There’s a thing called a flaming bomb pizza – and it’s now found in Malaysia

We’re certainly no strangers to the land of many delicious food, Malaysia. But recently, one Malaysian pizza chain known as US Pizza popped up on our radar for its new out-of-the-ordinary pizza creation.

Known as Bomb Pizza, it’s a fiery dome-shaped dish made of charcoal-activated dough that’s flambéed right before your eyes – akin to a bombe Alaska!

While chefs in other parts of the world have served up similar bomb pizzas to wow foodies, the US Pizza version is purported to be the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Source: @jpingkong/Instagram

To make the dome shape, US Pizza makes the dish with two charcoal hand-tossed doughs – one of the base, and the other as a top layer which is then inflated using a pump to give the American-style pizza its bomb-like appearance.

Once it’s served on your table, the Bomb Pizza is then lathered with halal-certified baking oil for it to be set ablaze!

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Once the fire show is up, the dome will then be cut out to reveal the satisfying pizza filling that’s sitting snugly within. You can choose between two lip-smacking flavours: Chilli Crab Ocean (a combo of prawn, squid, and crab meat cooked in housemade chilli crab sauce) and Chilli Pepperoni (with generous amount of mozzarella cheese and chilli crab sauce).

Source: @uspizzamalaysia/Instagram

While we would’ve liked to see the fire melting the dome away to reveal the pizza filling, there’s no denying that this flaming dish is a fiery spectacle to behold – it’s certainly one that you can impress someone with.

AVENUE ONE also learnt that US Pizza has always been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to unique pizza flavours – aside from the special-edition Bomb Pizza, the pizza chain has also introduced interesting flavour combinations such as Indomie Pizza and Sambal Petai Udang Pizza (yes, that’s prawn sambal with stink beans on a pizza dough).

Source: @jpingkong/Instagram

Presently, there’s no indication that the Bomb Pizza is on a limited run at US Pizza Malaysia. While we patiently wait for a pizza joint in Singapore to serve up something similar to spice up our gastronomic experience, you can bookmark this page to check out any US Pizza outlets in Malaysia for a slice of its Bomb Pizza when borders reopen!

For more information on US Pizza’s intriguing creations, check out its Facebook and Instagram.

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