23 oh-so-pretty and quirky cushions you’re going to want to spruce your house up with

As small and as insignificant they might be, if you want your house to look super done up a la Pinterest aesthetics, pretty cushions are a pretty darn good way to spruce it up to the nines.

If you’ve wandered your fair share of Pinterest boards, or Instagram, you might’ve seen the various ways in which pillows have been used – and the huge variety they come in!

From your usual (cliché, but cute!) Mr. and Mrs. pillows, to food-themed pillows, you’ll want them all after seeing what the world wide web has to offer – and yes, we’ve made sure that these pillows ship to Singapore, so you don’t end up pining over a pillow you know you can never have.

1. Leh-zy cushion

Are you a true blue Singaporean at heart? Get some of these cheeky Singaporean-inspired Leh-zy pillows to give your house a bit more of a Singapore flavour.

P.S. There’re also LAH-mma (llamas), SIA (prawns), MEH-MEH (sheep), and many others you can get!

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2. Vintage cushions for the vintage soul

Source: cat-socrates.myshopify.com

Always had a soft spot for quirky, vintage looking pillows? Here’s your chance to live out your vintage-themed dreams.

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3. Cheeky Netflix & Chill cushion

Source: redbubble.com

Because let’s face it, decorative pillows are all about cheeky fun – or at least your guests are sure to appreciate it!

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4. A curry puff cushion

Source: naiise.com

Food or cushion – cushion, it most definitely is!. Get this adorable curry puff cushion for it to have the grand honour of sitting atop your sofa.

Psst, they even have other Singaporean snack pillows like this classic childhood biscuit gem, pineapple tarts, ang ku kueh, and many more!

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5. Talk nerdy to me pillow

Source: shop.nordstrom.com

Self explanatory, and totally cute!

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6. Monochrome cushion

Source: hipvan.com

Are you someone who hates colours? Fulfil your monochrome fantasies with this monochrome, chevron patterned pillow.

Bonus: Great against a black-and-white furnishing scheme!

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7. Maple leaf pillow

Source: nookandcranny.com

We may not be from Canada, but that doesn’t mean we don’t find maple leaf patterned pillows to be totes gorgeous! And rustic looking!

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8. A watercolour effect palm pillow

Source: nookandcranny.com

Put this baby on your couch or armchairs for some serious beachy vibes.

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9. Quirky pillows for fellow book queens

Self-professed book queen?

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10. Please go away, I’m reading pillow

Need we say more?

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11. Coffee mug cushion

Source: homeandstyle.com

Modern, contemporary, yet bright and cheery. Put this on your sofa or armchair – it’ll be sure to perk you up in the morning – that’s for sure!

(But also a silent reminder for you to grab a cuppa!)

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12. Rose bottles cushion

Source: society6.com

Love your rose golds and your alcohol? Get this pillow to have the best of both worlds.

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13. Marbled cushion

Source: society6.com

And by that, we don’t mean that it is literally made of marble, but marble patterned. Because let’s be honest – all things marble are so pretty and we’ll never be over it. Ever.

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14. Abstract art cushion

Source: society6.com

Because if there’s one thing that could possibly top our love for marble, it would be this watercolour paint effect (sorry, we’re not artists here!). How pretty would that look sitting atop your couch, bed, or armchair?

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15. Llama cushion

Source: society6.com

Are llamas soooo last year? Maybe, but they’re still cute as heck and we want one of those cushions for sure!

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16. Eyelash cushion

Source: society6.com

Because forget about those typical black eyelash cushions, you gotta get them in rose gold!

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17. Chanel perfume cushion

Source: etsy.com

Sure, you may not be able to afford yourself the actual oh-so-coveted about Chanel No. 5 Perfume, but you probably can afford this gorgeous Chanel Perfume pillow!

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18. Colourful industrial chic crystal mountains pillow

Source: republicmarket.com

Wanna go industrial chic but want that pop of colour? This is it, right here.

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19. Nautical themed cushions

Source: dhgate.com

We absolutely cannot express how much this is just #goals. Put these pillows on your couch and coming back from work will feel instantaneously like coming back to a beach resort.

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20. Hollywood glamour faux-fur cushion

Source: linenhouse.sg

The perfect touch to add a little retro glamour to your house.

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21. Tassel tribal cushion

Source: linenhouse.sg

Since 2018 is the year of tassel earrings, how ‘bout some tassel cushions?

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22. Copper triangular cushion

Source: linenhouse.sg

Simple, with a triangular centre to draw your attention, this will be sure to provide a pop to your house if you’re after minimalistic interior designing.

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23. Striped cushions

Source: linenhouse.sg

Sometimes, we don’t really need to overcomplicate things with overly complicated patterns. A simple stripes pattern is more than enough to create clean, simple, yet a chic looking interior!

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