Pandora’s 2022 CNY Collection offers chic charms that will still look great after the festivities are over

With Chinese New Year right around the corner, we’re sure you must be looking for a little extra sparkle to take your outfits to the next level and here’s something to consider.

Pandora has just launched their 2022 Chinese New Year Collection, featuring festive designs that look chic beyond the festivities.

Photo: Pandora

This collection is the perfect bridge between tradition and modern elegance that is sure to complement any outfit you choose to don.

Complete with three stunning new charms just in time for Chinese New Year, this collection will be the envy of all your relatives as you visit them for reunion dinners.

Chinese Tiger Charm

Photo: Pandora

With the upcoming lunar year being the Year of the Tiger, it’s only fitting for you to channel your inner tiger with Pandora’s Chinese Tiger Charm.

Regarded as the king of the animals, the Chinese character ‘王(Wang)’ meaning King, is aptly engraved on the charms forehead.

Together with this 14k rose gold-plated charm complete with twinkling lucky phlox pink crystals, we’re sure that you’ll be able to conquer any obstacle in your path this 2022.

Pandora’s Chinese Tiger Charm retails for S$149 and can be found on Pandora’s website.

Chinese Mythical Phoenix Dragon Charm

Photo: Pandora

Welcome new beginnings this Chinese New Year with Pandora’s Chinese Mythical Phoenix Dragon Charm.

In reference to the Phoenix and its ability to be reborn over and over again, this 3D Sterling silver charm symbolises eternal peace, good fortune, and new hopes for the year ahead.

Also, because you can never have too much brilliance, the charm is adorned with vibrant red and pink crystals, which are bound to add that extra prosperous sparkle that you deserve.

Pandora’s Chinese Mythical Phoenix Dragon Charm retails for S$99 and can be found on Pandora’s website.

Chinese Fortune Pixiu Charm

Photo: Pandora

Bring in an abundance of wealth this year with Pandora’s 14k gold-plated Chinese Fortune Pixiu Charm.

Designed just like a Pixiu, a Chinese mythical creature known for its appetite for gold, silver and jewels, this charm is sure to bring you lots of good fortune.

Engraved on a gold coin held in the Pixiu’s mouth is the Chinese character ‘ 財 (Cai)’ which translates to fortune. If you touch it frequently, it is supposed to bring you good luck all year round.

So, this Chinese New Year, you can either choose to gift some wealth and good fortune to yourself by wearing it and touching it for good luck, or, you can give it to a loved one as a symbolic gift.

Pandora’s gold-plated Chinese Fortune Pixiu Charm retails for S$129 on Pandora’s website.

Pandora’s Chinese New Year jewellery sets

Photo: Pandora

Add the finishing touches to your Chinese New Year look with Pandora’s Chinese New Year jewellery sets. Slide a couple of charms onto Pandora’s Chinese New Year Red Woven Leather Bracelet or onto Pandora’s classic Pandora Moments O Pendant.

If the previous charms aren’t for you but you still want to add some brand new bling to your outfit, don’t fret because there are lots of other Chinese New Year-inspired charms from Pandora available for you to choose from.

The Pandora Chinese New Year Tiger Charm bundle set and the Pandora Chinese New Year Pixiu Charm bundle set retail for respectively for S$179 here and here. Pandora’s Chinese New Year charms retail from S$89 to S$99 on Pandora’s website.

Pandora’s new eco-friendly ang paos

Photo: Pandora

Shake things up and ditch the traditional red packets and instead hand out ang paos to your loved ones in style with Pandora’s new eco-friendly ang paos.

Pandora’s goal is to become more sustainable and this is one of their steps as part of many. These eco-friendly ang paos are made from 100% recycled paper and are printed with Soy Ink.

Pandora eco-friendly ang paos are available in a set of 10 pieces with every purchase at all Pandora boutiques.