Taiwan’s Watsons partners Line Friends for a limited edition travel essentials collection

Heading off on a holiday soon? If you haven’t bought your travel essentials, fret not – you now have the perfect excuse to bag these cute travel products from Taiwan’s Watsons latest collaboration with popular Line Friends characters.

These travel essentials can be redeemed with points, and topped up with varying amounts of cash if you have insufficient points. In order to get a point, you have to spend at least NTD200 at Watsons stores in Taiwan. The promotion runs from now till 31 July 2019, while stocks last.

Here are the various Line Friends travel merchandise available:

Brown Luggage Case

Travelling in style is now a breeze with this luggage case that features our favourite Line character, Brown.

The cute luggage case has a fun and unique design: it comes with two travel pouches that fit nicely inside the luggage case, and the transparent cover allows you to see how the images on the pouches align perfectly with the silhouette on the outside.

Brown Luggage Case can be redeemed with 8 points + NTD999.

Brown & Sally Mug Sets

Can’t do without your daily cup of coffee even when you’re travelling? Be sure to get this mug set that features either Brown or Sally. The mug set is also just as practical as it is adorable: it doubles up as a handphone stand when you are not having a drink.

Brown & Sally Mug Sets can be redeemed with 5 points + NTD99.

Sally Travel Hairdryer

You’ll never have another bad hair day again when you travel with this light and portable hair dryer. Painted in a bright shade of yellow (the same that Sally the duck sports), the lovely design will surely brighten your day, and definitely comes in handy for chasing away the post-vacation blues.

Sally Travel Hairdryer can be redeemed with 8 points + NTD699, or 70 points.

Tumbler Set (Includes Metal Straw & Sleeve Carriers)

Staying hydrated when you’re out on the go is often overlooked by travelers, but you definitely won’t forget about drinking up with this handy tumbler set. It comes with accessories such as a metal drinking straw and a reusable sleeve carrier, which makes it super convenient to drink as much bubble tea as your heart desires in Taiwan.

Tumbler Set can be redeemed with 8 points + NTD199, or 45 points.

Sally Memory Foam Pillow

For those of us who can’t get used to hotel pillows that are either too soft or too hard, bringing around your own memory foam pillow is the best way to make sure you get sufficient rest while hitting the road.

Sally Memory Foam Pillow can be redeemed with 8 points + NTD399, or 50 points.

Toiletries (Blotting Paper, Comb, etc.)

Even if you do not have enough Watsons points, you can still purchase Watsons products that come in Line Friends packaging, such as tissue paper, combs, blotting papers, etc.

For more information on how to get your hands on this cute collection, you can check out Watsons Taiwan’s website.

Not heading to Taiwan soon? That’s okay, you can still try your luck at getting a traveler to bring back your favourite Line Friends products on Airfrov.