22 best travel organisers to make packing a breeze

Booking a plane ticket to our dream destination is always a joyous occasion, but this happiness always seems to subside when we think about the packing we need to do. And all seasoned travellers know that the start of a good trip is a neatly packed luggage that greets you when you reached your accommodation.

However, a suitcase isn’t exactly the most organised space for all your necessities, accessories and clothes. So to better prepare yourself for your upcoming trips, here are 22 best travel organisers to make packing and unpacking a breeze:

1. StyleDegree Travel Gift Bundle

Source: Style Degree

The best way to organise is to categorise — and with Style Degree’s Travel Gift Bundle you can do just that. An all-inclusive set that includes six pieces of luggage organisers, travel toiletries organisers, medicine organiser and a digital organiser, your luggage would be well-compartmentalised. This is especially useful business trips, where your schedule will be hectic and early. The organisation would prove to be useful as you go about your days.

StyleDegree Travel Gift Bundle is available on their website and retails for SGD39.

2. Kikki.K Croc Textured Travel Wallet with Zip: Signature Edition

Source: Kikki.K

What’s the point of neat luggage if your important documents are not arranged well for travel? Kikki.K’s travel wallet allows you to travel in organised style with pockets for your boarding pass, credit cards, and other important staples you might need. Having all of these documents in one safe place allows you to travel with ease without fumbling at customs or holding up a line while making payments. Not to mention, they also offer blind embossing services to personalise your wallet and ensure proof your ownership should anything go awry.

Kikki.K Croc Textured Travel Wallet is available on their website and retails for SGD74.99.

3. MUJI to GO Pouch with Handle

Source: Muji

For those with a skincare or shower routine they stick religiously to, this minimalist pouch is a simple solution to neatly organise all your products. With roomy space for full-size toners and creams, there is also a mesh compartment for smaller items such as contact lens cases. On the sides are rubbered straps that are perfect for makeup brushes. Having all your essential bathroom items in one place is great for ensuring that you do not have to bounce from your room and back because you forgot something.

MUJI to GO Pouch with Handle is available on their website and retails for SGD20.90

4. IKEA FÖRFINA Pack Bag Set of 6

Source: IKEA

Packing cubes are the cheat codes of travel organisation. Malleable and soft, you can fit as much or as little as you want while still maintaining order in your luggage space. IKEA’s pack of six comes in varied sizes for your different needs, with one that is the perfect fit for shoes. Furthermore, the cover is a see-through mesh so you can easily identify what each cube contains.

IKEA FÖFINA Pack Bag Set of 6 is available in-store at IKEA and retails for SGD12.90.

5. IUIGA Kraft Paper Passport Protector

Source: IUIGA

Having a passport protector is probably the most essential organiser since it encases the most important travel item — your passport! The IUIGA one is especially great as it is water-resistant, and interestingly, made from Kraft paper. This leaves the protector with a stylish look while having multiple compartments within to keep other necessary items safe. Not to mention, the unique texture of the Kraft paper makes it easily identifiable when you rummage your hand through your backpack, which is definitely a plus during customs.

IUIGA Kraft Paper Passport Protect is available on their website and retails for SGD15.90.

6. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Travel Makeup Bag

Source: Beautylish

If you are a makeup fiend, then these Jeffree Star cosmetics pouches are great for all the makeup you decide to bring and going to buy on the trip. With room for two palettes, brushes, compacts and more, this vegan leather bag comes with durable gold hardware that will keep your products safe. Not to mention, they are available in refreshingly bold colours that are full of personality!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Travel Makeup Bag is available on their website and Beautylish and retails for an estimated SGD41.

7 Cath Kidston Travel Foldout Washbag

Source: Zalora

For fans of the feminine prints by London brand Cath Kidston, this travel washbag allows you to house all your bathroom necessities in their signature look. Containing two zip mesh organisers and an internal zip pocket, this lined travel companion fastens with a magnetic clasp that is secure but easy to open. It also comes with a strong hanging hook so that you can easily place it around the bathroom without worrying that your items may drop any moment.

Cath Kidston Travel Foldout Washbag is available on Zalora and retails for SGD59.

8. Agva Gadget Insert Organiser 10″

Source: Zalora

With our world being interconnected by technology, it is inevitable that we would need to bring our electronics along with us on the trip. But with great tech products, comes a great number of wires and charging heads. Agva’s Gadget Insert Organiser was created as a solution to these problems. Designed to store and organize all your tech gadgets and accessories in one slim board, it is a space-saving gadget insert folder transferable from one backpack to another while keeping your gadget accessories organised. With various compartments, it is big enough to fit an iPad, your phone and other necessary wires.

Agva Gadget Insert Organiser 10″ is available on Zalora and retails for SGD19.90.

9. Tokidoki Travel Collection – Luggage Organiser (Set of 3)

Source: Sample Store

If you are enamoured by Italian artist Simone Legno’s works, then the luggage organiser from his Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand Tokidoki is a must-have. Printed with the infamous cast of Tokidoki, this set includes three zipper packing cubes that fit a variety of items. Each packing cube also comes with a top handle, making it easy to be carried and hung onto hooks if needed.

Tokidoki Travel Collection – Luggage Organiser (Set of 3) is available on Singpost and retails for SGD39.90.

10. Herschel Travel Organisers Multipack

Source: Zalora

Known for their functional designs, Canadian brand Herschel carries over this modern functionality to their travel organisers. The set is inclusive of three zip fastening organisers in small, medium, large along with a dry bag. The dry bag comes in useful for the adventurous that love water activities, or can act as a nifty bag to keep used clothes in.

Herschel Travel Organisers Multipack is available on Zalora and retails for SGD48.90.

11. Cocoon GRID-IT Organiser Case

Source: Amazon

For those travelling with IT gear, then Cocoon’s GRID-IT organiser case is a versatile board ready to store any of your tech-cessories. Designed with an object retention system, this board can firmly fit your phone, portable chargers, compact camera, earpieces and more. As the straps allow for endless configurations, you can even use this for other necessities — foam cleansers, toiletries, makeup brushes or whatever you want!

Cocoon GRID-IT Organiser Case is available on Amazon and retails for SGD15.70

12. Plane Pal Packing Pals

Source: Taxi Baby

Packing cubes are extremely useful when sharing luggage space with the family. Plane Pal’s packing bags allows you to efficiently organise by person, so everyone knows where their items are in the confined suitcase. Made from strong but lightweight material, these packing cubes are also great for keeping dirty clothes separate from clean ones.

Plane Pal Packing Pals is available on their website and retails for SGD35.90.

13. BUBM Travel Gadget Carry Bag

Source: Amazon

Made with heavy-duty nylon, this double-layered carry bag has ample compartments for all your accessories. The well-padded semi-flexible cover offers excellent protection for your electronic accessories and is even waterproof to keep them extra safe. The zipper closure also ensures that all your items are securely kept within the carry bag, and will not accidentally fall into the black hole of your luggage.

BUBM Travel Gadget Carry Bag is available on Amazon and retails for SGD14.99.

14. Stackers Travel Jewellery Box

Source: ASOS

Those that love to pair their outfits with accessories know the struggle of detangling them when we reach our destination. Stackers’ travel jewellery box helps to eliminate this problem with their multi-compartment case. Compact and travel-friendly, Stackers’ jewellery box comes in varied sizes that are best suited for earrings and rings. Made from faux leather, the zipper closure holds your precious pieces in place even in the most turbulent of rides.

Stackers Travel Jewellery Box is available on ASOS and retails for SGD51.88.

15. The Daily Edited Travel Case

Source: The Daily Edited

What is better than a travel organiser for your makeup? A personalised one! The Daily Edited provides a service to customise their monogram leather travel case, where you can add in your favourite quote or your name in a font of your choice. You can even request to have it in your handwriting! As for the case itself, it is structured and practical, with two compartments and a four zip closure with the top half of the case having two further compartments with interior zips. These additional spaces are great for storing small items so they don’t get lost at the bottom of your bag. The top half also includes earring hooks to keep your ear candy in place for the long miles.

The Daily Edited Travel Case is available on their website and retails for SGD139.90 (not inclusive of customisation costs).

16. MISSLO Hanging Jewelry Organiser

Source: Amazon

If you like options while on a trip, then be sure to grab one of these hanging jewellery organisers from MISSLO. Affordably priced, the 32 clear pocket compartments allow you to comfortably place as many pieces as you want while the 18 loops closures holds your bulkier accessories (such as necklaces and bracelets) in place. There is even an opening through which to slip a standard hanger so you can put up this organiser conveniently in the closet.

MISSLO Hanging Jewelry Organiser is available on Amazon and retails for SGD7.99.

17. Vario Watch Travel Case

Source: Vario

It is always a struggle to bring more than one watch on a trip. They damage easily if not placed properly, and are too expensive of an investment to risk damage during travel. Vario’s watch travel case provides extra security for your precious time tellers. With high-quality nylon exterior and a soft velvet interior, your watch will be snugly cushioned in the doughnut-shaped case. Its durable material makes it crush and spill-proof with enough room to fit mechanical, quartz and smart watches. There is also a mesh compartment where you can store your charging wire or extra straps.

Vario Watch Travel Case is available on their website and retails for SGD28.

18. SMARTTOP 5-Slot Travel Sunglasses Organiser

Source: Amazon

Just like other fragile objects, sunglasses are susceptible to cracking while in a luggage, especially when it is tossed around. If this is a concern for you, then SMARTTOP’s five-slot travel organiser would be a good alternative to leaving your eyewear in dustbags and hoping for the best. With a folding design, the PU leather case opens up to reveal five snug spots for your favourite glasses. The top handle allows it to be easily hung if needed, and its size makes it a great travelling companion.

SMARTTOP 5-Slot Travel Sunglasses Organiser is available on Amazon and retails for SGD25.99.

19. Hodinkee Canvas Watch Roll

Source: Hodinkee

Handmade and hand-stitched in USA, Hodinkee’s Canvas Watch Roll is a compact travel organiser for watch lovers. Made of Rugged and tough canvas, its high quality makes it stand the test of time and miles. Simply place your watches in the appropriate slot, fold the flap over, roll, tie with the rawhide cords, and you’re good to go. Sturdy and stylish, this is the practical alternative to the cloth storage roll and extremely secure during travel.

Hodinkee Canvas Watch Roll is available on their website and retails for SGD120.

20. Zilink Breathable Garment Bags

Source: Amazon

Business trips mean you need to carry over formal wear that crinkles fast. As such, it is important to store them in garment bags while travelling, and Zilink’s Breathable Garment Bags are an affordable option. The bags are extremely spacious, with enough room to contain two dresses, suit and shirt while the breathable mesh pockets at the bottom can fit up to a pair of ankle boots and accessories such as ties or scarves. There is also a plastic PVC cardholder to identify your garment bag, and the clear window allows you to see inside without opening it. The double handles are also extremely useful for preventing full-length dresses from hitting the ground!

Zilink Breathable Garment Bags are available on Amazon and retails at SGD12.99

21. Origami Unicorn’s TUO

Source: Origami Unicorn

Dubbing themselves the ultimate undergarment travel organiser, Origami Unicorn’s TUO comes with three separate compartments that can be rolled up into a compact bag suited for travel. There is even an integrated laundry bag with two compartments to separate underwear and socks. With this organiser, you would never have to rummage through your entire luggage for that one underwear you know you definitely packed.

Origami Unicorn’s TUO is available on their website and retails for an estimated SGD67.

22. Acrodo Space Saver Travel Bags

Source: Amazon

Limited luggage space is always a problem, especially when there is much to bring, and much more to bring back. Acrodo’s vacuum compression travel bags are extremely useful when such a situation occurs. Requiring no vacuum or pump, they utilise valve-suction technology to tightly compress your item and seal the bag. Made from thick plastic, they keep your items air and watertight until you are ready to start wearing them at your destination.

Acrodo Space Saver Travel Bags are available on Amazon and retails for SGD18.97

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