12 Bridgerton-inspired dresses that are perfect for our humid weather in Singapore

Eagerly waiting for the second season of the Regency-era series Bridgerton on Netflix, just like us? Well, how about getting some fashion inspiration from the show and channel your inner Daphne Bridgerton in the meantime?

If dresses with dramatic puffed sleeves, captivating square necklines, and demure empire cuts are what you want to add to your closet but you’re wondering how you could ever wear these in our humid weather, read right on!

Granted, the social season may not be upon us, as many safety measurements are currently still in place. But Lady Whistledown will agree with us that it’s not a good enough reason for you to look dowdy. One fail-proof way to ensure that you look flawless? Take a feather from Miss Daphne Bridgerton’s gorgeous feathered cap and embrace the dazzling fashion of the season.

One word you’ll want to keep in mind as you search for your wardrobe updates on Google is “Regencycore“. Tip: You can even complete your look to look absolutely swoon-worthy, with romantic Regency-style makeup.

To help you shop, we have rounded up 12 gorgeous dresses that are perfect for our weather, in fabrics that won’t trap heat. The best thing, in our opinion, is that these won’t look out of place both in both the ballroom and out and about in modern 2021 Singapore. Queen Charlotte approves.

1. Puff Sleeve Sheath Dress with Front Slit

This sleek rendition in a feminine sheath silhouette has Regency touches in the way of voluminous elbow-length puff sleeves and a peek-a-boo slit in the front.

You’ll want to wear this to work with a delicate string of pearls and jewel encrusted shoes so that you’ll feel and look fabulous every single moment of the day.

Get it at S$53.90 from Love, Bonito.

2. Square Neck Puff Sleeved Midaxi Dress

Momma Bridgerton would totally approve of this, thanks to the best midaxi length (a tad longer than the midi but shorter than the maxi). It’s also made of the softest, most lightweight cotton that feels like you’re wearing a cloud – and comes with subtle elbow-length puffed sleeves too.

Honestly, we’d even put this on for WFH days because it’s that comfortable.

Get it at S$53.90 from Love, Bonito.

3. Floral Print Sweetheart Bust Midi Dress

We can totally imagine Daphne Bridgerton wearing this cute floral midi dress for a casual day out. It checks all her boxes: a demure sweetheart neckline with ruched details at the bust and dainty blue florals on a white base.

As an added bonus, it also has a cheeky thigh high split. Your very own Duke will not be able to keep his eyes off you, we say.

Get it at S$70.99 from ASOS.

4. Ruched Detail Puff Sleeved Midi Dress

This dress in the most gorgeous shade of dust green just sings Spring, and is reminiscent of romantic strolls in the park (with no lack of admiration, we can assure you).

The ruche detailing at the bodice is certainly eye-catching and ensures the dress fits you like a gorgeous glove. And of course, no Regency-inspired dress would be complete without puff sleeves.

Get if at S$50.30 from Zalora.

5. Tie Back Shirred Poplin Mini Dress

“But no one in 1813 London would be caught dead with a hemline above the ankles!’ you say, aghast. Well, lucky for us, it’s 2021 and mini dresses are very much a thing.

This is a modern and adorable take on the Regencycore trend, with a daring (by 1800s London standards, of course) tie-back detail in clean white poplin, all in one mini package. Women’s rights advocate Eloise Bridgerton would very much approve of this pick!

Get it at S$48.99 from ASOS.

6. Long Puff Sleeved Square Neck Mini Dress

Elbow-high gloves were all the rage in the London of Bridgerton but don’t wring your bare hands in despair if you want in on the look but balk at slipping on a pair in forever sunny Singapore.

This long-sleeved puff sleeve mini dress is a modern take on this and looks super adorbs to boot with its billowy sleeves set against the short hemline. The ruching at the square neckline bust adds an additional touch of flirty.

Get it at S$44.90 from Pomelo.

7. Printed Cotton Puff Sleeved Midi Dress

The perfect marriage between island living and Regency chic, this dress seems to be perfectly made for us Singapore-dwelling Bridgerton fans.

In a modest midi hemline with a gorgeous square neckline and puff sleeves, made out of the breeziest cotton with porcelain blue palm tree prints. Comes with a belt to cinch in the waist, with absolutely no corsets needed so you can heave a sigh of relief.

Get it at S$230 from Selfridges.

8. Floral Printed Sweetheart Puff Sleeved Midi Dress

It’s been said that Regency era ladies knew exactly which parts of the body to draw attention to for maximum effect: the collarbones. Sweetheart neckline dresses do exactly that, without the eye-popping plunging necklines.

This easy-breezy woven dress with a little side slit even has a tie opening at the neckline, so you can flaunt as much or as little as you like.

Get it at S$39.95 from H&M.

9. Satin Mini Dress

We swear we’ve seen a Bridgerton lady in this exact dress at a summer soiree, only with a longer hemline.

This silver satin beauty is in the colour of moonlight, and comes with a pleated bustline and elasticised puff sleeves. Trust us, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more easy-luxe dress that can be worn day or night to channel your inner debutante.

Get it as S$19.90 from H&M.

10. Vintage Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Nothing says you’re a diamond of the rarest and the most pristine water like a white dress, and this one definitely fits the bill. Delicate puff sleeves sit atop a richly textured fabric, giving it a most vintage feel updated for today with its mini length.

All you’ll need is an embellished headband to finish up this pretty look and you’ll surely feel like the belle of the ball – no, the entire season, even.

Get it at S$69.90 from Zalora.

11. Bishop Sleeved Midi Dress

These billowy bishop sleeves are just the thing to add that touch of drama to your entrance, wherever you go. Whether it’s one of Lady Danbury’s exclusive balls or a much awaited date night hot on the heels of the end of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), this dress will ensure that all eyes are on you.

Get it at S$25 from SHEIN

12. Shirred A-Line Dress

If you’re not quite feeling those statement puffed sleeves no matter how hard you’ve tried to embrace it, this A-line dress with its square neckline may just be the dress for you.

Ruched at the waist for a slightly fitted silhouette, this dress is an updated take on the empire waisted aesthetic.

Get it at S$17 from SHEIN.