“Melon cream” sneakers are all the rage now – here are 5 new options that’ll give your outfit an instant upgrade

Having summer season all year long here in Singapore, our wardrobe typically consists of airy, comfortable apparel like the billowy parachute pants that have made a comeback this year and also gorgeous dresses that won’t trap heat.

This time, the latest summer trend that has been circulating all over social media might just help sweeten up the hot and humid weather we deal with throughout the year.

nb staud lifestyle image

The trend we’re talking about is none other than the “melon cream” sneakers. That’s right, sneakers that show off a beautiful melon cream-like hue have been going viral on social media of late.

And whether or not you subscribe to the athleisure trend that has been the style of choice for almost everyone ever since the pandemic hit, we’re pretty sure sneakers in this beautiful pastel colourway would make a great addition to your shoe wardrobe.

nike daybreak lifestyle image

Melon itself is definitely a summer fruit loved by many, so why not wear its lovely green shade on your heels too and add a pop of colour to your outfit?

Up ahead, check out the five sneakers we’ve rounded up for your shopping consideration. Bonus: these options are all extremely comfortable to walk in all day long!

1. New Balance 5740

nb 5740 side view

An upgrade of the iconic New Balance 574 model, the 5740 shows off a beautiful medley of pastel colours and features a modern chunky look with a touch of retro vibes.

nb 5740 front view

Apart from the pastel colourway, the shoe also provides you with all-day walking comfort. Fitting nice and snug on the feet, the New Balance 5740 gives you added comfort with its stitched overlays and is equipped with a lace-up enclosure that helps ensure a secure and fit grip when you’re out and about.

New Balance 5740 retails for S$169 on Foot Locker

2. Nike Daybreak

nike daybreak

This beautiful melon-coloured pair from Nike has been on the AVENUE ONE team’s wishlist for a while now – and for good reason.

Featuring two simple colour tones, this version of the Nike Daybreak complements a mint green shade with suede patches of a darker melon green hue to create a unique look for the shoe.

For a further pop of pastel, the signature Nike logo is dressed in a coral colour that reminds us of another type of melon called cantaloupe.

Its lowkey style also makes the shoe an easy finishing touch for any outfit.

Nike Daybreak retails for US$80 (~S$108.06) on Kicks Crew

3. Converse Chuck 70s

converse duo colour top view

Like your sneakers as fun and quirky as your personality is? Then, this dual-coloured pair from Converse will definitely be up your alley.

It features a beautiful sky blue shade on one side of the shoe and a melon green hue on the other, symmetrically parted with a white stripe on the back heel portion of the shoe.

converse duo colour back view

Its striking looks aside, you can also count on this pair to give you all-day walking comfort – and style.

Converse Chuck 70s retails for US$80 (~S$108.06) on Alife

4. Adidas Falcon

adidas falcon side view

Here’s another classic chunky sneakers that we’ll never get tired of. adidas falcon front view

This pair of Adidas Falcon features a striking melon shade that is accompanied by a grey base and pink soles – a perfect harmony of colours for a shoe if you ask us.

Adidas Falcon retails for S$183 on Farfetch

5. Asics Kayano-14

asics kayano side view

If comfort is the number one priority to you, then we’d recommend that you go for the Kayano-14 from Asics.

This pair in particular features low-top panelled suede material in a very pretty shade of melon green, with its body mainly made of Asics’ signature mesh material for ultimate breathability.

asics kayano

On top of that, it’s also fitted with a rubber midsole that features an exclusive GEL technology to provide true comfort while you run or walk.

Asics Kayano-14 retails for US$210 (~S$283.67) on Ssense