21 sneaker style ideas to up your OOTD game 

Sneakers aren’t just for those dress down, laid back days. This popular footwear is loved by fashionistas because of how they can make any getup look cool and effortless. This is why we should take a leaf out of their style-book. Not only will you be able to walk in comfort, you’ll earn major points for pulling a unconventional getup. Best of both worlds, right?
But we won’t go into how great sneakers are, you already know that. Instead, here are 21 visuals for inspiration on how you can style your sneakers. We bet you’ll want to expand your sneaker collection after you realise how versatile they are.

1. Formal

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Dress down your formal wear with sneakers for a more casual laid back look. See how sneakers make a difference? You don’t have to follow the conventional pairing of flats or covered heels with your formal wear. Note: They usually look better with formal pants than formal shift dresses.

2. Cute Summer Dresses

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Pairing your sneakers with a cute summer dress is the prime example of how to incorporate athleisure into a seemingly girly, feminine outfit. Instead of going with the conventional choice of wearing heels or flats with a dress, try pairing it with sneakers! It’ll make you look stylish effortlessly – like you weren’t even trying.

3. Street Style Dresses

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Want to make your office outfit work for the weekend? Throw on a casual jacket – denim or bomber, out on a cap, and complete the look with a pair of sneakers.

4. Mid length dresses

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A style that you often see in K-drama, this getup makes you look like you’re walking out of a Korean fashion magazine.

5. Maxi Dresses

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Yes, sneakers can go with everything. Maxi dresses included.

6. Coat + Pants

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These Nike Flynits running shoes not only feel super comfortable, they’re so versatile too! Pair it with a flattering pair of black pants and a coat for a chic and polishedl look.

7. Coat + Skirt

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This outfit is all about those layers. Add a fresh touch to this outfit with a pair of pristine white kicks.

8. Casual Jeans

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Not like you need further evidence that white sneakers are so versatile, but supermodel Gigi Hadid looks so glamorously casual in this getup.

9. Ripped Jeans

Source: Official Korean Fashion

Spice up your outfit with a pair of ripped jeans and play it down with a simple plain tee, and complete the look with sneakers.

10. Jeans + Pullover


Blue on blue never looked better. Pair your over-sized pullover with jeans and sneakers. You’ll look so comfortable and chic without looking sloppy.

11. Denim shorts

Source: Favim

Denim shorts don’t only elongate and flatter your legs, they’re comfortable for hot humid weather too! A pair of high top converse and denim shorts will go in great proportion.

12. Mini Skirts

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Skip your heels and go for sneakers to add a touch of sportiness when you wear them with mini skirts.

13. Culottes


Though most people would sport culottes with heels to elongate their legs, pairing these culottes with sneakers gives your look an unexpected twist whilst still looking trendy and chic. What’s more? They’re super comfy.

14. Joggers

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Joggers and a pullover. What more can we say? This outfit is the epitome of comfy-ness. Don’t pair it with slippers though or you might end up looking to sloppy. Top it off with a pair of fresh kicks.

15. Biker Jacket

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You can never go wrong with a monochrome ensemble. Layering your outfit with a biker jacket adds that cool and grungy look. End it off with the classic converse kicks, instead of boots, to look less tacky. High cut or low cut, they’ll look equally good.

16. Plaid

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You can never go wrong when you pair plaid with a pair of white sneakers. Opt for platform sneakers for added height to flatter your legs.

17. Mom Jeans

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Mom jeans aren’t easy to pull off, but they can look stylish when you’ve found a pair that flatters your body shape. Foot wear wise? Super easy, put on a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. Fuss-free!

18. Midi Skirts

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Balance out the femininity of a midi skirt by sporting a pair of sneakers with the outfit.

19. Baggy Pants

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This is the model off-duty look that is perfect for dress-down Fridays.

20. Slip Dress

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Slip dresses are no longer associated with nightwear. Wear it with a tee underneath plus a pair of pretty sneakers to turn it into street style.

21. Oversized Pullover

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This outfit not only gives high comfort points, you can look cute in it too. Pair it with a classic vans or converse sneakers.