These bakes by 14 local bakers are so adorable, you won’t want to take a bite out of them

The pandemic has definitely changed our way of life by now as we all adapt to the new normal, and one thing we have definitely seen an increase in during this stay home period are home-based and local bakeries as people now have a little more time on their hands than before.


On the topic of baking, we recently came across a Japanese icing artist who created some of the most adorable Psyduck-themed macarons and pastries that totally won our hearts over with their intricate design and details.

And if you’ve been looking out for similar sweet treats in Singapore just like, you’re in luck! Ahead, we have gathered 14 local bakers and bakeries that you can check out for some of the cutest bakes, just like these Psyduck macarons.

From cartoon character mantous and carved pineapple tarts to Korean-inspired fatcarons, our local bakers definitely don’t fall short when it comes to creating unique and one-of-a-kind bakes.

1. Nanatangbakes (@nanatangbakes)

We have all heard about macarons before but have you ever heard of fatcarons? If you are someone who constantly keeps up with the latest trends from Korea, then this term is definitely not new to you. Fatcarons are basically your classic macarons but stuffed with a thicker layer of cream in the centre and with more ingredients like candy, fruits, and many more, definitely one that is suitable for the gram.

Known as one of the pioneers who first brought in fatcarons to the Singapore pastry market, Nanatang has even introduced their own fatfat-carons that are double the thickness and of course, double the goodness too. The fatcaron menu currently consists of 10 flavours and is sold in a set for S$35.

Meanwhile, the fatfat-carons feature classic favourite flavours such as strawberry shortmac and oreo cheesecake as well as local flavours like kaya fancy cheese and ondeh ondeh. A set of four (consisting of the same flavours) are priced at S$30 while a box of eight is priced at S$52.

Other than fatcarons, the patisserie also specialises in various customised cakes like brownies, swiss rolls and cupcakes. If you happen to be interested in getting your hands on baking, Nanatang also offer various baking classes that you can consider taking up!

Check out Nanatang’s Instagram page for the full range of bakes they offer, where you can then place your order on their website

2. Yoyosumer SG (@yoyosummer_sg)

Korean fondant cakes have been all the craze recently because of its customisation options along with a vast range of designs to choose from, from cute to minimalistic ones. Most importantly, they are very Insta-worthy!


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Filled with pastel colours and topped with 3D frogs, isn’t this just the cutest cake ever? Having been baking for the past 11 years, Cindy, the founder of Yoyosummer specialises in Korean fondant cakes as well as wedding cakes. One look at her Instagram profile and you can clearly see that Cindy definitely has a flair for creating various never seen before designs.


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A post shared by Cindy (@yoyosummer_sg)

If you are interested in creating your own personalised Korean fondant cakes by hand, Yoyosummer SG offers baking workshops too!

Check out Yoyosumer SG’s Instagram page or drop [email protected] an email for cake customisation quotations and to place your orders. 

3. Therapeutic Bake (@therapeutic_bake)

Any personalised gift is always bound to make the receiver a little happier all the time. What could be a better way than to gift someone you love a hand-drawn swiss roll on their special day!


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Carman, the founder of Therapeutic Bake, decided to start this bakery as a form of therapy for herself after going through a series of personal struggles, which explains the name of her brand. Whether it be a cartoon character or a particular personalised design you have in mind, name it all and Carman will get it done for you, along with a hand-drawn birthday wish, if you need it.


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These swiss rolls are available in five different flavours – chocolate, cookies and cream, earl grey tea, Nutella, and matcha green tea. For the cream filling, choose from various fruity flavoured creams such as peach, durian, mango, and many more! These swiss rolls start at a price of S$24 and vary based on your chosen design.

Check out Therapeutic Bake’s Instagram page and DM her for more information or to place your orders. Alternatively, you can also drop her a Whatsapp message at 9777 2095. 

4. Happy Cart

Taking things the unconventional way, Happy Cart transforms your favourite traditional snacks and add a little sparkle to them. From princess-themed mantou’s to Sesame Street tang yuan, what’s not to love about these out of the box creations?

Inclusive of three flavours – red bean, chocolate, and plain, be sure to snap a picture for the gram before taking a bite into this creation! It’s so adorable and we definitely can’t bear to take a bite off any of these irresistibly cute bakes.

Yes, we all know about the colourful flavoured tang yuan that many of us are obsessed with, but now tang yuan with cute character designs? That’s a definite yes from us! These cartoon character ones (above) are sold in Kosong flavour.

Check out Love Cart’s Facebook page and drop them a PM to order your very own character mantou and tangyuan now!

5. Always Love Bakery (@alwayslove_20)

It hasn’t been long since we were all into collecting mini Tsum Tsum plushies and merchandise, and now we have Tsum Tsum character cookies.


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A post shared by Always Love Bakery (@alwayslove_20)

Made with Gold Churn butter, less sugar, and no preservatives, you know you can consume these Hong-Kong style butter cookies feeling a little less guilty! Each piece of cookie is intricately designed and handmade so you can definitely feel the love in each bite. Affordably priced, these cookies are sold at S$30 for 25 pieces, with a minimum order of two boxes per order.

Check out Always Love Bakery’s Instagram page and drop them a DM to place your order. 

6. Eggyi (

First entering the baking scene amidst the Circuit Breaker period in 2020, Eggyi has definitely come a long way since then.


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From minimalistic floral designs to cute cartoon characters, Eggyi does it all.


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Available in three sizes, opt for the lunchbox cakes if you want to simply grab a spoon and eat the cake right from the box itself or go for the heart bento cakes if you are gifting it to someone you love. Also available in mini sizes, these are perfect for those with a smaller appetite!

Eggyi cakes start at a price of S$20 and customised designs start at an additional S$5 per cake.

Check out Eggyi’s Instagram page for the full menu and to place your orders. 

7. SG Dream Hearts (@sgdreamhearts)

Chinese New Year may be over but who says we can only have pineapple tarts during this festive season?


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Well, great news for pineapple tart lovers because you now know where to get your source of pineapple tarts all year round whenever you’re craving it! Crafted for different occasions like Chinese New Year and even Halloween, these pineapple tarts come with a soft and buttery taste that instantly melts in your mouth with an explosion of rich flavours that definitely packs a punch. Also available all year round are the fortune cat pineapple tarts that are priced at S$18 for eight pieces.

Check out SG Dream Heart’s Instagram page for more information and to place your order now. 

8. The Crash Baker (@thecrashbaker)

A fellow baker who creates Korean-inspired fatcarons, these definitely stand out from the rest with their vibrant colours that would definitely make anyone’s day.


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A post shared by The Crash Baker SG (@thecrashbaker)

Look forward to monthly seasonal flavours such as tiramisu red velvet cheesecake, raspberry white chocolate, and many more! Not to forget the beautiful designs and colours these macarons are presented in from tie-dye macaron shells to duo coloured ones.

These beautiful fatcarons are sold in sets of four (S$18), six (S$25), and 12 (S$48). Here’s the good news – for the month of June, these sets are being sold at a discounted price, at S$16.20, S$22.50, and S$43.20 respectively, so quickly get yourself a set to try asap while the deal is still on!

Check out The Crash Baker’s Instagram page to place your order now. 

9. J Petite Patisserie (@jpetite.patisserie)

Whether you’re looking for someone who does simple cake designs cartoon character fondant cakes, J petite Patisserie is able to satisfy customised orders of any kind.

From the iconic game Among us characters to our childhood favourite, Winnie the Pooh, and many more, the bakery has done customisations of almost every character and theme possible.

A bake that definitely caught our eye would have to be this elaborate Harry Potter cake that involves so many fine and intricate like the character’s expressions and mini book decorations that has Hogwart spelt on them.

Check out J Petite Patisserie’s Instagram page to place your very own customised orders now.

10. Kaeleigh Cakes Co (@kaeleighcakesco)

With so much thought and detail put into every order, you can be sure that you’ll be left with no regrets when you purchase bakes from Kaeleigh Cakes Co.


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Whether it be simple macarons for a toned-down celebration or extravagant layer cakes for kids’ birthday parties, Kaeleigh Cakes has done it all before. So, you know your customised orders are in good hands with Kaeleigh’s many years of experience and passion for baking.

Check out Kaeleigh Cakes Co’s Instagram page and drop them a DM to place your orders and for more details.

11. Slices (@slices_sg)

One look at Slices Sg’s Instagram page and you’ll see various fondant cake customisations that are out of this world suitable for both children and adults alike.


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A post shared by Slices (@slices_sg)

Specialising in cake customisation, Slices Sg is the one to visit for your loved one’s next big celebration. If you happen to be looking for the iconic cash-pulling cakes we’ve recently been seeing a lot of all over social media, this versatile bakery has got you covered too.

Check out Slices Sg’s Instagram page and drop them a DM to place your customised orders now.

12. One More Bite (@onemorebitebycheyenne)

Another macaron expert on the list, you won’t have to worry about not being able to find this tiny goodness in Singapore!

Whether it be plain coloured macarons or character design ones, One More Bite has got you all covered. Customised designs aside, the bakery also offers various macaron flavours for you to choose from. Enjoy classic flavours such as lemon, green tea, and earl grey from or go for speciality flavours like apple cinnamon and lychee rose from the premium line.

These macarons are sold at S$1.60 each and have to be purchased with a minimum order of 10 macarons.

Check out One More Bite’s Instagram page and drop them a DM to place your orders and for more details. Alternatively, you can contact Cheyenne on Whatsapp at 9167 0269. 

13. Angie’s Cake Delight

For all things Kawaii, Angie’s Cake Delight is definitely the go-to bakery to head to.

The must-try highlight from her would definitely be these character swiss cakes that are shaped like gigantic candies!

Check out Angie’s Cake Delight’s Instagram page for more design ideas where you can then drop them a text at 9272 8973 to place your orders.

14. The Baking Munchies

Managed with love and passion by two sisters, you know every bite of bakes from The Baking Munchies will warm your heart.


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Check out The Baking Munchies’ Instagram page and drop them a DM to place your orders.