FUJIFILM Korea collaborates with Line Friends for the cutest camera collection we’ve seen

Just when we thought the Line Friends merchandise in Taiwan’s Watsons couldn’t get any cuter, FUJIFILM Korea proves us wrong with their latest collaboration.

The camera brand has released two limited edition XF10s, which is a fixed-lens compact camera model. While the model is not new, the design is a refreshing change that both photography enthusiasts and casual photographers will love.

This model comes in two different designs: one is a chic brown (pun not intended) on silver, while the other has a sleek black body. Both designs come with a classy leather grip, and have lens caps with Brown’s adorable face on them. In fact, even the camera box, strap, and bag are adorned with our favourite bear!

The pocketable camera only weighs 280g, making this the perfect travel companion for those who want to take high-quality photographs on the go without having to lug around a heavy DSLR.

Besides looking absolutely cute, this camera also has a cool function: it offers 11 different modes which replicate the style of classic film prints, so you can also create beautiful vintage photographs without the hassle of developing them in the darkroom.

For those who have experienced the frustrations of having their photographs over- or under-exposed, you will also be happy to know that the XF10 is equipped with Automatic Scene Recognition. This function can invoke appropriate exposure and effects settings automatically, so that even photography amateurs and newbies can take quality pictures!

Both cameras are priced at KRW649,000, which is around SGD748 as at time of writing.

You can find more information on the cameras on FUJIFILM Korea’s website. If you have an account, you may purchase them on the website as well.

For the rest of us who are unable to buy it online or are not heading to Korea soon, you can try requesting this on Airfrov.