20 best packing hacks that will help you fit fewer luggage when you travel

For most of us, travelling is that one thing we look forward to. But packing for a travel can be tiring and difficult especially when we have so many things to bring and are trying hard to keep to the luggage restrictions. Here are 20 packing hacks that can help create more luggage space for lighter travel:

1. Roll your clothes

roll clothes

“Roll and not fold your clothes!” This is probably the most common tip you will hear and for good reasons. Rolling your clothes will help save more space than folding them.

2. Arranging your rolled clothes

After rolling your clothes, you should stack rather than placing them upright. This helps you fit more clothing into the same space.

3. Vacuum pack thicker clothes

To save even more space, you can pack your rolled clothes into a vacuum pack to compress your clothing even further.

This is especially useful for those of you who are bringing clothes with thicker material, such as winter wear, you may want to place them in vacuum packs

There is no need to bring a mini vacuum with you when you travel. You can create the same compression effect by placing a heavy item on the vacuum pack or sitting on the bag to push out the excess air.

4. Choose clothes that are multi-functional

Pack items that can be worn for different occasions. Some helpful items include scarves that could spice up your wardrobe for more formal settings or even a simple cotton basic dress that is good for casual and more formal setting.

5. Bring clothes that can dry easily

Another way to reduce luggage space is to bring clothes that can dry easily so you can wash and re-wear them the following day. Those who like this option can consider bringing dri-fit material clothing as they usually quicker than cotton-based clothing.

But for those of you who want to have a brand-new set of outfits for every day of your travel, you can skip this option.

6. Bring clothes you are intending to throw away

Alternatively, you may want to pack clothes that you intend to throw away. This saves the need for you to wash the clothes when you come back.

Besides, this is a good way to make space for newer things.

7. Bring disposable underwear

Disposable underwear can go a long way in reducing luggage space especially since most of them are packed in rolls. It also saves you the hassle of having to wash them when you are back.

Here’s a tip: purchase those made from cotton material as they are generally more comfortable and durable, even though they are slightly pricier than the ones in more uncomfortable materials.

Available for men and women, disposable underwear can be found at Watsons.

8. Pack underwear between gaps in luggage

If you dislike the disposable underwear option but still want to save space, pack your underwear by rolling them and squeezing them between the gaps in your luggage.

9. Pack at least 1 pair of denim bottoms

pack denim jeans

Denims are our favourites for travel. Its durability allows us to re-wear them for days and this helps us reduce the number of bottoms we need to bring. Not to mention, they look good for almost every occasion.

10. Travel-sized toiletries

To travel light, decant your skincare products into smaller containers.

refillable bottles

These silicone ones are leak-proof and squeezable to make sure you can get every drop of the product out. Prices start from S$7.24 on Shopee.

You can also get your hands on mini makeup products if you really want to keep everything in a small makeup pouch. Sephora stock plenty of these.

11. Toiletries in sample-size

Remember those sachets that you’ve collected from beauty counters and never really got to using? These are great when you travel and save space because of how flat and small they are.

12. Pack shoes in shower caps

Unlike clothes, it is almost impossible to compress the shoes without damaging it. Thus, the best way to pack your footwear would be to put them in shower caps. This helps to prevent your shoes from dirtying your other items and also contain the smell from your shoes.

Extra tip: Tuck your socks inside the shoes to create more free space.

13. Bring shoes that can match almost every outfit


Pack shoes that are versatile – those that allow you to match almost every outfit. Sneakers are a good choice as not only are they comfortable, they are suitable for almost every occasion.

14. Bring a universal travel adaptor

We’re sure most of you would agree that being able to recharge your electronic gadgets is one of the top priority when travelling. What frustrates most is when you find a power point but do not have the right plugs that fit.

Bringing a universal travel adaptor can help to solve this problem. No longer will you need to bring multiple adapters when all you need is one that can do all the job.

You may want to consider investing in a better travel adaptor seeing how these things are so important to us. The last thing you want? A lower-end travel adapter snapping while on holiday. Also, look out for those that can be used in European and Asian countries to reduce the need to buy two separate types of adaptors.

15. Foldable hand-carry bags

For all those who anticipate bringing more things on their way back, foldable hand-carry bags are useful. These help to save space and tend to be lighter as compared to the non-foldable ones.

16. Avoid using small pouches

While pouches can help keep your items organised and separate, they may result in greater wastage of space as most pouches are odd-sizes and make it tougher pack neatly.

17. Use travel cubes instead

If you still prefer to compartmentalise your items, consider using travel cubes instead. These work better than odd-sized pouches as they are of uniform size and can fit nicely in the luggage.

Here are travel cubes and other travel organisers that help you pack more efficiently.

18. Keep your cables properly

Cables for your electronic gadgets can take up quite a bit of your luggage space. You can consider investing in a cable organiser pouch to keep them all in place. This also prevents the cables from getting tangled.

cable organiser

Here’s one for just S$10.99 on Shopee.

19. Pack jewellery in pill cases

For those who want to accessorise during the trip, packing your jewellery in pill cases helps keep the jewellery untangled, organised, and also save space.

20. Pack only what you need

Most importantly, pack only what you need.

Very often, we get sucked into the “just in case” mentality and end up packing things we do not need. Instead, look at your travel itinerary and plan accordingly. Make a list and stick to it!

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