10 local bakers that serve up gooey cookies, indulgent cakes, and Italian-style stuffed doughnuts

Sometimes, we all just need a little pick-me-up at the end of the day, and nothing beats indulging in sumptuous desserts to give us an energy boost and perk us up again.

And if you want a little change of scenery from the regular sweet treats, you’ve come to the right place because we’re serving up our round-up of 10 local bakers you can turn to for indulgent baked goods that range from gooey cookies to Italian stuffed doughnuts.

Go on, you know you want to keep scrolling to see all the delicious treats that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

1. Frosted By Fang

Helmed by self-taught baker Lee Su Fang, Frosted By Fang is a home-based bakery that surprises us with every creation. From pulut hitam Swiss rolls to chewy mochi cakes, Fang constantly churns out unique and refreshing flavour profiles that just tantalise our taste buds.

Be sure to catch her weekly bake sales where she serves up new creations as well as bestsellers like orh nee Swiss rolls (a coconut sponge stuffed with homemade yam paste filling), gooey Nutella lava cookies, and crunchy pear cardamom crumble bars.

For only S$28 to S$30, you can get yourself a box containing a mix of these delicious treats which can be delivered island-wide at a flat fee of S$9 or self-collected from Serangoon. Stay updated on what goodies she will bring out next via her Instagram stories or Telegram channel, and head over to her website to make your order.

2. Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery

When the owner of a bakery is a MasterChef finalist, you know you have only good things waiting for you in-store. That’s why you’ve got to try the fluffy stuffed doughnuts from Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery which is founded by Genevieve Lee, the 2018 Masterchef Singapore runner-up.

Unlike the traditional Italian bomboloni dessert, Genevieve lives up to her title and adds a modern twist by making it out of sourdough bread. But the surprise does not end there, as each made-to-order bombe is filled with light and creamy custards paired with nine exciting flavour combinations.

From a salty-sweet Marscapone Lime Lavender to a citrusy Passionfruit Banana and even a savoury Basque Cheesecake, the fillings are teeming with a harmony of aroma and flavours you never knew could work so well together.

Currently, Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery is on a short hiatus but will be opening a physical retail store sometime this month. In the meantime, check out its Instagram page for updates as the bakery will also be having several pop-ups and collaborations where you can get your hands on these little rounds of creamy goodness.

3. Flake

If the unique bombolinis do not make your mouth water, this reinvented doughnut might just do the trick. While it retains the shape and flavour of a doughnut, its texture is as crispy and flaky as a warm, buttery croissant. This hybrid is none other than Flake’s cronuts.

Created by three friends, this local bakery is responsible for one of the most stunning doughnuts we’ve ever seen, and uses quality French butter to achieve the iconic flaky layers. As this takes so much effort to replicate, Flake only produces 150 boxes every week.

However, you can expect decadent doughnut toppings and fillings such as Tiramisu, Hojicha, Blueberry Compote, Cinnamon Sugar, and the bakery’s latest innovation, Creme Caramel Custard.

You can get either a box of six classic cinnamon sugar cronuts for S$28 or a box of six assorted cronuts for S$32. Look out for the latest updates on the bakery’s Instagram page, or visit the website to place your orders.

4. Whiskdom

No list of indulgent desserts would be complete without mentioning fudgy brownies. Moist, dense, and gooey, Whiskdom’s brownies are so sinfully rich and delicious, you’d need to lock them away before you finish the entire box in one sitting.

Founded last year by ex-banker Fiona Loh, Whiskdom’s bakes have become so immensely popular that the brownies are even shipped worldwide as she regularly receives substantial orders from countries like United States, Australia, and Hong Kong. She is also known for her chunky, gooey cookies that are just as exquisite.

But it’s not just chocolatey goodness that you’ll find here, as Fiona also takes her flavours up a notch and brings out a wide assortment to choose from. This includes Speculoos delight Brownie, Crème Brûlée Cookie, Sea Salt Nutella Brownie, and Dark Cocoa Raspberry – and this is just the tip of the iceberg as Fiona rolls out new flavours every single week which you can check out on her Instagram page.

A box of six of these gooey cookies and brownies costs S$38 which you can purchase on the website. Delivery is priced at S$8 for orders below S$38, S$4 for orders above S$38, and free for orders above S$120. You can also opt for self-collection at Alexandra Central Mall.

5. Two Bake Boys

Two Bake Boys brings us on a trip to Thailand with their signature Thai Tea Crepe Cake. Each layer of the cake is thoroughly infused with the toasty and earthy flavours of cha yen and then covered with a creamy Thai tea milk sauce for the finishing touch.

Founded by Thai-born Singaporean PR Kitty, the home-based business was started to support her two sons while sharing this delectable Thai treat with all Singaporeans. Unlike the classic French crepe cake, her crepe layers are thicker, smoother, and silkier while maintaining a light-as-air overall texture – perfect for a teatime snack.

Two Bake Boys have done so well that Kitty has just opened a takeaway store at CT Hub 2 where you can visit to collect these yummies.

Each Thai Tea Crepe Cake costs S$7.20 per slice or S$45 for a 16cm cake. The menu has also expanded to include over 10 different crepe cake flavours such as Earl Grey Lavender, Taro, Thai Rose Tea, and many more! If you decide which flavour to get, get the TBB Big Box Set 8 (S$56) which comes with eight different flavours of crepe cakes. As walk-in purchases are very limited, be sure to pre-order your favourite crepe on the website to avoid any disappointment.

6. Ciel Patisserie

They say that good things come from the most unexpected places, and that is exactly how we found Ciel Patisserie. Tucked away in the heartlands of Hougang, this hidden dessert cafe serves up the most delectable French confectioneries at extremely affordable prices.

For as low as S$5, you can get your hands on Lemon Meringue Tarts, rich chocolate mousse Bombes, Fresh Fruit Tarts (Fraîche), and even the bakery’s bestselling Strawberry Shortcake. One of the owners is a graduate from renowned French culinary arts school Le Cordon Bleu Paris, so you can certainly count on these desserts to send your taste buds dancing.

Visit the website to make your order or check out its Instagram page to show some love. Ciel Patisserie offers island-wide delivery at a flat fee of S$20 or you can head down to the following address for self-collection or walk-in purchase: Block 124 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1444, Singapore 530124.

7. Doughter Bakery

You’d be sure to taste the love in every bite of the goods baked by this devoted mother-daughter duo. Known for their chewy and gluten-free Mochi Muffins, Doughter Bakery is a home-based business that guarantees to deliver a crispy exterior and a soft-chewy middle in every bake.

These delicious muffins also come in a range of flavour combinations such as lemon curd, earl grey white chocolate, matcha and white chocolate, and even a local favourite, kaya and coconut. They start at S$18 for a box of six, or you can opt for a box of assorted flavours priced from S$19 if you can’t decide on one flavour. The menu has also expanded to include Mochi Donuts and giant cookies that are equally as chewy and decadent.

Doughter Bakery is always cooking up new and innovative flavours every week, so head over to its Instagram page to see what flavours are coming next or make your orders on the website. Island-wide delivery is available at a flat fee of S$8 or you can pick up your bakes at 127 Lorong L Telok Kurau.

8. Gailybakes

Can’t decide if you want a brownie or a mochi muffin? Why not get the best of both worlds with Gailybakes’ Mochi Brownies? A one-woman show by founder Michelle, the sky’s the limit for this home bakery when it comes to flavour profiles of her offerings as the flavours of her Mochi Brownies range from Earl Grey Chocolate and Smores to even Corn Cheese.

Every bite you take into its gooey, chewy centre leaves you wanting for more as it oozes a rich and luscious molten surprise. The menu has also expanded to include other unique and tantalising creations such as Mochi Bundtlettes, Terrines, Mochi Teacakes, Mochi Donuts, and Mochi Blondies.

Keep a lookout on Gailybakes’ Instagram page for her latest creations and place your orders here. It’s a game of fastest fingers first as Michelle’s delicious treats are always sold out by the end of the week, so much so that she even has a waiting list. Island-wide delivery is available at a flat fee of $8 per location and waived for orders above S$55. Do note that self-pickup is currently unavailable.

9. Upcakes

Ring in the durian season with Upcakes’ sinfully delectable Mao Shan Wang Durian Chocolate Cake. Founded by a husband-and-wife team who previously had no culinary experience (he was an ex-chemical engineer and she’s a dentist), Upcakes was started for their baby boy who’s diagnosed with Down Syndrome and continues to advocate for other individuals with the same condition.

Other than being an amazing social enterprise, Upcakes has been flooding our Instagram feeds with a slew of addictive chocolate cakes. The best-seller is none other than the velvety rich Mao Shan Wang durian flavour that pairs so well with the bittersweet chocolate fudge cake. Trust us, it will not only warm the hearts but also please the palettes of all Singaporeans.

If durian is your cup of tea, Upcakes also serves other flavours including Chocolate Chip Mint or the classic Chocolate cake that are priced from S$39 to 138 depending on the size. Check out the Instagram page for the latest updates and place your orders here. Self-pickup is currently unavailable but island-wide delivery is offered at a nominal fee of S$10.

10. Bakes by NY

Last but not least, we have Bakes by NY, a one-stop destination to satisfy every Singaporean’s craving for something sweet. Founded by Nazirah, this Muslim-owned bakery specialises in Italian stuffed doughnuts that come in an assortment of local flavours such as ondeh-ondeh, Milo dinosaur, durian, and kopi C.

Bakes by NY has become such a hot favourite among locals that it has even opened three outlets in the neighbourhoods of Tampines, Yishun, and Bedok.

These delicious doughnuts start from S$3 onwards and you can purchase a box of five (or 50!) if one doughnut simply isn’t enough. Pop over to the Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest updates and place your pre-orders on the website. If you wish to buy from the physical stores, do head down early as the doughnuts are always sold out by the end of the day.