14 ways to dress up your basic white tee, other than pairing it with jeans

A white tee is a basic essential that every woman should have in her wardrobe. However, there’s one fashion trap we’d always fall into – a rut where we always wear our favourite fashion item with the same things. In this case, ‘fess up if you’re guilty of always wearing your white tee with a pair of jeans.

Avenue One is here to inspire you today. Here are X ways you can dress up your basic white tee and we bet you’ll never face the problem of “not having anything to wear” after you finish reading this.

Tip #1: Skip the jeans and throw on a skirt

Since you’re already wearing a basic top, you can afford to let your skirt shine. This is a great chance to show off all the fanciful skirts that you’ve collected. From flowy midi-skirts to pencil skirts, everything goes well with a white tee.

Looking for a combination that works for casual Fridays? A bold coloured pencil skirt adds a nice pop of colour. Don’t forget to put some statement accessories to jazz up the getup further.

Still can’t give up denim? Go for a denim skirt instead then. It channels a casual and feminine vibe, and goes with any accessories, bags, and shoes you want to put on that day.

The white tee is also the perfect companion for the printed skirt that you have no idea how to pull off.

And if you’re feeling bold, pair it with a tutu for a playful look.

Tip #2:  White tees are great “inner wear”

Consider keeping your white t-shirt “in”. Put on a camisole over your white tee to make your cami appropriate for a casual day out. And this is the only time we permit you to pair your basic white t-shirt with your jeans.


Throwing a slip dress over your white top add a touch of sexiness to your getup. It also turns your slip dress from sleepwear to street wear.


A white t-shirt under a denim pinafore is easy to pull off and look ultra cute.


Alternatively, pair it with a pinafore with a more tailored look for a work-appropriate outfit.


White t-shirts are also great for pairing with those bustier tops that you bought and never ever had the courage to wear because they simply show too much skin.


They can even make a lacy lingerie look work appropriate.


Tip #3: Put something over it

If you really can’t give up your jeans, here’s the section to look at. Layering the getup with an outwear can jazz up the look so it won’t look boring.

A plaid shirt can ooze casual-chic whether it is worn over the t-shirt or draped around your waist.

For a getup that looks like you walk out of a A-list influencer Instagram feed, invest in a long, over-sized sweater or kimono jacket, to look effortlessly stylish.

Having a meeting on dress-down Friday? A blazer polishes up the look. Don’t forget to cinch the sleeves to the elbows.

White t-shirts also look fabulous when paired with a cute vest. Go for a contrasting colour to stand out.

Now that you’re a master at dressing up your basic white t-shirt, find out what are the best ways to give your sneakers more OOTD moments.