20 most Instagrammable places in and around Taipei you have to add to your itinerary

Taiwan is a modern metropolis with a fusion of Japanese colonial lanes, contemporary American style homes, and traditional Chinese architecture. Because of the beautiful blend of cultures, there are limitless photo opportunities in every street and corner you turn to.

If you are looking to up your photography game for your Instagram feed while travelling in Taiwan, you’re on the right article. Here are the top 20 most Instagrammable places in Taiwan that you need to pay a visit too!


1. Jiufen Old Street

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Jiufen Old Street was once originally built by the Japanese during the Qing Dynasty, and is also known to be a decommissioned gold mining town back in the late 1800s. As you make your way through the maze of streets and alleyways, you will be able to see the rich culture and influence of the Japanese. Today, Jiufen exists as a tourist hotspot, being filled with retro Japanese and Chinese style cafes, souvenir shops, tea houses and the incredible scenery of the ocean.

To get to Jiufen Old Street from Taipei, board the train from Taipei Main Station and travel to Ruifang Station. From the station, you will have to walk about four minutes to take a bus (827, 788 or 965) to reach Jiufen.



2. Elephant Mountain

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Where to get the best view of Taipei 101? Hike to the top of Elephant Mountain to witness the iconic building from afar! We suggest hiking on the weekday to avoid a crowd, this way you will be able to catch the sunset and the fascinating night view. One of the most popular photo-taking spots is the big boulder that you will need to climb onto to get that perfect shot.

Take the MRT to Xiangshan Station, then follow the sign boards and take a short walk to reach the base of Elephant Mountain.

3. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

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Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial is Taiwan’s most prominent historical sites. CKS Memorial Hall was constructed in memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, the former President of Republic of China. Within the hall, there is a museum documenting Chiang’s life story, career and history surrounding him and the country. With the building being historically breathtaking, you will be able to get great shots at many angles!

You can get to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall by taking the MRT to CKS Memorial Hall Station.

4. Liberty Square Arch

CKS Memorial Hall as mentioned above, is actually a part of Liberty Square. Next to it, you can find National Theatre, National Concert Hall and Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness. As this is one of the popular tourist destinations, we recommend coming in earlier to get your money shots with the distinctive buildings.

You can get to the Liberty Square Arch by taking the MRT to CKS Memorial Hall Station.

5. Grand Hotel Taipei

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To elevate your Instagram’s feed to another level, you should visit the Grand Hotel Taipei which is a 14-story palatial building on the hillside of Yuanshan. The classic beauty of traditional Chinese arts reflects brilliantly on the architecture of the hotel with its signature red columns and golden roof. You will be able to get regal shots because of its charming and mystic ambience that the hotel exudes.

To reach the Grand Hotel Taipei, take the train from Tamsui-Xinyi Line and travel to Yuanshan Station. From there, you can take a free shuttle bus to the hotel.

6. Longshan Temple

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The famous Longshan Temple, located in Wanhua District, was built in 1738 by settlers from Fuijian. The temple has stood the test of time, surviving through the wars and natural disasters. The temple’s architecture has been renovated magnificently through the many years, with it worshipping a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist, and deities like Mazu. Besides being Instagrammable, you will also get to see unique displays and practices of praying too!

From Taipei Main Station, you can take the shuttle bus 265 and alight at Longshan Temple after six stops.

7. National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine

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This beautiful shrine was created to honour the fallen Kuomintang soldiers after the Chinese Civil War. As you wander around, you will find smaller exhibitions along the way. This spot is considered underrated which is great news to shutterbugs who want to avoid being photobombed!

Take a train and drop off at Lan-Zhou Junior High School station. Then you need to board the shuttle bus 287 and alight after six stops to reach National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine.

8. Yongkang Street

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If you are in Taipei then it is a must to visit Yongkang Street, home to the renowned Din Tai Fung restaurant located at Xinyi Road! Before getting your bellies filled at many of the eateries along the way, give your Instagram feed an edge by taking colourful street shots here.

To get to Yongkang Street, board the bus 939 from City Council and alight after four stops. You will then need to take bus 22, drop off after seven stops and walk for five minutes!

9. Beitou (Hell Valley)

Escape from the bustling city life to the hot springs of Beitou, which was developed into a resort attraction during the Japanese Occupation. The most popular photo spot is ‘Hell Valley’, where the steam rises from the boiling water, giving your shots that dramatic flair!

From Taipei Main Station, travel on the Tamsui-Xinyi Line and drop off at MRT Shipai Station. Then take a one-minute walk towards Beitou.

10. Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

If you are looking for the best place to catch the sunset, you’ll need to check out Tamsui. The Fisherman’s Wharf has gone through many renovations over the years, building more tourist attractions and buildings. One of which is the Lover’s Bridge which will set a timeless romantic tone if you were capturing shots there. The bridge illuminates with a variety of colours too.

To get to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, board the train from Taipei Main Station and travel for 18 stops and alight at Tamsui Station. You will need to walk about eight minutes to Tamsui District.

11. Shifen Waterfall

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If your feed is lacking natural elements, you should consider coming to Shifen Waterfall, a 40-metre tall waterfall that projects a rainbow as the water splashes into the lake. Besides the waterfall, there is the marketplace nearby and the wide space where anyone can venture freely towards some railway tracks.

Here’s a tip: visit in February and you will be able to catch the Sky Lantern Festival where you can write a wish on a Chinese Lantern and set it free towards the sky!

We recommend in taking the bus 2025 from Taipei City Hall Bus Station and alight at Nuanjing Bridge. Walk towards Nuannuan Station and board another bus, 4706 and drop off at Shifen Station and walk another 15 minutes to get to Shifen Waterfall.

12. Taipei 101

One of the tallest buildings in the world, how can we not mention this famous landmark? Taipei 101 is 508-metre tall and as mentioned in its name, has 101 stories. It was thoughtfully designed as a symbol of Asian traditions fused with technology’s evolution. Many photographers love to play with angles in their frame because of the building’s intricate architecture!

Board the train either from the Red line or the Blue line and alight at Taipei City Hall Station. Walk along the Xinyi Shopping District towards Taipei 101.

13. Ximending

The town in Taipei that never sleeps: Ximending! Similar to Orchard Road in Singapore, Ximending is home to a variety of city’s culture scenes such as fashion stores, trendy cafes, unique restaurants, and cosy bars!

We recommend taking some shots when the sun is setting to catch the colours in mid sunset as well as the contrast of the city lights all around.

To reach Ximending, take the MRT to Ximen station.

14. Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan National Park is a popular tourist attraction, and home to many hiking trails, parks, wildlife, and internationally well-known hot springs. There is opportunity to take a great shot as you venture further into each part of the scenic park. The best part is that admission is free!

To reach Yangmingshan National Park, you will need to take a total of three buses. First, take the bus 1815 from Taipei City Hall Bus Station towards Huangxi Bridge. Transfer to the next bus, 862 and ride for another hour to Shimen. Finally, board bus 867, alight at Jianshanhu and you will need to walk about 26 minutes to the park.

15. Menghuan Pond, Yongmingshan National Park

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Menghuan Pond is a part of Yangmingshan National Park, it is reachable within an hour by feet if you were to go on the Lengshui Trail. The area is ecologically protected that looks like the ultimate winter dream due to the fog and mist. This is definitely the one shot you need to include in your feed.

Take the bus S15 from Jiantan Station and travel for an hour to Lengshuikeng Service Centre. You then need to walk about 16 minutes to reach Menghuan Pond.

16. Zhuzihu

If you are a floral fanatic, you will love this area. Zhuzihu, also located at Yangmingshan National Park. This is actually a local farming village in the mountains but it quickly became home to blooming flowers. Tourists can also find neighbouring pine and bamboo forests, local Formosan Sweetgum, local farms, and cherry trees too!

From MRT Shipai Station, take the bus S8 and drop off at Fengjiakou and walk for a minute to Zhuzihu.

If you don’t mind taking a day trip out to other cities and counties, here are additional spots to consider

17. Formosa Boulevard MRT Station Kaohsiung

This should be the top of your list as Formosa Boulevard Station is ranked as the second most stunning metro station in the world. The station has the largest glass artwork in the world with it being 30 metres in diameter and covers a space of 2,180 square metres, made up of 4,500 glass panels. This beautiful work is called the ‘Dome of Light’ and it was designed by an Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata.

To reach Formosa Boulevard Station from Kaohsiung, take the Kaohsiung Metro to Formosa Boulevard Station.

18. Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is sure to bring a different dynamic to your feed with its vibrant colourful spots around the quirky village. Before becoming the famous Rainbow Village, it was originally known as Caihongjuan Village, a low-cost space meant to veteran soldiers. As time gradually passed, numerous developers were interested in purchasing and demolishing the property but one fellow resident, Mr. Huang did not want to leave.

He began a protest by painting his home with comic characters and animals in bright colours and encouraged his neighbours to paint their homes too. The tale of Grandpa trying to save his home gained publicity and the village was saved!

We recommend taking the train from Taipei Main Station towards Taichung Station. Once you have alighted, take the bus 800 to Rainbow Village.

19. Alishan

When you are planning your itinerary to Taiwan, you must include Alishan. This is a forest filled with zen spaces, green valleys, sacred trees, Japanese-built trains, show-stopping sunrises, and cloud hugging high-altitude peaks, you definitely do not want to give this a miss. Previously during the Japanese occupation, Alishan was operating as a logging operation; transporting woods from the mountain.

There are a couple of ways to get to Alishan from Taipei. We recommend taking a train down to Chiayi station. Once you reached Chiayi station, you can either take the Alishan train or you can take a shuttle bus, 7211 or 7212. Note that you’ll need to book the scenic Alishan train ride in advance to secure a seat.

20. Taroko National Park

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Taroko National Park has one of the most beautiful views in Taiwan. Taroko Gorge is a sight to behold with its almost flat yet structured walls, along with the rising mountain and serene Liwu River. The park has many other attractions too: temples, museums, hiking trails, and aboriginal settlements. The best part is that the entrance to the park is free!

There are two ways to get to Taroko National Park from Taipei, for both ways, you will need to start by boarding the train from Taipei Main Station. If you were to travel to Xincheng Station, you will be able to reach the park faster with a short taxi ride. However, if you stop at Hualien Station, there are better accommodations within the area but you will need to take a four-hour bus ride to reach the park.

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