figurines inside. You could even put miniature figurines of your idols inside for a more personal touch.

You can buy humanoid capsule earrings at SGD1.80 per pair on Shopee.

15. Knife earrings

We are not sure if you can pass security checks with this pair of earrings, although we think it looks great for Halloween parties, or for the times you really want to get your message across to some people.

You can buy knife earrings at SGD2.60 per pair on Shopee.

16. Wool beanie earrings

Beanies are meant to be worn on your head, but this pair is a cute exception.

You can buy wool beanie earrings at SGD1.44 per pair on Shopee.

17. Medicine pills and tablets earrings

Although most – if not all – of us don’t enjoy eating medication, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy wearing these colourful accessories. The only downside is that wearing this pair of earrings may require you to undergo additional security checks at the airport.

You can buy medicine pills and tablets earrings at SGD1.99 per pair on Shopee.

18. Toilet paper roll earrings

Imagine how incredibly handy this pair would be if it contained real toilet paper – you will never have to worry about not having any paper to use in the toilet anymore.

You can get toilet paper roll earrings at SGD17.80 per pair on Etsy.