Too cute! Shaved ice that look like Taiwan’s mountains you need to feature on your Instagram feed

If you are headed to Taiwan during the summer season, you have to eat shaved ice. And if you want to try unique shaved ice, then you must head to Good Cho’s.

Good Cho’s is a popular bagel joint located in Taipei’s Xinyi district, but this summer, it’s not bagels that are drawing the crowds to the place. They have launched a series of popular shaved ice desserts based on well-known mountains in Taiwan, made with food ingredients that can be found locally.

Mountain Series Shaved Ice

There are four different types that you can enjoy, namely Alishan, Yu Shan, Yangmingshan, and Hehuanshan. One set (priced at NTD240) comes with a bowl of Ai-Yu jelly and a cup of taro balls.

Alishan Shaved Ice

The Alishan shaved ice bowl recreates the view you get of the mountain during a misty sunrise. The foot of the mountain is made with grass jelly, and the mist with fresh cream. The mountainsides are actually homemade honey yam chunks, topped with a fragrant sweet potato paste to resemble the sun.

Yu Shan Shaved Ice

This shaved ice dish uses Taiwan’s most popular summer fruits (pineapple, mango, kumquat, passionfruit, and longans) to create the perfect summer dessert. It doesn’t just look nice – it also tastes refreshingly sweet!

Yangmingshan Shaved Ice

To make this dessert look like a volcano formation, the base is filled with tang yuan and a thick sesame paste. Fragrant and flavourful matcha powder are also sprinkled on the shaved ice to resemble grassy green fields. It certainly looks like a delicious combination of classic Taiwanese sweet treats!

Hehuanshan Shaved Ice

Hehuanshan is a popular destination to view flowers, hence this dessert dish is an ode to the mountain’s beautiful floral scenery. Rose syrup made from roses grown in Nantou is generously drizzled over the shaved ice. Fresh lychees from Changhua are also used to make the cute pink jelly right at the top of the mountain – it is said to taste really sweet, with a slight tinge of sourness!

Mountain Series Sorbet Smoothie

Want a dessert that you can eat on the go? You can opt for the smoothie, which is no less adorable. One cup is priced at NTD80, and limited to takeaways only.

Yu Shan

The lemon shaved ice is made even more refreshing with the addition of pineapples and limes – the perfect drink to beat the heat!


The base of this smoothie is also lemon shaved ice, but topped instead with sweet-smelling raspberry and rose lychee syrup. Fresh apple slices are further added for the a satisfying crunch.

Want to put this place on your Taipei itinerary? Here are the details you need:

Name: Good Cho’s 好丘
Address: No. 54 , Songqin Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Opening Hours: 10AM to 8PM (Mon to Fri), 9AM to 6.30PM (Sat and Sun)
More information: WebsiteFacebook