8 reasons why you should (and can) go on a private island getaway

The hustle and bustle of life in Singapore can often get to us, and there are just times when we should disconnect and take a quick holiday. One VERY therapeutic option many are taking these days is to go on a private island getaway, and we have eight reasons why you wouldn’t regret going for one.

1. Time will stand still for you


As time pressed individuals in our daily lives, we often dream of moments where time means nothing, when it all just goes away. A private island getaway on Nikoi island does exactly that for you. Every hour you spend on a private island getaway won’t be for anything you don’t want it to be for. It’s not a place for Facebook notifications or calendar updates. Instead, it’s just the sun, sand and sea. Just like the breeze which flits across the island, life is easy.

2. Away from the maddening crowds


Living in Singapore can sometimes feel like living in a cage, especially when you’re trapped on a full MRT train in the evenings. It’s less like public transport and more like a battle royale with bags and elbows.

Private islands are small too, but they’re remarkably devoid of the human beings. Other than a team of dedicated but discreet staff, guests live, dine and play in large spaces. The density is just that much lower!

3. Living like a Kardashian


Get ready for service that is ridiculously good. On a private island getaway like Nikoi, you never need to worry about your food being the wrong temperature, or if you’ll be eating anything that you’re allergic to. Don’t like chicken? They’ll change it for you. Want to kayak? They’ll haul it out to the water and seat you properly. Worried kids may drown? Staff are right there in the water during jetty jumps. I’ve even seen staff ride out on a speedboat to rescue a paddle boarder who went a little too far out. They think of everything, and then some.

4. Your very own spacious villa


I’m not kidding when I say that there’s plenty of space for everyone. I booked a one bedroom villa, and it came with two floors! There’s so much space to lounge around and enjoy that you’ll find yourself having a dilemma: Do you sleep in the bedroom or run down to enjoy the day bed? Should you sun tan at the porch of your villa, or do you head down to the beach?


There are just so many options!

5. Amazing and freshly prepared food options


The food is sourced locally, and cooked daily for guests. This means the seafood is fresh and the vegetables are sweet and tasty. I had nine meals on Nikoi and there wasn’t a single meal that was bad. The staff would rotate menus and ensure that the food was always different. I also loved the fact that the staff would tell me what I was going to be served for my next meal. Like I said: great service.

6. Views you will never find in Singapore


There is just no way to describe the deep blue of the ocean that you’ll be privy to when you’re sitting on a kayak. It’s even harder to explain how it feels like to be the only ones sitting on a jetty during sunset while the horizon is bathed in orange hues. There’s also very little light pollution, so you’ll be able to look up at the skies and get lost in the stars above. The views are truly stellar.

7. No frustration from spoilt photo opportunities


Remember what I said about the ultra low population density on the island? When I was on Nikoi, I was free to just sit down and be myself without any of the other guests intruding on my space. If I did want to snap a pic, there would almost always be no one else in it. It’s such a  liberating experience to have that sort of freedom.

8. Well-deserved down time


Look, at the end of the day, the value of a private island getaway is the chance to connect with your loved ones. Whether it’s with a significant other, or with your family, an island getaway lifts the spirits and opens up channels of communication. There are always new experiences and exciting activities, but there are also moments of tranquility and silence. That is what makes a private island getaway truly valuable.

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